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  1. You can actually give control a try before you buy. Very curious to see how it runs.
  2. Apparently this has bricked some reviewers machines. It's also reported that the game would just randomly crash pc's when using ray tracing. Personally I'm going to join the ubi club thing for a month and then just tell it to get fucked.
  3. One major problem with resetera is that people there try to "out holy" each other. The constant screaming at one another saying "This offends me!" followed by "This offends me even more!" and if someone isn't quite as offended then they get dog piled and told that they should be more offended. It's like an ideological purity test.
  4. Keepstar number five fight started and end quickly. The enemy has figured out a way of stopping us using our ravens to kill the keeps. They simply dropped over 150 bubbles on the grid around the keep and that stopped us warping in. Clever but we can just do the same to them when they have to try and attack us.
  5. Seems like we will be hitting it. God alive. Time to lose another load of ships. By what the hell. Sundays are boring anyway.
  6. Keepstar number 5 has now been anchoured and comes out tomorrow evening. Rumours say we may actually let this one come online and not try and kill it. Will we? Won't we? I have no idea. There are some advanatges for us to actually let them online a keep. Firstly it shift us from attacking them to defending our own and we have an awful lot of them in Delve. Defending a keep can be very bloody for the attackers (as we have found out) and there are three timers to kill an online keep, not the one when it's coming online. The enemy would have to chew through 130 timers if they wish to drive us out of our space. The cost to them would be enourmous. Still we shall see.
  7. It died at 4 o'clock this morning. Another successful defence of the motherland. We did start running low on ships at some points but the fires of Delve started belching out smoke and ships were produced to replace those lost. I personally lost 3 battleships and a bomber but hey we get the cost of them back so who cares.
  8. 50 percent down but we are struggling with ship replacement.
  9. So far the keep is down to about 80 percent and the fight has been going about an hour. Pretty much as we expect so far but the enemy have altered their tactics slightly and are using small ships to try and damp our ships down so they cannot fire at the keep at range.
  10. And it's on! Keepstar number four is being fought over. Will it die?
  11. Ah well...we let them anchour it so that it comes out for repair in 24 hours time. This means another 12 to 14 hour slugfest to try and kill it. Good thing it's a friday evening for it though and it's euro prime time for us.
  12. As an addeundum to this Keepstar number 4 has been dropped in our space and tomorrow a ten hour slug fest will start to see if we can kill another. Your glorious front line reporter will be there...god help me.
  13. The best laid plans... Last night, while yours truely was tucked up in bed and fast asleep, something happened in EVE online. Nothing unusual there of course. Something is always happening. However, this something was not just some random off the cuff fight or a citdel being dropped. No. This something was planned for months in advance and had been carefully planned and worked out to perfection. It was, quite frankly, a brilliant plan. Other the past few months FC's in the imperium and in particular Asher (one of the main goon FC's and pretty damn good) had been observing enemy fleet movements and how they did certain things. During these observations they noticed a pattern to the way the enemy worked and in particular how the moved around their Super Capital fleets. This gave them an idea. You see the enemy had a tendancy to do something. Whenever they cyno'd in their supercapital fleets into a system they would bring them all in right on top of each other. They would open mulitple cyno's in very close proximity and the fleets would jump and be in a nice big ball. Now we do not this at all. When we cyno in fleets we make sure they are spread out and there is a good reason for this. Titans. Your normal common garden varity titan comes equipped with a doomsday Area of effect weapon. This sucks up energy from nearby ships and then causes a huge amount of damage upon hitting it's target and the surrounding area. So having a bunch of ships all together in a single spot is just an invite for a titan to doomsday and awful lot of them at once. It's why we don't bunch them valuable ships together. The fear of the Titan doomsday. This is called a Boson weapon or BFG. So we noticed a flaw in how the enemy operated. Now a tactic to kill them needed to be tested. Over hundreds of man hours a variety of tests were carried out on EVE onlines test server. What was being tested was an attempt to see how many titans it would take to wipe out an entire enemy super capital fleet in one stroke. 10 caused moderate damage, 15 would kill a few weaker ships but 20 would kill the lot except the most tanky of ships. So it was decided that 20 was the sweat spot. The titans would almost certainly be killed up superior enemy force numbers after they had pulled their trick but if it worked then the trade was more than worth it. In order to pull the trick off though a number of things needed to be put into action. Firstly you needed to choose a system where to pull this off. Then you had to have small ships called intercepters at preprepared ranges on a certain spot and be able to sneak titans into the system. Thirdly this whole thing needed to be carried out in total secrecy. Thnakfully the first part was provided by the enemy. They had attacked a Citadel in a system called YZ9 and there was a timer on the board. So our lot knew when and were the enemy were going to be. For a day or so before the timer came out Asher and his team gradually sneaked in 20 titans when the system was empty. They were dropped in one at a time so as to not arouse suspicion. Intercepters then buzzed around to find the best spots with which to attack the enemy fleet. The Valhalla ride. So the plan seemed to be doable. The tests had borne that out. The place and time was set. All that was needed was to make sure the enemy showed up in their super fleet and prey to god that everything would go as planned. The fight starts over the Citadel and our side slowly but surely start to escalated the fight from sub caps to main caps and the enemy take the bait. They drop their super capital fleet in just the same way as they had done previously. A big ball bunched together and even better without any bubbles to stop ships warping close to them. It was time to drop the hammer. As this was going on the fight was bogged down with incredibly bad Tidi. It was laggy as hell and server calls were sometimes not getting through. The Titans log in and warp to their assigned intercepters. When I say warp what I actually mean was spent an age very slowly arriving on the grid. For those Titan pilots it must have seemed like eternity. But it works. They get on grid. The enemy is there. They are there and it's time to fire. The weapons spool up and reports start coming in of them hitting their targets. Then the reports stop. Something has gone very, very wrong. Normally a boson weapon would cycle through a number of damage hits, about twenty in the tests, but this time they only worked about 2 or 3 times. The enemy fleet was hurt a bit but the 20 titans were screwed. The plan had failed and not because it was a failure of planning or execution but rather a failure of the eve server. It had failed to register the right amount of hits. And the kicker to this failure of technology? Bosons had worked perfectly well before in big fleet fights. It was just this time that they did not. The 20 titan pilots, who new that this fight would be a "Valhalla Ride" for their ships, had to watch as their ships slowly died over the next few hours. By the end of the fight nearly 3.2 trillion isk had been lost and a big victory for the enemy had been won. However there are sometimes certain things in eve that occur that people actually agree on. This is one of them. Ashers plan was clever and would have worked. The enemy even admit this. Indeed when The plan actually started unfolding during the fight Asher was contacted by FC's on the other side who were in awe of what was happening. Everyone also agrees that this was a failure on the part of CCP and their servers. This was supposed to be a reinforced node and it had coped well with 6000 people fighting in a system before so why not a few thousand less? People on both sides are agree with them. Then again I was asleep though and to wake up to such a story of eve madness is always a nice thing.
  14. Your more likely to remember it from Record breakers!
  15. That and eye in the sky straight after it are just...chefs kiss. In fact the alan parsons project is full stop.
  16. They dropped another keepstar. It died. That's number three now. If the enemy think they can drain us of money and supplies then they are very much mistaken. Goons industrial base is immense as is their wallet.
  17. It is the best pikmin game. Also best fruit in any video game ever.
  18. It comes to something when it was so good that even our enemies appretiated it. The blue blob is them. The orange/red you see appraoching is us.
  19. Well, we finally managed to kill it...after 14 hours of battle. There were a few times when the online timer started again but we managed to pause it and at around 6.30 this morning it exploded and much joy was had on our side. The enemy even managed to lose a titan or two. So how did we kill it even though we were outnumbered 3-1? Tactics won the day. At the start of the fight my alliance decided to keep damaging the keepstar using simple battleships called Ravens. Ravens are able to hit things from a very long range and this makes them excellent for applying constant pressure onto structures. Before the fight even began our side had prepared a massive amount of warp in points around the Keepstar. You would select a random point, warp in, and fire. The enemy had brought much bigger capital class ships as well as several other smaller ship fleets. They didn't quite expected us to be where we were in a giant ball around the Keepstar and so they had to reposition ships etc and this gave us time to constantly keep repositioning our ships while keeping up the fire. This worked very well at the start but the enemy adapted to it and spread their forces out as well. This meant that a lot of us Raven pilots were dying and then having to reship and get back into system. Goons meanwhile started to bridge in fleets as well so any shortfall in my allaince was made up for by their fleets. It was a bloody and slow battle but in the end through a combination of tactics and sheer bloody mindedness we got the win. One of our FC's is a genious for coming up with the ball tactic of bookmarks.
  20. Keep is at about 40 percent but it's a struggle now. We have lost hundreds of battleships doing this and we are running out of them.
  21. So far we are doing a good job on the keepstar with it down to about 75 percent. We have also killed s super and watch as our enemies killed one of their own supers because he was being naughty.
  22. 6500 in local and we are about to land on the Keepstar and start firing on it. We might be outnumbered but we are going to try our best.
  23. Now nearly 6000 people in local and the fight hasn't started yet. Biggest fight in history incoming.
  24. This is going to be big. Maybe the biggest ever. We have a lot of people ready to go. I have a suspicion this is going to go on for around 6+ hours.
  25. Update! While we failed to kill the Titan it was decided to leave the system as the job had been done. However we did suspect they would drop another keepstar in the same system and that is indeed what they have done and it has anchoured. The Keep will come online tomorrow evening and we will need to throw everything we have at it to kill it. The enemy knows this as well so we could be in for a brawl that dwarfs todays mega fight. I except the fight to last a lot longer than the 5 hour one today. Still it is in EU prime time and we are strong then and it will lead into US time zone which is strong for goons. It could be epic and yours truely will likely be losing ships in it. I lost two bombers today but that's nothing.
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