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  1. Pffff nothing compares to the collectathons that were DK64 and Banjo Tooie. As and aside I am enjoying playing it again. Nice to see it on nintendo where it belongs.
  2. lol he was super goth. The pair of boots I saw him wearing at one time were mental. Soles were about 5 inches high.
  3. Nah I wasn't there then. I was there when Zelda OOT was constantly on and the intro is burned into my mind forever. I wonder what happen to steve from there.
  4. Either my SAM coupe or my PAL N64. The first console I bought with my own money that I earned. The SAM is worth a lot more.
  5. By the way these remasters are actually very tricky things for the developer to do. Watch the DF video on it and you realise just how much work has to go into them.
  6. I still play on the PC. I've enjoyed playing breakthrough all the time.
  7. To me it felt like it was very cheap. I know it wasn't of course but it did feel cheap. The sets looked like sets for example. Some of the CG was nice while other bits were pretty bad. The music was also bad, not because it was badly made but because it simply wasn;t the kind of music that the first three had and that drive that it gave the film. It fely lackluster, like verything was half arsed. I thought it could have been a victim of covif but seeing as they had a ton of extras I don't think it was this. The irony is that the actual story isn't too bad, certainly a bit better than the sequels were. But it all feels slapped together, It felt like the episode of a TV show and not a big blockbuster.
  8. It's fun stuff. Just balls out stupid. Doesn't take itself remotely seriously.
  9. For me Halo was always a decent game but nothing amazing. It certainly wasn't as good as some of the PC FPS games around at the time and there were some shockingly bad levels like the flood etc. I did go on and play Halo 3, which was okay and Reach which I though was good but overall I don't think it's my kind of FPS.
  10. Ah the cycle of Battlefield games. They come out, everyone calls the newest version shit and say the previous version was better, then things get better, everyone says they are happy, New game comes out, everyone hates and says the previous version was better amd so on. This happened with BF3,4,One and Five.
  11. Everyone should just get cruisin blast. Great game.
  12. What are the bets that sony don't pull this from their store despite it being in a terrible state and riddled with bugs?
  13. That prick who ran on the pitch will be persona non gratis in wales from now on. Fucked up a potential try. Great game though and in the end I think SA just deserved it due to having more depth in their squad. Still, a much better display than we had against NWZ last week. What a shower of piss that was.
  14. I got the switch version of Dying light yesterday. I had the game and had completed it on PC but was curious to see just how good a job they had done on the switch version. I had looked at the various videos etc and been impressed but it was a case of wanting to see for myself. So I trading in some old games and got it. I knew I would enjoy the game as I had done before and I am looking forward to playing the DLC's that I had not bought on PC. It is great to play it again and I must say the switch version is pretty damn remarkable. It is probably the best of the "impossible ports" that have been done. Remember this was a game that ran at 30fps on the PS4 and Xbox one and yet it does that also on the switch version with good resolution in handheld as well! It plays remarkably well. I haven't tried dock yet but I suspects that playing in handheld helps cover up some of the things they needed to cut back but, consider that fact that a haldheld switch uses all of 4 watts of power, it's pretty crazy. The new patch even improved hadheld res and locked it to 30fps.
  15. There wouldn;t be much of a problem between MS and nintendo as the companies have a good relationship. Everything else is just a minefield though. Maybe the reason the NSO costs so much is they are using that to pay for the license...:)
  16. I always got sinclair user as it was the first mag my mother bought for me and my brother when we were getting a 128k +2. I remember it well (still have it). It had Knightmare on the cover (Tlhe TV series). About two issues after that they started doing the "megatapes". What a time that was. A game and a demo with the mag! Talk about bang for you 1 quid. Okay so the games were a bit shite but the demos could be fun. I loved the anticipation of waiting for the magazine to come into the newsagents, or my mother who worked there coming home with a new issue. I tried the odd issue of crash or YS but never really liked them. Still it did get very thin towards the end but I stopped buying them as I had moved onto firstly the SAM coupe and then the SNES.
  17. Yeah really enjoyed Dyling light on PC. The DLC's were supposed to be very good as well. That is all included in this version.
  18. Yeah that's because it's banned in Germany. So physical only I'm afraid.
  19. Nice patchy for dyling light. Pretty solid 30 fps cap (before it was unlocked and looked really juddery)
  20. If you think it looks rough now you should have seen it at launch. I've been playing Yoshis Story on NSO having never played it before. It's such a happy little game. Crazy short but also happy. nice game for an evening.
  21. That version it turned out was the wiiu emulated version. Wiiu n64 emulation was terrible.
  22. That might have more to do with the fact (IMO) that deathloop isn't that good. Certainly not as good as dishonoured.
  23. There is also a missing system for the system id's. 1,2,3 and 5 are the machines so far so 4 is missing.
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