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  1. Fantastic. I'm well chuffed with that purchase as I'd forgotten how good the game was. Whats everyones fav bits from the game then?
  2. pulsemyne


    Yeah Rare in their golden (parden the pun) era could sell huge amounts of games. Goldeneye did an obscene amount of business (about 8 million copies sold, god knows how many in pack-ins), Banjo did very well as did Diddy kongs (about 3 million). Their appeal was quite main stream as they successfully made mature and kiddy (I hate that term) games. It's really shitty whats happened to them but sooner or later something will happen and prehaps the Rare of old will appear.
  3. Erm when was the last time sony gave you something for free for by their products?
  4. pulsemyne

    Far Cry

    Yes you can go straight from the flying to the ground and start shooting up the place. The method used in outcast and delta force games is using voxel instaed of polygons. Far cry doesn't use this at all. The technique used is called Polybump, it basically allows you to display huge levels of detail and keep a lowish polygon count, this enableing the game to run nicely on a good spec PC (Say 2ghz with 512 megs and radeon 9600). This is also how you are able to explore the whole island without any loading or at least very little loading taking place.
  5. The poor sales of POP and BG&E could be due to the fact that most PS2 owners wouldn't know a good game when one comes out.
  6. pulsemyne


    I got the Pc version a few days ago and have just got of the first planet. It really reminds me of shadowrun on the snes for some reason. Really good so far, but I would like a better card to play it on as my geforce 2 is showing its age.
  7. QActually sticking tactics in the title is a very good thing. Most yanks go nuts for the whole tactics genre type thing. Great price point and well done to all at Zed two. Kind of reminds me of the old speccy days when you could get high quality codemasters games at a superb price point and they were every bit as good as full price stuff.
  8. i think the biggest surprise for me was the total transformation of Waverace. Very radical change in the game. I wasn't that hyped for the game but I bought it and took it home, switched it on and fell in love. What a fucking great game. The waves still look great to this day (although the PAL version was a bit ropey). I think the N64 will be plugged back in later on, thats the mark of a truely great console.
  9. This question was asked on Gamezville the other week. It's appaerntly numbering over 100, about 107.
  10. Hehe unlike most people my first experience of the N64 was through a jap version of pilotwings. It was the same day as a job interview and I knew that a local import store was setting up a demo pod of a Jap n64 and mario 64/pilotwings. After the interview I went to the store and was slightly disappointed that pilotwings was on, but I got a chance to play it and loved it. 650 quid for a jap one was a bit much and so I decided to wait for the PAL version. Anyway about one week for the PAL launch I decided I could afford one with mario 64. I just about managed to get hold of a PAL n64 for launch day. I got up at 9 in the morning to go and get it and felt like cheese walking through town with an N64 under my arm. A few hours of mario 64 passed by and everything was truely right with the world. I became truely hardcore. The best bargain I ever got was getting hold of a US copy of goldeneye in mint condition for 40 quid about a week after it came out. Some twat traded it in. Superb stuff and it nearly destroyed my entire student life.
  11. Where the fuck is Mario 64? where the fuck is Metroid Prime? What a shit list.
  12. Ah but having the boards locked away makes you play the time trial mode and find the short cuts to getting really fast times. Also those boards make a hell of a differance and damn does ricky's last board look good.
  13. Well for all the people complaining about nintendo not taking their time with games anymore, just look at the new release date on Pikmin 2. Looks like the sequel could live up to the potential of the first.
  14. Yeah its the racing thing, although there are some nice grinding short cuts along the courses. The trick tracks are also good fun (try beating 86,400 on air make!).
  15. oh just you wait until the final avalanch. Hehe . Don't listen to dreamcatcher 1080 is a very good game and compliments SSX nicely. Although SSX is horribly over produced in some ways.
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