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  1. Holy shit tech radars site is a fucking mess.
  2. Woah there! You put Fighters Destiny in there. Are you mad? Having said that it probably is one of the best fighters on the N64, largly because the others are pretty shite.
  3. Even more backdoor action! Being the nomadic bunch of people we are it was decided a week ago to move on from our small vacation area, that we used to make back some money and have a rest, and dump a load of ships near the area of space controlled the Panfam coaltion. The area we choose is called the great wildlands and it's an area that Pandemic Horde and another group called slyce tend to live in when they are not down on the front lines in Delve. We had set up a few fortizars near their area of space and were planning on basically doing to this area what we had done previously in areas like Catch i.e turn up, screw around with all their things and cause a lot of problems the aim being to drag their forces away from the front lines and their attempt to take the 1DQ constilation. It wasn't too far for us to move ships because we were already quite close to the area so a quick 2 cyno jump and we could drop off a load of ships in the fort in the system of BRT. It took us about an hour ish to move the majority of stuff. However, it became obvious pretty quickly that the enemy was not very happy with use being close enough to touch their precious things. Within a few days they came up to BRT with 1300 people and attack our staging fort. There was no way we could compete against such a large fleet so we just let them do their thing. It was obvious though that we would have to move on. However, we did try an anchour another fort in the system in the hope that we could just stage at that one. Sadly for us that fort was destroyed before it could be onlined. There was much chest beating about this on reddit and some of them assumed that they had scuppered The Initiatives deployment completely. Always have a Plan B. As always things can go not quite to plan and our staging in BRT was pretty screwed, but our FC's and planners had prepared for it. We had an alternative area where we could deploy and still cause trouble for those that we wanted to. Very close to space they control is the low security system of Uemon and for us it's pretty much perfect. Uemon is NPC space and it has two NPC stations. This means that we can use it as a staging area and we cannot be removed. NPC stations are invulnerable, and because it's low sec space the station can not be bubbled to hell and back and stop us undocking ships. This means we cannot be kicked out of the area and can annoy the enemy any time we like. It's a similar thing to what they did to us at the very start of the war. They based out of NPC space and stations and, becasue they were the attacking force, they could dictate where and when to attack. Now we can do the same. This pivot to a new staging acheives the main point of all of this. WE can pick and choose when to drag away the enemy from the front line. They are certainly angry enough for that to occur. Tonight, for example, they brought pilots from the front to attack some of the few fortizars we have as well as defend one that some other group has attacked. This buys the goons a rebite and allows them to do some stuff. Which is the whole point of this. Of course we aren't actually shy in letting the enemy know this either as whatever they choose it's a win win for us. Either they come and defend their space, thereby doing exactly what we want them to do, or they stay in Delve and we burn their space. So I get to shot people and cause the enemy a problem. Frontline inaction. While this has been going on the enemy has made the odd attempt to attack the entrance to the 1DQ constilation called 3D-. They have tried a number of times to kill the jump bridge in the system as well as the systems Cyno jammers that prevent their capital ships jumping into the system. So far this has been met each time with very stiff goon and Init resistance and we have beaten back their attempts. We have the big advanatge in that we can use our capital ships, that are already in system, to defend the space and blap their ships with minimal risk. Given that and the fact that the price on pretty much all ships has shot through the roof over the past few weeks thanks to CCP's changes that they have made, this is making the enemy less risk adverse than they already were. So the whole seige of IDQ has become less of s seige and more a case of "Bore you out of the game." Such a thing is destined to fail though simply due to the fact that we have a will of iron...and possibly no life just like me.
  4. Take out mario kart 64 and put diddy kongs in. Remove doom 64 and put either wave race or pilotwings. Then it's a good list.
  5. God alive the prison bit was amazing.
  6. Yeah he's left plenty to work with. Indeed it might actually be more liberating to write a new series without so much of the baggage of the previous series.
  7. Well that was good. Alans knees had me cracking up.
  8. Oh god now I want to buy a Jap one. I love pilotwings 64.
  9. That buy the way is how much we had to pay for imports in Swansea. Thank god I had a part time job.
  10. Possibly but the dongle can be powered from hdmi by the looks of things. Also if the dongle need power then you just pass one to the machine you want to use. Sort of a universal cable for everything.
  11. This does look very good indeed. A lag free wireless video transmission at upto 2k 60fps. Could be very handy for retro consoles and the crazy amounts of wiring.
  12. Still haven't had my money back of shopto for this game even though I never received the game and it was a fuck up by Royal mail. I've also sent repeated tickets to shopto telling them this along with evidence. They keep passing the buck.
  13. if it's anything like the other hdmi n64 mos it'll cost a fortune. If not I'll be on it like a shot.
  14. TBH in Brave you have one good guy (Dunk) and one arsehole pulling in opposite directions. Stellar wants to be Piggles best bundy while Dunk goes "well let's be careful here and see how things go." Heck Dunk has even been on the metashow. He's a pretty good guy. As for Catch and Impass etc you were never going to be able to hold those and Querinous. When this war started we knew would couldn't hold fountain,we tried of course, but holding space is very difficult when it comes under heavy attack because the attacker can do what they want at a time that suits them. The whole point was to try and hold Panfam back for some time so goons could get sorted in Delve. Init, along with bastion and some russians have nearly completely cleared out every structure from catch (except keepstars and people have been told to evacuate them) and Immensia and Impass etc. We haven't really been opposed because all that would do was throw Brave ships into a meat grinder. Leaving to go to Querinous was pretty much they good decision your leaders could make. As for init going to Querinous well I'm not too sure we will. It will be largely protected by horde and co and their numbers are way too high for init to handle. Personally I think we might then go and blow up TEST stuff somewhere. Not too sure where though. Leadership hasn't said anything. At the moment we are taking a small break after grinding structures for the past two months. The irony of everything though is that Brave used to live in Querinous before the war as part of the fight club and Init used to live there for a while as well. 1DQ will be a horror show. So much so I don't think any sensible alliance leader would attack it. It's not just what is there already but also what goons can drop in the system if they want to. Also so much industry in concentrated in that area that they are still churning out mods and ships like it's nothing. i mean your not going to gate supers into 1DQ because they will be screwed with traffic control and mashed on the gate. So the only way in is to take down the cyno jammers and to do that you would need at least several thousand in the system to try and take it because Goons would blob with carriers and other supers. If the jammer goes down then you can jump caps in, but there would already be a few thosuand caps on grid waithing for you to load and kill you. And it's not just once of course. There are five keeps and dozens of forts and faction forts in the system. It just really isn't worth it. Especially with the way to price on titans and caps is about to shoot up. Meanwhile goons and test and friends decimate each other and FRAT are up north botting like mad and assembling a massive capital fleet. They are pretty much the only people who are going to come out of this well.
  15. fuck that was poor. Monster bits were okay but the rest was piss poor. I was in the mood for mindless fun as well but this just annoyed me.
  16. Even the indie market has become somewhat homogenous. Just look at the sheer number of metroid vanias and rogue-likes. Triple A studios don;t experiement anymore because games cost so much to make and they need to have a sure fire multi million seller on their hands. I do find it funny when a game publisher expresses surprise that if they take a chance and launch a single player only game that it can be successful and make them a lot of money. Meanwhile they are more than happy to jump on GAAS bandwagon despite the area being littered with high budget failures.
  17. I was looking forward to this but it seems someone fucked up my order, either shopto or Royal mail. RM claim that the address is wrong and so have rerturned it to sender.
  18. You also have to remember that DLSS version 3 is coming and that will require no training at all.
  19. I'm not entirely sure. Nvidia haven't been totally clear on it either but now there is a rumour floating round that it might be a chip based on Lovelace which would be pretty amazing if true. That would be a 5nm part and utterly crazy. The person who leaked that info has a good reputation when it comes to Nvidia leaks.
  20. Orin S is apparently the low power version of Orin so maybe that is already factored into Orin S's design. One thing we do know is the switch pro will have a much faster CPU and more memory. The CPU cores in Orin are very good so it would be obvious to use them. I could be totally wrong of course but there was a linkedin from an Nvidia engineer that stated he was working on Orin and a game console so there is that.
  21. Orin is ampere based so it makes sense to use. Remember tegra was actually used in cars (both Tegra 1 and 2) so basing it on Orin is probably a very good starting block for them. It would certainly save a lot of money than creating an entirely new chip from scratch.
  22. Down to the wire. After the debacle of M2, in which hundreds of titans ended up trapped and hell camped by the goons, Papi and co were left somewhat rudderless. They really just seemed to run out of steam and, for a while, goons made sure to take advantage of the situation take back some of the systems they had lost. However as the hell camp dragged on it became apparent that while goons could sit there and stop a chunk of papis super fleet from doing anything they were also stuck themselves. To keep the camp up they had to divert useful numbers of people from doing valauble things. Papi have always had higher numbers than goons and this advanatge still applied. So while goons could take some stuff back for a while it soon reverted back to papi and then they pressed home their advanatge. M2 dragged on and papi took more space and slowly encircled the goons and have cornered them to a single constillation. The goons made a sensible call. They abandoned the hell camp in M2 and decided to let the trapped enemy titans escape, which they promptly did. A few days ago the M2 keepstar, the very keep that had brought about the decimation of hundred of titans, was attacked and died. And it's not been the only one. The huge number of goon citadels across Delve has been gradually whittled down and quite a number of keepstars have died over the last few weeks. Papis tactic of taking a system ihub and waiting a month so they can cyno jam the system and prevent goons bring in their super fleet to defend citadels has worked well. It's the slow way of killing stuff but it works and if the shoe was on the other foot then goons would likely do the same. It's the no risk way of winning. So it's all going well for Papi and friends and badly for goons and friends. Or is it? Backdoor Action. While all this has been going on in Delve a lot of stuff has been happening to the east in three regions Catch, Curse and Immensia. There regions are where Papi, their friends and renters live. Or should I say Lived. Back in December one of the heads of Papi declared that when they took delve they would also keep control of all their other regions and would probably hand them out to friends etc. This would mean they would control somewhere in the region of 7 regions in the universe. The blue donut would be utterly complete. Trouble is keeping control of lots of space means you have to have lots of players, lots of happy players as well. Goons know this as do many others but not Papi it seems. And they and their friends have had a very rude awakening. The Initiative (my alliance) along with a number of other friendly alliances made a decision to burn the utter shit out of all those regions and kill any and all structures that belong to Papi and Co. In particular this forced the hand of BRAVE alliance who had a choice of either trying to live in their olds regions or moving and having to rebuild again. At the moment BRAVE are very isk poor and so relocating was going to hurt them. So they either had the choice of trying to fight us in Init and defend space or go down to a region near Delve. They choose the later and quite wisely in my opinion. They were in a mess and need to get themselves on better footing. A number of small alliances in those regions have also died or have lost their space and are in serious decline. They have left a lot behind though and that has all died. The aim of this was to intially drag Papi forces away from Delve, but it seems like TEST really cannot be bothered to help out their friends in those regions. So everything has been burnt or is burning at the moment and there have been some very expensive loses as well with the lose of some nice faction fortizars and Sotiyos. The sheer amount of stuff we are killing every night is pretty crazy. Now however me face an issue. Once we are done with those three regions, which will be pretty soon, we have to decide where to go next. Our locust fleet needs more things to hit. We do have a number of options. We could follow Brave down to Querinous and try and kick over their sandcastles there. That could be tricky though as brave are now under the protection of TEST and friends and would give them a big numbers advantage. We could hit more sparsly populatied TEST regions and kill their structures there or hurt their friends. I'm not to sure what we will do. But what I do know is that TEST and friends will keep trying to remove Goons from their last constellation and Goons will defend that very furiously. And the area they have is very heavily defended. 1DQ will be the toughest nut in eve history to crack.
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