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  1. Money, Money, Money. I've been considering writing an update for a while about a number of things that have happened but probably the most pertinant one, or rather one that could have wide reaching repercusions in the future, is what has occured over the past week or so. While The Imperium, Legacy and Panfam happily shot the shit out of each other every day they also so something else. The leadership of all three decided (back when everyone wasn't shooting each other) to set up an co-operative business venture. All three created an entity called TTP whose purpose was to make an awful lot of money that would then be split three ways. This was done by dropping a Keepstar in the system next to EVE's busiest market hub (Jita 4-4). The prices for trading in this keepstar would be as low or lower than Jita. It was a good idea and the EVE community uses the place heavily. Other places were also set up. A keepstar to trade in low security space and another citadel for production. It's a pretty sweet deal for everyone and, even during the worst of the war, no one tried to screw each other over. Let's be EVE's bad guys. Snuffed Out are a group of low sec pirates who are very annoying and also quite powerful. They have a decent sized cap fleet and Titans. They have decided lately that EVE really needs someone to be the bad guy. They did so a few months back by attacking a corp that does charitable things for other players and in real life. Basically they are EVE's shitheads but hey the galaxy needs someone like that. Anyway Snuff was getting paid money from one part of the TTP alliance to basically be nice chaps and not interfer with it. However, something has changed lately and whatever it was it seems snuffed received their latest payment and promtly turned around and either demanded more money or just simply said "Fuck it Let's start blowing stuff up." Whatever the reasons it has seen the destruction of the low sec Keepstar by Snuffed and another industrual citadel. After this they have now gone and war decced TTP and could attack the Keepstar in high sec that generates huge amounts of isk. However there are many questions about this whole situation. For example when Snuffed attacked the low sec keepstar and the other citadels none of three major alliances involved in TTP went to defend them, in particular Legacy who said that they really didn't care as the Keepstar in low sec actually lost money. That is quite debatable. But the fact that nobody defended it is odd. And conspiracy theories abound. One of those is that the Goons are paying snuffed to attack these structures as if they do kill the high sec keeps and citadels then while goons would lose some money they would be okay while the others would be hit far worse, especially as goons think their money is beginning to run low thanks to the war. Persoanlly I just don't know. It could just be snuffed being snuffed but it's very interesting and could have an impact on the war.
  2. Also as a bit of a war update here is a simplified sov map of Eve. Imperium is Gold and the big blue donut is blue. Noone really cares too much about those up north.
  3. As for local chat well we tend to block Brave and Test and I think I also blocked Horde. Init tends to be pretty strict when it comes to talking in local. The only one who really indulges i shit talk is Brisc Rubal but then again he gets a lot of shit back as well thanks to him presenting the meta show. He's actually a nice chap though and a bit of a laugh.
  4. Goons are nothing like they used to be. They changed a lot since about 2015. Init meanwhile is a great bunch of people. No drama. Discord is fun. Fc's are all really good people. Dark Shines even apologises when he loses his cool in fleets. Pando is just super chilled. Also TGRADS is just as awesome as it always has been because I am in them
  5. Oh you really should be with the good guys. Also if that was from the fight earlier then fucking hell the tidi was mental. Totally screwed up my warp in. Ended up dying before I could get to the gate. Still Braves staging ihub died.
  6. Yeah what good stuff there is in skyward sword is really good stuff. The bad however is really bad. Lots of repetition for example.
  7. Thanks to the gigaleak they have access to the original names for the samples used. That's how they figured out the original sound of the tracks.
  8. The videos above really show you how much nintendo improved with their sound drivers and compression.
  9. Closest you'll get to that is the stereo versions from the DD version. Maybe the gigaleak will drop something on F-zero soon. Let's hope. Oh and search out the guitar arrange version of the F-zero X soundtrack. It's amazing.
  10. It has Galaxy in it! That makes it the best.
  11. They send wednesday but use 48 hour delivery so you should get it friday. Sometimes though things can be earlier.
  12. Everyone did but I think they got a bollocking from publishers for shipping early.
  13. Anyone had their shopto one yet? Also, for those coming in fresh...I hate you.
  14. Kicking the ball to Ireland with ten seconds to go...What a stupid bastard. And then Ireland fuck it up with not being sensible and just going for a safe touch. Morons all around.
  15. Reflowing a cpu, or indeed any chip that is soldered to a circuit board, means you roast the chip with a heat gun to the point where the solder that attaches the chip tto the board becomes liquid and you can then remove the chip or replace the chip. Your sort of unbonding it from the board. An example of this being used to repair consoles is with the PS3 and wiiu which had dodgy hdmi chips on the board. They sometimes needed to be reflowed i.e the solder need to be melted so the chips could be replaced with new ones or just moved slightly to sort the connect out when the whole thing cooled down.
  16. I did that as well. She took about 20 sniper shots to the head as well the fucker.
  17. It a pretty big game so you'll have a damn good time.
  18. 42 quid at shopto is the best I've seen.
  19. Oh god are you in for a treat. Brilliant game.
  20. Looks bloody brilliant. That is being bought. Also helps that I loved 3D world. Such a good game.
  21. It was the xavier SOC's used on cars. Tegra class. Typicaly they run at 10 or 15 watts which is the same as the OG switch uses when docked.
  22. One of nvidias mobile chips does have tensor cores on it.
  23. Ghost titans! It seems that the total number of titans we killed last night was actually too high to the tune of around 50 ish. You see as some people jumped in they had problems and logged out or were disconnected. This resulted in them appearing in the system but not actually being there so to speak so they are effectivly Ghost titans that, while we shot them and killed them, were not actually in the system. This has happened before so while it's annoying for us it wasn't entirely unexpected. So they they only lost around 100 ish titans. Just the third largest amount ever lost in the game...
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