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  1. The great Turkey shoot. Last night was bonfire of the titans and a total fuck up by our enemies in PAPI. There has always been one constant in Eve, if you cram a lot of people in one system and then try to jump a whole load more people into the system then the server can only move them so fast. It's just the nature of how the game works and how fast the server can process data. There's nothing new about that. We in the imperium know this and our enemies also know this...or so we thought. So last night we decided to get in the target system of M2- first. We knew they had a lot of ships trapped in system that were logged off so it was a good idea to be there early and hopefully pick off people who logged their trapped ships in early. When I say early what I actually mean is that both the fight a few days ago and this fight occured because of a Keepstar coming out of reinforcement and being on a thrity minute countdown timer until it repaired. The idea behind this mechanic was to force big fights to happen at certain times which it does. Last night the keepstar in M2- was on it's final timer and it would come out at around 1 am. We weren't too bother if the Keep died or not because really we just wanted a big fight to happen so we could inflict as much damage on the enemy as possible. We knew their ships were trapped. We knew they would have to bring in reinforcements if they hoped to get them out. "Guys that wasn't a spy cyno. They just jumped 600 titans into us." As I said, a few hours before the timer we started bring in our super capitals, capitals and sub caps. We trickeld into system a few hundred ever so often and soon our numbers swelled to a little over 4000. Meanwhile the enemy had done...nothing. None of their 6000 strong pilots who were in their staging system had jumped. Those of us who have played Eve a long time knew that this was a very big mistake. Trickling people into a system works because the server can handle the flow of data. Jumping thousands in at once does not and yet this is exactly what appeared that enemy was going to do. With about an hour to go before the keepstar timer came out a cyno jump point point was lit above our fleet and a few enemy titans appered. At first we thought it was a crafty cyno lit by one of our spies in order to trick the odd enemy titan to jump to it and die. It was the perfect range from us for such a thing to happen. Then our FC told us on coms "Guys that wasn't a spy cyno. They just jumped 600 titans into us" It was just 600 titans, it was a lot of other fleets as well. Soon the local count, which stood at around 5000 for us, started to increase...but very slowly. The mistake had been made. Paniced calls went out from enemy Fc's with several alliances choosing to log out their pilots rather than risk it and one allaince not even bothering at all. The massive blue donut of alliances against us were not singing from the same hymn sheet. Titans began to appear in dribs and drabs and our Motherships set out fighter bombers to kill them as they appeared. Paniced calls went out from enemy Fc's with several alliances choosing to log out their pilots rather than risk it and one allaince not even bothering at all. The massive blue donut of alliances against us were not singing from the same hymn sheet. Over the next 12 hours we ground out kill after kill. Our sub capitals killing theirs and our capitals wiping out their titans. It was a turkey shoot. Poverty Drive. One thing the head of Goons had always made clear during his various talks to his alliance and our show on twitch was that we were always going to go after TEST alliance first. They had been the ones who backstabbed us. They had been the ones who had push others and formed alliances with previous enemies in order to drive Goons out of the game. Last night we targatted them specifically. We made a point of killing their titans more than anyone else's and out of the 150 that died in the fight around 100 of them belong to TEST. TEST is a large allaince but they are not as rich as Goons or indeed some of their friends. The mittani said he wanted to drive TEST into poverty and while that may not be realistic there is one thing for sure. After last night there are 100 less titans in TEST at the cost of some 8 trillion isk. Over the two fights they have lost more than an allaince in eve history. I went to bed at 2am. I got on three titan kills. I was happy enough with that.
  2. We have now killed well over twenty titans and the enemy leaders are saying that CCP has messed up and will be reimbursing everyone who lost a ship. However this simply isn't true because this is not CCP's fault. This is their fault for jumping into a system with 5000 people waiting to kill them. We are also now being told that they have been to log off as this went very tits up.
  3. Update! Enemy forces just made a mistake and cyno'd in multiple titans too early and are dieing. 4 Titans dead so far and a fleet of Onyx class ships is being wiped out. So far today PAPI have lost 9 titans and nothing has really started yet. Correction! It wasn't a mistake they just jumped 600 titans into systems and it has started to be a bit of a Turkey shoot. They are slowly loading grid and becuase we are already on it we are killing them.
  4. It's a live stream by our guys. At the moment we have around 4400 people in the system on our side while the enemy has yet to really log into the system. They do have a very large number of people in their staging though. If I was them I wouldn't risk the jump in. I have a feeling that may just happen. I think they will forget about this and just scream "LOL made you form" etc. If they don't log in then the keep is safe and we go home happy.
  5. Holy crap this will be a record breaking fight. I just do not see how the server will be able to handle it. Goon staging currently has over 4000 people in it preparing to jump some four hours before anything starts. And they haven't even pinged for more numbers yet. "This will be a huge fight won't Spartacus?" "It's bigger than that Pulsemyne, it's large. If you've got a history book at home then throw it out it's worthless. The history books will now have to be rewritten." "Really what will they say?" "Internet nerds shot each other. Everything else will be a footnote."
  6. lol two of the titans belonged to their main FC and the man who pushed to start this whole war in the first place.
  7. NEWS! Well that's a bit of a fuck up by the enemy. They are calling all their shit from all over EVE down to the fight. All their spare titans etc. However they are being spotted while on the move and...well people moving big stuff on their own never goes well. In the space of the past 45 minutes they have lost 5 titans already. Not a good start for them.
  8. We it should start around 23.45 tonight. However the fight proper maybe a little later at around 1 am. So if your a night owl then great. If not then...well just go to sleep, wake up and ready about the carnage.
  9. Just found this posted on reddit. It is a very sped up version of the big battle and with handy notes for people to understand what was going on.
  10. I know that our presenter will be streaming it all night. How he manages to stream it and talk for twelve plus hours is beyond me. He was a politican and is a lawyer though.
  11. Tonights the night! Everyone is getting ready for what very well could be a bigger fight than the last one. Everyone is rolling the dice and putting it all on the line. We have already spotted a huge titan fleet heading for Delve that belongs to the chinesse botting empire FRAT. They will be against us. Meanwhile our side is also preparing with FC's making sure they are well rested for another 12 hours of crazy. One thing our side isn;t too bothered with is the actual fate of the keepstar. We know it is going to die but that's no big issue when we will kill dozens of times it's money worth. We also have something in system that I didn;t know about. We can actually get our capitals and supers safe to other citadels we have in the system. This means that even if the keep dies and things start going bad for us we can warp off to safe areas. One thing is for sure. It's going to be big.
  12. Oh some good questions! The big fight the other night had around 5000 people, maybe a bit more at peak. Eve tends to have around 30-40 thousand characters logged in during peak time. So it's roughly 15 percent of the player count fighting. While this may seem low you have to remember that while fights are going on people are also multiboxing characters in high sec space etc. So it's actually probably around a 1/3 of the actual numbers of humans. There was around 800 titans deployed in the fight along with similar numbers of super capitals and then other capitals. So each fleet was probably half capitals and above and the other half smaller ships like battleships, interdictors and cyno ships. As for what happens next. Well PAPI do find themselves in at a disadvantage. If their ships log in then they will be disorganised for some time as they need to get into fleets and wait etc. They are also low on fuel and especially drones. Lots of drones were left on the field after the fight and that means some ships, like mother ships, will be unable to do anything when they log back in or if they do have enough in their cargo then they will have to be careful using them just incase they lose them. If they want to save them then they will have to try and send a very large number of sub capital ships into the system and have them destroy the warp disruption bubbles that have been put up. There are dozens and dozens of them in place now. However there is a risk in trying to do so because our Titans are all at optimal range and if a sub capital fleet comes into range then they can use a doomsday lance weapon to wipe them out. The lance weapons were used the other night to annihilate and dreadnaught fleet before they even manage to fire their weapons. You can see that happening in this video.
  13. Update! Well the spin and drama after the battle has been intense from both sides but there is a big issue for the enemy to deal with. Their supercapital fleet is trapped. You see earlier this morning the announcement was given for their capitals not to log in after downtime and to wait for saturday so they can finish off the keepstar which will be in its final timer. Trouble with that order is that the Goons know exactly where the ships logged off and where they will be when they log back in. So they have done the sensible thing and placed a ton of warp disruption bubbles all over the area where the ships will appear. So when saturday comes or before that they will have to try and kill all the bubbles in order to leave the area. That is not an easy thing to do and will require a lot of subcapitals to try and do it. Those fleets will be very vulnerable if they try though. Even more of a possible concern is that some of their Titans might have run out of fuel for their big weapons. They may or may not have been resupplied during the fight but there us bound to be some that were not. So Saturday could see a lot of action and potentially even more death that last night. Spin wise the enemy have declared that everything is perfectly good and they got the fight they wanted and drained Goons. Trouble is that really isn't true. They could have had such a big fight quite a while back but instead played cautiously and used cyno jammers to avoid such a fight. Last night they couldn't do that and were forced into committing. They have also declared that all the dead Titans have been replaced because they have replacement stocks of titans and the Goons do not. That also isn't true. Goons have a lot of spare titans. It's one of the reasons they have been begging for such a fight to happen. After talking to alliance FC's I know they feel that last night went well for us. We were outnumbered but our tactics worked well and we edged the fight in the end. This was posted on goon coms earlier (10:40:20 PM) directorbot: GOOD MORNING, YOU BUNCH OF GODDAMNED HEROES :smug: (4:36:39 PM) the_mittani: i'm gonna take a wild guess that passpi isn't claiming victory too effectively (4:36:44 PM) kazanir: they are hella trying (4:36:47 PM) the_mittani: was the final titan kill count 125/123? (4:36:49 PM) kazanir: you should see progod's text way back in scrollback (4:36:50 PM) kazanir: no lol (4:36:52 PM) kazanir: 130 / 124 (4:37:00 PM) kazanir: NCdot was dropping corp to hide killmails (4:37:02 PM) kazanir: we sorted that right out (4:37:04 PM) the_mittani: did we win 130 / 124? (4:37:08 PM) kazanir: yes (4:37:09 PM) the_mittani: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA 130 to 124 I SAY GOD /DAMN/ :happysun: [tildes] ~~~ This was a broadcast from the_mittani to all at 2020-12-31 22:40:21.889565 EVE ~~~ The mittani is the head of Goons.
  14. The Blood bath of M2- Last night was mad. Not just a bit mad but full on foaming at the mouth mad. In total around 250 Titans died along with huge number of motherships and dreadnaughts. Everyone threw all their toys at each other and it was glorious...if you like to stay up for 14 hours and watch internet pixels kill each other. Personally I couldn't but did my bit for around five hours and then docked up my battleship. Still for those in Titans they had little choice. This was the brawl they had all been waiting for. Over six months of war and finally eveything fell into place. And it started because of a decision made several weeks ago. Catch me if you can. A few months back my alliance, the Intiative, found ourselves being invaded in our region of fountain. We all the space and then camped down in the region of Delve with our Goon friends. Then the invaders turned their attention to Delve and we decided to quickly retake fountain becuase why the fuck not. After a few months of holding the space and making money there it was decided by the enemy that they would like to take it back for the rather rediculous reason of cutting off any potential for a Goon escape from the increasingly under pressue Delve region. In truth we knew this not to be stricktly true. The goons were not going to leave Delve and were still well encamped into certain areas of the Delve especailly the system of 1DQ and another region they referred to as Helms deep. The real reason was for a moral boost to their frontline members as the war was dragging on and people were getting burnt out. Because we in the Intitative knew that defending fountain was pointless we made a big decision. It was time to put pressure onto the enemy. It was time to make them feel some pain. The Legacy alliance holds huge chunks of space away from Delve and it is filled with renter alliances and bit part players in the war as well as one biggish player in the alliance called BRAVE. It was decided by our leaders that redeploying forces from fountain to an area near Brave and other Lecacy alliances would allow us to put pressure on legacy to defend their space rather than attack ours. We could also hit their citadels and make timers that they would be forced to defend or they would lose them. Effectively we would turn the war from a defensive one front war into a defensive/offensive war on two fronts. We choose the region of Catch for this as it has NPC sapce we could base out of and was also surrounded by groups we could hit and hurt. It also housed several Keepstar citadels that belonged to one of our biggest enemies TEST alliance please ignore. TEST were the ones who started this war and now, for really the first time, they were going to be put under pressure in their home lands. Burn baby, Burn! After a remarkably fuck up free move operation we picked our home and set to our task. Anything and everything, especially citadels and jump bridges, was to be torched and if there is one thing My alliance does well it's going around and killing things. At first the enemy didn't do much in reply and instead told their line members that we were no big issue and a "dead alliance". Trouble for them is that this dead alliance was causing havoc in their home regions, killing their pet alliances and anyone in range who had decided that mining in their capital class mining ships was a good idea. We killed dozens of them. While initally we had set up in NPC space we decided to increase the pressure and put down some citadels of our own right on their doorstep in the system of, and yes this is a real system in the game, OSHT. OHST has an enemy keepstar in it as does the system next door so this was a perfect place to start bringing the pain and, more importantly, for dragging back enemy forces from the front line in Delve and forcing them to defend their keeps. Each time we hit the Keepstar and put it into the armour timer the enemy would have to come back and spend time trying to stop us hitting it. We did this a few times and each time it drew a lot of people from the front line. This was to be one of the key things that lead to last nights fight. It's all about timing. A few days ago PAPI forces decided to hit a number of outlying keepstars in Delve in systems that they had cut off and held for enough time for them to put down cyno jammers in the system so they could hit the goon keeps and not have the goons use their super capitals to defend them. It is basically a solami tactic. Cut Delve up slice by slice and avoid a big fight. Two keeps were hit and put into armour timers. Those timers came out yesterday evening. While the enemy was doing this we in the intiative were doing the same to their Keepstar and several other citadels. We knew that because of the way timers work their keepstar would come out at the same time as one of the ones in Delve did. We forced them to choose. Do they want to attack or defend? As the timer clicked down we were ready to hit the keep. We had enough numbers and firepower to do it. PAPI decided to bring numbers up to catch to defend their keepstar and this pulled significant numbers from the front line. They brought enough numbers to defend their keep but we had positioned our selves on an entry stargate and could inflict a lot of damage if they jumped into system. So we both looked at each other and waited for the enemy keepstar to repair itself. PAPI might have been happy at this but it did mean that one of the Keepstars in Delve was saved as Goons had also been very ready and packed the system with large numbers able to defend it. "Sounds like shit is about to kick off in Delve" As we were waiting on the gate our Fleet commander, the wonderfully Irish Dark Shines, uttered the above. What had happened was that the cyno jammer in other keepstar system had been taken down by a goon fleet. The Imperium foces could get jump their big toys into the system and set up on the keepstar to defend it. This was the catalyst for the battle. As we returned to our base the order was given for all Titans, Super capitals and well basically everything to get to Delve and get ready. This we did and soon our sub capitals and supers were jumped onto the friendly keepstar and we prepared for battle. If you look at the above picture what you see is the position of the two fleets. We were based on the keepstar and about 250 km below that was the ball of PAPI forces. Soon the command was given for Titans to open fire with their doomsday weapons and titans on both sides started to dieing. I meanwhile was busy killing an enemy supercapital that had mistakened warped right into all of us and an enemy titan that had also screwed up his warp and came within the range of sub capitals. It was slow going but they both died. However, this was a big old titan battle and frankly I was of little use so I logged off and went to bed. What I do know from after action reports was that intially we were outnumbered in titans and had lost around 6 to 10 more than they had before numbers stabalised and we pulled slightly ahead in the last hour before downtime. When the server shut down the enemy sent out the following message. "THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. NO CAPS OR SUPERS OF ANY KIND ARE TO LOG BACK INTO M2-X AFTER DOWNTIME. DO NOT FUCKING LOG BACK IN. CAPS AND SUPERS IN M2-X IN THAT SPOT OFF THE KEEPSTAR WILL STAY LOGGED OFF THERE UNTIL THE STRUCTURE TIMER, UNLESS WE PING YOU TO LOGIN BETWEEN NOW AND SATURDAY. WE MIGHT DO THIS ONCE OR TWICE DEPENDING ON THE SITUATION." In other words. Imperium would have enough forces on the field quickly enough at a safe location to pick off a lot of enemy supercapitals when they logged back in. While the keepstar had been put into hull timer by the enemy and thus they acheived what they wanted, we had given them every bit as good as they did to us and we held the field at the end. All in all a score draw but what a fucking score draw. A quater of a million dollars of internet spaceships blown up.
  15. And it's finished. Everyone decided that with server downtime it was a good place for them to end it and get some sleep. FC's had been commanding fleets for around 14 hours. In the end my group came out on top in the titan kills by 125-123. We lost on isk though due to someone flying an extordinarily expensive faction titan and it dieing. I'll write up a full summary of the whose what's and why of how this happened later on.
  16. No I went to bed! I was rhere for about four hours but sub capitals weren't too needed and weapons were taking an age to fire. So far the total is my guys 117 titans lost the enemy = 114. The biggest fight in eve history by a mile.
  17. Battle update. So far we have about 15 titans dead with it roughly even on both sides. Currently around 850 titans in local. This is the brawl for all!
  18. Yeah this is the big one. Enemy supers and titans dying. They are currently shooting one of our keepstars. This is going to be a long one.
  19. It's on! It's fucking on like Donkey kong! This is the big one. Both sides have thrown down the gauntlet. I am currently shooting a super capital who was stupid and warped into us at point blank range.
  20. I got the annual and it's superb. Has that lovely old crash feel and feels very premium quality.
  21. Really been enjoying this and, unlike most open world games, I actually find myself travelling through the world as opposed to using fast travel. It's just great to go through the world and see the sights.
  22. That game got patched and runs well at 30fps. Still, it was in a much worse state than cyberpunk was at launch.
  23. Reload the last checkpoint. Always seems to clear up such problems.
  24. Holy shit that Ryzen trick makes things way, way, way better. CPU usage used to only be 50 percent now it's near 80 and framrates are higher and more consistant. Ryzen owners do it!!!!
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