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  1. That game got patched and runs well at 30fps. Still, it was in a much worse state than cyberpunk was at launch.
  2. Reload the last checkpoint. Always seems to clear up such problems.
  3. Holy shit that Ryzen trick makes things way, way, way better. CPU usage used to only be 50 percent now it's near 80 and framrates are higher and more consistant. Ryzen owners do it!!!!
  4. Fix for us Ryzen users as Cyberpunk uses an outdated scheduler for the CPU and doesn't use it's multithreaded performance. It is a bit tricky to do but it makes quite a big difference apparently.
  5. The frame rate. Mine bounces around 40-50 FPS on an overclocked 3060ti.
  6. It's nearly the same as my system (I have a 3060ti) and I get slighly less than he does so it's about right.
  7. Just a quick shot of the game on max settings with balanced DLSS.
  8. Set RT lighting to psycho. This activates RT ambiant occlusion as well as Global illumination.
  9. Longer = more ads. Also, they think the longer the video the more their viewpoint matters.
  10. My code is also a 20 character one but god knows whats happening. The example code above does look somewhat similar to mine.
  11. If he bought of CD keys like I did then apparently they have been scammed with fake codes. This is on the GOG forums "I saw a couple of questions in regards to cdkeys or other third party resellers pop up, so I think it's best if I clear things up here and perhaps help some of you avoid problems Of course we encourage you to support us and CD PROJEKT group by buying directly in our GOG.COM store, but if you do decide to purchase a key for Cyberpunk 2077 or any other game via a third party reseller, remember that there is a risk they've been purchased with a stolen card (that means that the game may sooner or later disappear from your account if the owner of the card realizes this and issues a chargeback) or the code you are buying is simply fake. For example, codes such as 9JM-6616D-211B9-FEA are not valid GOG codes. Our codes are either 18 characters long (like retail codes for Cyberpunk 2077) or 20 characters long (like gift codes). Don't let someone fool you! See you in Night City :)"
  12. Oh great I have a code for the GOG version but the code isn't recognised. And it's not just me either. People complaining about it on GOG forums.
  13. If you join a good corp then you'll be fine. Plenty of people help others out.
  14. Play silly games... This is quite a rare ship in eve online. It's also rather expensive. It's called a Revenant and it tends to cost around the price of two titans, maybe a little bit less. Quantifying the value of such ships is a little tricky as just aquiring the blueprint to make one is difficult and time consuming. Still, some lucky people have one and sometimes lucky people are also incredibly stupid with their toys. The pilot of a particular Revenant this past week was just that. The story behind this actually starts about one week earlier. The region of Delve is now slowly being invaded by the massed hordes of our enemy in eve. They have taken a number of systems and have a keepstar citadel within jump distance of the Goon capital system of 1DQ. However being near to 1DQ and actually attacking it are two seperate things. It would take an enemy fleet quite a few stargates to arrive at 1DQ and by the time they do the Goons and my alliance have people waiting in the system to stop them. So the closer the enemy is to 1DQ then the better and quicker for them to attack and the less time we have to respond. At the present time the war is dragging on and draining the resources of the major alliances. Moral is not especially high in the enemy as the whole thing has become a quagmire. In order to boost moral and bring their fleets closer to 1DQ the enemy decided to drop a keepstar citadel in a system right next door called TZ51. I, personally, was unsure if we would try and stop it coming online. Goons didn't seem to bothered and nor did my lot. So I thought we might just leave it come online. After all we had burnt through trillions of isk to stop the other attempts to drop keepstars in Delve and while we did acheive our objectives it wasn't that good a trade. It was set out by Goons that they weren't going to stop it coming online. And so the enemy got their citadel right next door to the goon capital. The enemy saw it as a great victory and were jubilant on reddit. It was good moral booster for them adn they started to move their supercapitals and Titans into the keepstar. However, people get cocky and the owner of a Revenant was getting very cocky with his ship. You seeing in order to jump capitals and supercapitals into a system a player in a small ship has to activate what is called a Cyno. It looks like a ball of gas and distrotion near the ship. It's a beacon that allows jump drive equiped ships to bypass entire solar systems and drop on the cyno. Normally when some lights a cyno they do so on a citadel because when the big ships jump to it they can immediatly dock up and stay safe. The cyno ship however remains vulnerable for a good few minutes and can be attacked. Indeed when we see an enemy cyno go up we rush to attack the ship to prevent ships jumping in. As the enemy had a Keepstar online and they started to jump capital and supercapital class ships into the system over a few days. So, naturally, small ships belonging to goons would try and kill the cyno ship. This is where our cocky pilot comes in. You see he thought he could get easy kills by killing the goon ships that came in everytime a cyno was lit. He would be on the Keepstar with his Revanant just waiting and enjoying his easy kills. This got peoples attention. Now normally when a ship is on a citadel they are "tethered" to it. A beam links you and the citadel and you are invulnerable. The beam can even repair your ship. It's great. However when you attack someone or aggres them then the beam switches off and you are no longer safe. So each time the Revenant pilot attacked a ship he was unsafe for a short period of time. There would be an oppurtunity to kill him but it required timing and something else... Spies are always an ever present danger in Eve online. Everyone spies on everyone else and pretty much all corporations and certainly big alliances have spies in them from other alliances. They often used to gather intel on enemy fleet movements or they rob an alliance of money or they are used to find and kill expensive things. Pandemic Horde have a lot of people playing for them. They are a newbie alliance who use their huge numbers to attack people. They have done a massive amount of the heavy stuff during this war. It was largely them who took fountain from my alliance and it's been their numbers who have helped conquer parts of Delve. Horde have a problem though. It's amazingly easy to get spies into their alliance. Hell, you can get one day only characters in their alliance. This is something goons have been well aware off and have a lot of spies in them. One such spy would play a roll in the death of the Revenant. This spy had been in horde for a quite some time and paid close attention to the Revenants pilot and his actions. He, and other goon FC's, hatched a plan. At an certain time, when a cyno had been lit and goon pilots were in system, they would go and try and kill the cyno knowing that this would draw the attention of the revenant pilot. When this happened the spy would be ready in what is known as a "Hictor" a type of ship that can lock a capital ship and prevent it from leaving the area as well as preventing it from docking. At the same time a goon cyno would be lit and a small number of dreadnaughts would drop on the revanant and kill it. The time came, the enemy cyno was lit, it was attacked and the Revenant was happy to be feed some more easy kills. Then the Hictor pointed him. He was stuck. Then the goon cyno lit and in came twenty dreadnaughts hungry for his blood. There was an alert on enemy coms. A revanant was dying, goons had the balls to drop dreads on their citadel, everyone undock to help. It was too late and the 150 billion isk ship died quickly. And it wasn't the only one. A nearby titan pilot engaged the dreadnaughts to try and help out. The Revanant died so fast though that dreads could target him as well. He started to die, even as more and more enemy ships undocked to destroy the attackers. As the dreads where overwhelmed the titan died. This had been a suicide mission but one with results. Over 200 billion isk in ships lost by the enemy while goon loses were less than half that.
  15. It doesn't use ray tracing at all. Also, fixed the above
  16. The main thing a lot of console games will use RT for is shadows and the simple reason for that is because it is the easiest thing to do and given the limited RT performance of consoles it makes the most sense. I highly doubt point based RT will be used as that is incredibly expensive even for top range cards. Reflections as also a bit expensive but they can be really paired down for performance (Watch dogs for example on consoles uses a setting much than the PC's lowest setting which is why the PC version only has a medium,high and ultra setting and no low setting...silly ubisoft). For PC's DLSS is the saving grace for RT. It allows you to get some acceptbale performance with RT on. You can kind of have your cake and eat it.
  17. Hmm well colour me surprised. I've never seen the appeal of mosou games before and they have never interested me but I thought "Well it's a bit of Zelda so just give the demo a go" and I'm happy I did. I quite enjoyed it! It's a bit mindless but that's no real bad thing in some ways. Should be a nice interesting game to get over christmas with a bit of money.
  18. The eshop is probably getting hammered. Was bad for me a few hours ago as well.
  19. Apparently it's okay but not great. I mean it ran like crap on everything.
  20. Holy shit Xcom 2 collection for 16 quid!
  21. Pretty much a total paper launch like the ryzen 5000 CPU's. Also the ray tracing performance is very disappointing. 4k performance is also generally behind Nividia as well but the lower res performance is generally better. DLSS really is Nvidias killer feature though. AMD really need their system to be as good.
  22. 3060ti's due before the end of the year with 2080super equal power. Very nice. Wonder if they will hit a base 400 pounds.
  23. Oh and running up and down the stairs like a mad man because we sold about a billion Playstations. Also people asking "Which of those playstation packs would you get?". I used to tell them to buy and N64 with goldeneye and the packs were crap (not really I was a good salesman/dogsbody) Also did you know I was supposed to do the tills at one point but because I made a mistake with the first customer Steve told me "You have just lost a sale." And didn't let me back on the tills.
  24. Oh god I remember that! The horror!
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