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  1. Nobody. It's public domain. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gloom_(video_game)
  2. Ok, hear me out. Microsoft owns Obsidian Entertainment. Microsoft owns Fallout. Have Bethesda work on The Elder Scrolls, in the mean time Obsidian cracks out the best Fallout since New Vegas. They sure as heck showed they still got it with The Outer Worlds.
  3. Ah I was not aware of that detail. Even if it's easy to change legally speaking, it'll be a nasty thing to for example cancel the Doom 2020 DLC for PS5 at this point. Will probably do more damage to Microsoft's reputation/brand. And truth be told, they've been doing well the past several years since Don Mattress left.
  4. Of course there's contracts involved. Phil has no choice, the entire 7.5 billion deal is a package. It's definitely long term thinking, not "This game that's coming out soon? We want that!". Good for Microsoft, Elder Scrolls is massive thing to have.
  5. Great, more rays of light and volumetric mist. Just what the engine needs
  6. Of course they will. Deathloop will be on PS5. As well as all upcoming Doom 2020 (or was it 2019?) DLC. Those contracts were signed a long time ago, look at Outer Worlds by Obsidian Entertainment. Bought by MS before the release of Outer Worlds. Now, for stuff that's far, far away (The Elder Scrolls 6), that'll not be on PS5 I reckon.
  7. This is me being lazy and not willing to do any research. Do you think Microsoft has in-house developers that can assist with Fallout and The Elder Scrolls? Fallout as an IP is in a bad place after 4 and 76, and am I wrong for thinking The Elder Scrolls is (6) kind of in the same place thanks to the Creation Engine?
  8. As a minuscule percentage of the audience, most players in my circle of friends gave up on going for Sekiro 100%. Heck, I can think of just one person who has the Plat. Not sure where I'm going with this, so... uhm. It would not surprise me if Sekiro has the lowest 100% rating by a country mile. Shit's just too tough.
  9. It has all the signs of "we are sorry we got caught. we are sorry we now have to tell you we promise to do better in the future". I'm having none of it, fuck Ubi.
  10. Smyth's has Demon's Souls at 80 euro, Sackboy at 70, Spider-Miles at 60. Fucking hell.
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