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  1. How customisable is it? Can I in for example Skyrim have the map put under that button?
  2. Aye. Download it and you'll end up with Infinite only.
  3. That explain it, thanks. In my defence, the webstore only shows one download and that's Infinite
  4. Did I foolishly just download Infinite or did Sony forgot to add Bioshock 1 and 2 to the collection?
  5. Am I correct for thinking I need to own the games? It's not like a service like Netflix where I sign up and get to choose from a ton of content I do not actually own? Yes I am. Might need to see what I have available on Steam. Nothing recent that's for sure.
  6. df0

    Poor purchases 2020

    Blasphemous (purchased very late in 2019). I've no longer the patience to deal with mechanics that should have stayed in the 90's. When it comes to platformers it's the dreaded knock back that leads to instant death because you're knocked down a hole we all know and remember from Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden. Killed the first boss, made it to the snow level, uninstalled it.
  7. This looks neat. This close after day day probably means It'll get bought. I need something to tear me away from Path of Exile.
  8. I've seen that bridge before. Ridge Racer Remastered surely.
  9. Makes sense they say that, does not mean it's true. I expect a Cyberpunk GotY version for PS5 and Xbox One Series X somewhere in 2023. Late enough for people to double dip without having lost interest in the game.
  10. df0


    Run in question. The Fallout 4 part of the run is highly interesting as the runner explains in great and entertaining detail how and why speedrun tricks work. FO4 starts at the 1 hour mark run time or 1 hour 2 minute mark YouTube time
  11. Yes. Each character has unique weapons.
  12. For someone who complains about Overwatch as much as I do, I really should stop playing Overwatch.
  13. df0


    The kookiness is the charm? Hey, each to their own I guess. I closed my iPhone while saying "Oh fuck off cunt" when Sent was doing his embarrassing "This custom built Yetee PC is a... " schtick. "It's a shirt holder" *no reaction from the crowd, the joke did not land at all* "it's a portable hand cooler" "it's a telephone charger" And it kept going. I stopped watching during his fifth attempt at the joke. Mate, we all see what it is. Tell us the specs instead of forcing yourself to be quirky and random. He even got speedrunner MunchaKoopas involved, poor guy. How no one reels Sent in is beyond me.
  14. df0


    Because it’s not a speed run. It’s an so-called autoscroller and you’re stuck to the pace of the scrolling. Someone during the run opted for a shmup block at upcoming GDQ events.
  15. df0


    Ok, miserable old man pissing vinegar time, but I can’t be the only one who dislikes Sent and those trash prizes he talks so highly about. It gets worse every year.
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