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  1. Not to worry, there is ammo available for all weapons in NG+.
  2. @Tetchy Careful with spoilers please. There's a spoiler thread for that type of detailed discussion.
  3. My biggest criticism is how on the higher difficulties the combat becomes more of a puzzle (just like in the original). I get very little enjoyment out encountering tough and intelligent enemies when I have little more than 1 Molotov cocktail, 3 shotgun shells and 1 arrow. Far too often I found myself restarting an encounter because I missed a shot, or just simply not bothering at all and just figure out the fastest way out of there. In NG+ you can choose Custom difficulty. I've set enemies to the highest difficulty and resources to plenty. Now I'm having fun setting traps, causing distractions and all that.
  4. Put some respeck on his name. Victor "Goddamn" Sullivan.
  5. I never bothered with the birds and runes. When I have to rely on guides for collectibles, I'm out.
  6. Story and character wise, Uncharted is done right? If I remember the ending of 4 correctly that is.
  7. I've rarely seen his Angry videos, but am well aware of the persona. When it's Joe, he seems like a regular articulate dude. He was on last year's E3 couch with Geoff and others and he was just talking about games he was hoping to see. What I'm trying to say is, I don't know if his Angry persona is a skit for views and clicks. The more drama, the better.
  8. Same here. But I could not help myself playing some more on NG+ (Custom difficulty) with Survivor+ enemies and enough resources for a small army so it allows me to actually enjoy the combat sections. I'm skipping all of the cutscenes, I am now just in it for combat. Give it a try, it's fun when you don't play by ND's rule
  9. I can't be the only once who goes "ooh that is a nice lamp", "that wooden floor is gorgeous" and "that sideboard would look great in my living room!" when scavenging.
  10. I type this before I had my morning coffee so pardon my grumpiness, but why even care? There's evidence Doc, Ninja and many more and just not nice people to put it lightly. I'm hard pressed to care for them personally, I just hoping Doc did not do something that'll impact his family and/or to a victim that'll leave long lasting effects. Doc himself fuck right off, complete muppet.
  11. Yes. Less linear, less complete and utter misery. Hordes. Fun gameplay with enough ammo to supply a small country. There are some low lows though, but not that many. Slow start though, so stick with it.
  12. I assume you went searching for "throbbing cock gif" just for that.
  13. I saw the scene, thought "cool" and moved on. edit: would be funny if in The Last of Us 3 for PS6 we see Abby's glistening throbbing cock in detail.
  14. Isn't NBA20k filled to the absolute brim with transactions? I can't help but scoff when I see these types on games creep up.
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