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  1. So this was just speedran: all bosses in under an hour.
  2. Can’t recall that moment really. I think I just stayed away as far as possible and cleared the horde (apart from the infinite fodder) before pulling out the Super to deal with them.
  3. See, that wasn’t too bad for me. It’s just them against me, my brain can comprehend what to do at any given time. For me it goes tits up when I have to think more, like when it’s different enemy types combined with platforming and a ludicrous amount of projectiles on screen. I lose track of what do do which results in mistakes which equals death and irritation.
  4. Not sure if it’ll work for everybody but this morning at 6:30 there was a queue of 21 on Moogle.
  5. Have not been able to log in once today. 6k queue plus the error where the data center can’t be reached.
  6. If it’s going to give me easy access to everything and all Ridge Racer I’m there.
  7. The opening is slow Talk, talk, cutscene, "waiting", use object, talk, cutscene. And now I'm trying to help a fishmonger sell fish. Hold on with the story lads, I'm gonna spend some time in the wilderness killing beasties and participating in FATES.
  8. Depends on the price for me. While playing the Remaster I realised the game is worse than I remembered. No bad, just offensively mediocre.
  9. df0

    Abandoned Games

    Doom Eternal The 2016 version had restrained and was in my opinion laser-focussed. Eternal dials everything up to 11 or 12 and is relentless. It keeps going balls to the wall from start to finish, adding more and more. it made me bored and annoyed. I reluctantly finished the main campaign, gave up in the first DLC (where new enemies are of course introduced).
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