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  1. Not entry, but entry to end game content. Path of Exile. An excellent Diablo-esque Free to Play game well worth your time. Has enough production value and content to warrant a 60 dollar asking price. About half a year ago I finished the storyline + all side quests and unlocked the end game which is good Diablo-like fashion means doing stuff over and over gradually increasing the difficulty. Higher difficulty equals better loot. Here's the barrier part: there's many different things to do, everything has a different approach, currencies are unique to certain end game content. I can delve, do Elders, do Maps, do some sort of Research whatever that is. And I have literally no clue what does what. In Diablo is obvious: you run dungeons and the difficulty level is accompanied by a brief text: =50% chance for epic loot, enemies are 200% stronger, 150% chance for whatever. Got it, thanks. I can not do end game stuff right now because I severely lack survivability. So I need to work on that. Supposedly the number 1 priority is to increase Resistance, but that comes from gear. Gear I do not have. So I gotta either buy it from the in-game marketplace or find it in game. Gear I buy or find has a different socket and colour layout which means I can not use my skills. I can reforge sockets and colours but that requires a currency I might run out of. When I by some miracle find the good gear there's a big chance it provides less of everything but Resistance because of the lower level dungeons I have to run if I want to survive. About an hour ago I booted it up, just to see why I gave up in the first place. Swiftly I remembered. I am utterly lost at the end game.
  2. I assume you mean fighting games (Street Fighter) and not beat em ups (Streets of Rage). Skullgirls offers a very digestible and thorough training mode where everything is explained while you perform the action. It becomes too complex for my old man reflexes but if you're genuinely interested in learning, give it a try.
  3. 1) Using a stretched blurry thumbnail. 2) Not on the official PlayStation channel Result: fake.
  4. Maybe not an answer fitting the question, but most of those City Builder/Tycoon games. PS+ subscribers recently received Cities Skylines and there is a swamp of tutorial text. In my head, every action I was meant to take was preceded by paragraphs of text explaining the why and how. By the time I was given control I forgot most of what I just read.
  5. That's the one. It's worth a tenner I guess.
  6. Out of all the games I played and that includes Wipeout, Bound and Ace Combat, no game makes me as uncomfortable as Ultrawings. I think it's the combination of the slow speed and the almost ever present horizon at sea that makes me body just nope out. Reminds me of that 17 hour ferry ride I took from Cherbourg to Roslare
  7. There's another game called Apex... something (not Legends) that's fun with the Moves. Bow and arrow all the way, and you actually have to move and dodge out of the way. The game itself is not that noteworthy, but it's fun enough while it lasts. A dime a dozen VR game with a bow.
  8. I'll give Skyrim VR another but better try this evening.
  9. No Mans Sky is another candidate for low resolution. But it does not really bother me, I'm too invested by "being there" in VR.
  10. Not essential depending on the game. Most use Dual Shock by default, some offer the option to use DS or Moves (Skyrim VR and No Mans Sky for example), some require Moves (SuperHot VR for example). Check your library and decide if spending full price on a set of Moves is worth it. edit: from limited experience with games that offer both DS and Moves, the Moves integration is generally mediocre. Skyrim VR for example: navigating the menus is a bloody nightmare, so much in fact it soured the entire experience for me. edit 2: games that are made for Moves are spectacular: like @MarkN mentioned, Beat Sabre is mind blowing. SuperHot VR is another example of a game that's elevated by Moves.
  11. Replaying through Days Gone made me once again realise how wonderful the weather effects are, the snowfall particularly. It's difficult to accurately describe it so let me call it "gradually fast". When it starts to snow you notice flakes falling from the sky, the surfaces becoming more white and before you know it but unable to pinpoint an exact moment the entire landscape is covered in snow. It's such a beautiful transition that never ceases to amaze me. There's patches of snow and ice on your clothing and bike as well, it is such a nice thing to witness.
  12. Drink water during a VR session, that can help.
  13. Was it revolutionary though? It was someone's vision, that's clear as day. The team knew want they wanted to make, their ideas and visions were not diluted by focus groups and outside sources demanding they need to appeal to the audience who likes shooters.
  14. I don't wanna play this in VR, are you mental.
  15. There's a tread about it, or this game has been mentioned in one of the Amnesia threads. Can't find any evidence of it. It's in both Amnesia threads nor the SOMA one. Great news nonetheless. Big fan of the original, not overly fond of A Machine for Pigs, big fan of SOMA. So yes, I am very much IN.
  16. I was going to suggest Until Dawn. Me and my back then non-gamer mate had an absolute blast playing through L.A. Noire. The action stuff was my thing, we both did the interrogations. Often with hilarious results.
  17. On that note, as a Tauren walking from the green pastures of Mulgore to the desert wasteland that was The Barrens without any loading interruption. That transition was fantastic and made me realise early on I was in for a hell of a ride. So much to discover and see. There's more great transitions. From Ashenvale (lush purple and green trees) to the aforementioned Barrens, arriving in Orgrimmar after a dull track through brown Durotar. I honestly think this is why I like Final Fantasy XIV so much now, it really scratches that discovery itch. Almost every zone has its unique flavour.
  18. Meh. The design of the console is nice enough, the rest is trash. Surely you can buy a bigger external drive for less money.
  19. Enemy. 4/5 I think I liked it. Saw it a handful of days ago and stuck with me so surely that's a good sign.
  20. Blasphemous 5/10 Mediocre platformer that does nothing well. Looks gorgeous though. Overwatch Anywhere between 1/10 and 10/10 Hate the players not the game. And ooh boy do I hate most of the players. Final Fantasy XIV 8/10 Fantastic MMORPG that plays beautifully on a PS4 pad. Tons of content with continuous support. Highly recommended.
  21. Mentioned this in similar threads, but King's Field on PlayStation. When I flicked the right analogue stick and the character started looking around, I was blown away. Nothing ever again came close to that experience.
  22. On Grounded TLoU1 is a puzzle instead of a challenge and it bores me to bits. Playing stealthily for 20 minutes only to be noticed all of a sudden by a Clicker for no good reason and having to start over < running head first doing a suicide run and learning the patterns as well as figuring out at what point the AI loses interest. I’m playing it wrong surely but I wasted too much time being careful with nothing to show for.
  23. I thought of trying Savage Eden raids. After half way through a video of the first boss, I decided against it. There's many mechanics that basically spell "wipe"
  24. That precise thing happened to me with GTAV. Many gaming outlets mentioned this "scene" that "will shock you". Knowing GTA, I was expecting some otherworldly shit. GTA does not shy away from violence so this scene has to be really truly shocking. My expectations were high. The scene in question was a plain torture scene. I had to ask in the GTAV thread on this very forum what "that shocking scene" was.
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