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  1. Wasn't Evolve a similar flop?
  2. I'll never understand any of this. Adults throwing virtual shit at each other to appease their viewers obsession with drama. Old man here, I wonder what those individuals do when the reach the age of 40. Still trying to cause drama with another 40 year old?
  3. I’m so not gonna buy this.
  4. I’m very certainly (trying to look for evidence) everything available now is Frogwares’ and not Big Ben’s. The whole legal thing is why the game was unavailable for a long while. edit: tis complicated. As far as I can tell, the original releases were published by Big Ben/Nacon and they did some shady stuff. Legal battle ensued, game was unavailable (on PSN anyway) for a while, now it's back and I think/hope it's 100% in the hands of Frogwares now.
  5. Just finished The Sinking City again, this time on PS5. It is a good as I remember from the PS4, in other words a big chunky 7 out of 10. Clunky controls, awkward combat, repeating dialogue from NPCs, lacking sound scape, carbon copy house interiors, repeating gameplay. All that is forgiven due to the excellent presentation and writing, some superb voice acting, neat twists and turns and overall focus. Frogwares knew what they wanted to make and it shows. If you like reading, sitting in a boat and spending a lot time on the map marking interesting location based on street names gathered from one of the four archives this is the game for you. 7/10. Love it. Don't pay full price for it though, it's a proper mid budget title. I'd day take the plunge (hah) for around 15 quid.
  6. Not sure what type of briefing it was, but I assume it was nothing more but a document with projects to be announced. I doubt Ubi flew Dan to some sort of super secret briefing.
  7. df0

    PSVR2 - early 2023

    Tis possible it’s supported by the inevitable Version 2 of PSVR2.
  8. Deliver Us the Moon (everything but Switch I think) What a neat little narrative driven mystery in space. Short (4 - 5 hours I reckon), focused, nothing outstays its welcome. Very much looking forward to Deliver us Mars now. edit: credits mention it was a Kickstarter project.
  9. Namco is Japanese, this surely means Ridge Racers 4K confirmed.
  10. Show us your cock bro, nobody cares about hairstyle and tattoos.
  11. Enjoy it, it's a fun experience. Great voice-acting, some excellent side quests.
  12. Nope, not interested. They're here to stay a they are much easier to produce than in game/engine footage. Cinematic trailer - hand your design document and expectations to an outside studio (to name one example, BLUR Studios). It's a controlled environment where the animation studio fully controls the scene, camera, furniture placement, light, interactions, animations. In game/engine trailer - can the engine handle a free roaming camera? How does texture quality behave when camera moves around? Is that walking NPC going to block the camera, do the characters look remotely good from up close? Many variables to consider and deal with which is more time consuming.
  13. I can't help by seeing the numerous bugs and issues (like the traffic you mentioned a handful of posts above this one) and think "maybe you should have focused more on polishing mechanics instead of spending resources on three different intro sequences". But hey, each to their own. Fun game regardless, looking forward to Cyberpunk 2078: Vendetta for V.
  14. I disagree with that slightly. Take Mass Effect 3. Your chosen background is used by NPC's. It's nice to hear your choice is acknowledged by the game. Cyberpunk went much further by creating 3 completely different intro/tutorial sequences which took months to develop. Animation, sound design, voice lines, QA, camera direction. And for nothing more but a lengthy introduction sequence. After that's done it's dropped and your background only comes up when you choose it as an conversation option. It seems like such a waste of time and effort.
  15. This is the part of the conversation where you can choose the NOMAD answer because you chose the NOMAD background. And from my experience, it’s never the answer that progresses the conversation, it’s offered as an option sometimes to prentend your background has meaning.
  16. Sony needs to implement some sort of automated filter options so I do not have to squint my eyes to notice quality games through all this Coffee Run, Oktober Fest Run, Jumping Taco, Jumping Donut Turbo trash. Right now there's SIX carbon copy Flappy Bird games, each one the exact same game but with a different color scheme.
  17. And finished. That’s enough, not interested in the other endings. Not sure what ending I got, the emotional vibe did not work on me at all.
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