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  1. Guys, can someone tell me about the importance of the shrubbery and the rocks? Does it play an important role in the lore? As someone only familiar with the 9 movies I fear I might miss out.
  2. That sounds like an incredibly unfortunate bug and absolutely makes me understand why you hate(d) Returnal. Only thing I hate about Returnal is those flying kamikaze pricks 😤
  3. You sure you mean Returnal? Sure it was a wee bit unstable at launch (debug mode, crashes, no saving etc) but most broken game ever seems a hyperbole in a world where Fallout 76 exists.
  4. You're in a submarine and need to visit certain points on a map. It's great, honestly. Well worth the 2 hours or so.
  5. Oh yes, I am doing my BANG and PANG run now. Guess who's the Hunter now you pricks.
  6. That sounds rough, knowing how long and action-focussed DS2 is.
  7. In Dead Space 2 you could save a maximum of three times right? Imagine dying to that eye moment and losing a ton of progress... Back to Dead Space, I started Impossible 3 times: first time I died in Medical (chapter 2) due to stupid mistake (too confident and forgetting my gear is not up to par), second death was in the Mines elevator (due to tentacle babies obviously. Dark area with dark enemies shooting at you from either above or the ground). The last one was upsetting and cost me like 5 to 6 hours. I played decent enough the entire time, had a good inventory management going on (apart from being out of stim packs) only to meet my end like that? Nah, so the third time I started to upload my saves on rare occasions.
  8. Fair point, I’d say no. I used it thrice and all three were in my opinion bullshit deaths: tentacle babies I did not even know were there sniping me. Maybe I cheated but I’m not gonna lose like 7 hours of careful progress over a bullshit death.
  9. Impossible it not that difficult, if anything it's boring. The rules are: - One life. If you die the difficulty is immediately lowered to Hard. - One save slot. Emphasis on slot, you can save as often as you want which is what I highly recommend. - Loading is obviously allowed and can be abused. Not happy with how an encounter is going? Pause -> Quit to Main Menu -> Continue. - PS Plus Only - upload your saved game to the cloud and have it there safe and sound. If you die, download the Cloud save and continue with the run. There's no limit to how often you can download and upload. Suit - upgraded with sense. HP + Stasis. HP to survive, Stasis to melee and when applicable flee. Plasma Cutter - the main weapon fully upgraded. Ammo is cheap, dismembers with ease, rapid fire, large ammo clip. Line Gun - traps. Invaluable when you know there's a combat zone incoming. The plasma machine gun - grenades to deal with those tentacle walls. Never bothered upgrading it. Ammo is scarce, in 1-1 fights Stasis + Melee is your friend. For every second of Stasis you can get no more than 2 hits in. Each upgraded to Stasis gives you max. 2 more hits. Most annoying enemies: Tentacle babies. Difficult to spot in dark areas, even more difficult to spot in open areas. They're tiny, move around and can take a lot of punishment. The absolute worst. Close second, those lanky pricks that fall apart. At around Chapter 7 I caught myself not having fun at all. I don't think the clunky movement, lack of projectile indicator and narrow hallways make for a tense run, it's annoying if anything.
  10. Can’t believe I’m about to complete Impossible and the very last Trophy I need is… Rip off a dangling limb using Kinesis. https://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/dead-space-remake/trophy/559678-wishbone.html 🤨 edit: and that’s Plat done.
  11. Not strictly for Wii, tis also on PS4 (or was it 3?). Dead Space Extraction.
  12. I’ve never ever seen that in the remake.
  13. See, I did not know that so thanks for the insight and explanation. All I know recognize is stuff from the 9 movies.
  14. No, most if not all SW games I played stand on their own. KOTOR, TOR, the ones on GameCube, the shooters on PS2 (something Rogue I think. With the white armour with blue markings). But I get your point, I'm clearly not the target audience for the original and possibly this sequel.
  15. Deliver Us The Moon was never on my radar, played it when it came as part of PS+, ended up liking it a lot. Will probably end up buying this when it's on sale.
  16. What's a Wampa? What's Rebel Alliance? I know who Obi Wan from the prequels is but never seen the show. Well, once this hits PS+ I'll give it a shot. I'm clearly no the target audience.
  17. I hope this caters more to people not familiar with all of the lore. The original was exceedingly bland for me, nothing emotional or remotely interesting hit the mark. Theory: Look, it's [CHARACTER] from [MEDIA]. How cool is that! Reality: It's just a boring man I need to fight.
  18. Ok, plan before attempting Impossible: - Rinse NG++ for enough nodes to update ALL weapons for trophy. - New Hard run as practice. Probably saving at the start of each chapter and replay were applicable to learn pathing, enemy movement, inventory planning, choke points etc. - Impossible Edit: wait, it’s much easier than it sounds. I thought One Save meant just one save, not one save slot.
  19. Now to consider if I want to do the Impossible run. 1 save, 1 life.
  20. For quests, yes. For collectibles without a quest attached, no
  21. Yup, new. Progress is locked behind story progression but none can be failed until very late in the game (and the game warns you even then). And yes, this involves backtracking. The map really does you no favours when it comes to that, I just completed a "collection" mission and it was far from fun. The map could really truly use a custom marker option.
  22. And done. Medium, Plasma Cutter Only. Now to have some fun with the different weapons on NG+.
  23. Decent enough. Not up for award, not laughable.
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