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  1. Not strictly for Wii, tis also on PS4 (or was it 3?). Dead Space Extraction.
  2. I’ve never ever seen that in the remake.
  3. See, I did not know that so thanks for the insight and explanation. All I know recognize is stuff from the 9 movies.
  4. No, most if not all SW games I played stand on their own. KOTOR, TOR, the ones on GameCube, the shooters on PS2 (something Rogue I think. With the white armour with blue markings). But I get your point, I'm clearly not the target audience for the original and possibly this sequel.
  5. Deliver Us The Moon was never on my radar, played it when it came as part of PS+, ended up liking it a lot. Will probably end up buying this when it's on sale.
  6. What's a Wampa? What's Rebel Alliance? I know who Obi Wan from the prequels is but never seen the show. Well, once this hits PS+ I'll give it a shot. I'm clearly no the target audience.
  7. I hope this caters more to people not familiar with all of the lore. The original was exceedingly bland for me, nothing emotional or remotely interesting hit the mark. Theory: Look, it's [CHARACTER] from [MEDIA]. How cool is that! Reality: It's just a boring man I need to fight.
  8. Ok, plan before attempting Impossible: - Rinse NG++ for enough nodes to update ALL weapons for trophy. - New Hard run as practice. Probably saving at the start of each chapter and replay were applicable to learn pathing, enemy movement, inventory planning, choke points etc. - Impossible Edit: wait, it’s much easier than it sounds. I thought One Save meant just one save, not one save slot.
  9. Now to consider if I want to do the Impossible run. 1 save, 1 life.
  10. For quests, yes. For collectibles without a quest attached, no
  11. Yup, new. Progress is locked behind story progression but none can be failed until very late in the game (and the game warns you even then). And yes, this involves backtracking. The map really does you no favours when it comes to that, I just completed a "collection" mission and it was far from fun. The map could really truly use a custom marker option.
  12. And done. Medium, Plasma Cutter Only. Now to have some fun with the different weapons on NG+.
  13. Decent enough. Not up for award, not laughable.
  14. The Plasma Cutter Only run is not as easy as I remember.
  15. I think I soft-locked myself in Chapter 3. Dang it, sorted. Ignore the quest line, open the nearby locked door with keycard found nearby 🤦‍♂️
  16. Changed to 60 fps performance mode, the 30 fps RT is not good enough.
  17. Loving this. It's just different enough to have it not feel like the same game. Every so small differences to puzzles and scenes. Graphically it's disappointing from a shiny next gen point of view. It's just not that impressive in 4k RT on PS5. Still, loving my time with this. There is just something to DS that ticks all the right boxes for me. Extremely slight spoiler for Chapter 2 (new mechanic I do not understand). Edit: and never mind, literally 3 minutes later I got it. Thanks story progression
  18. I'm sure this is in no way shape or form is worth 80 euro (65 quid) and I am a complete fool for handing over this amount of cash for a remake. You're all morons if you paid this amount for Forspoken or any of the shite Ubi shits out nowadays. But my situation is surely different. I am not part of the problem 🤔
  19. You lot ever played The Persistence (supports both VR and non-VR)? Slow paced first person rogue-like horror. Plays nothing like Dead Space but in some way feels like it. Lineair and deliberate, I rather enjoyed my time with it in VR.
  20. 3 is actually not that poor an action game, it is a poor Dead Space though. Human enemies with guns, waist high cover, practically no horror, crafting fuelled by micro transactions. It had a neat idea with coop as well where you and your coop buddy would see different things. Also, you could craft the most ridiculous guns (like a shotgun taped to a shotgun).
  21. The issue with the DS franchise is its complete lack of identity. Each entry is vastly different; 1 is slow paced linear horror, 2 added more action, 3 is a full blown Michael Bay-esque action set piece. If this remake does well, what's a future remake of 2 or 3, or a brand new 4 going to be? I do of course hope Dead Space 4 is coming and follows in Dead Space 1's footsteps completely ignoring the events on 2 and 3.
  22. Have things or encounters changed? Played the original to death, not sure if anything’ll surprise if things stayed the same.
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