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  1. On 24/11/2022 at 15:40, df0 said:

    Thinking of doing a second run. My first was as a sneaky sniper which truth be told was boring, I rarely used any exciting implants/hacking apart from turning off cameras. Might go for a big bulky bloke with guns instead of tact.

    Enjoying this blunt run. Went for shotgun with some Quickhacking on the side. No grenades, somehow my arm’s a projectile. No tact, no delicate approach. Might even get rid of Quickhacking and opt for the slowdown implant.


    I only sneak when it’s needed for a situation.

  2. On 18/11/2022 at 08:48, Lying Cat said:

    This does look excellent, but I need to hold on and wait for info about how prevalent QTEs are, because I hate them that much.


    Also it’s about two weeks to release and they’ve not released the PC specs properly yet, which is a little suss. Not that I’m particularly concerned my stater won’t run it, more that I feel as though if you’re happy to take people’s money through pre-orders, you really ought to be supplying that info on principle.

    Not sure how it is on multi platform games, but SCE games have accessibility options that for one allow to just keep the button pressed. Made Horizon 2 and Ragnarok that little bit better.

  3. Doing the optional mopping up after the ending, some puzzles are painfully awkward. And when I say puzzles I mean that-lever-you-used-to-progress-earlier-in-the-game-miracilously-stopped-working. Also that grappling point you see over there? Nope, not gonna work.


    Great, so I know what to do but the game demands I do it in a different much more convoluted way.

  4. Finished this yesterday around midnight. Cracking game, I'll echo what has been said before by others: it's more of the same everything. Now to gather the remaining collectibles.

  5. Question about Svartalheim: how do I return to the Applecore? Evidently I've been there before - the map shows items picked up - and seemingly I've missed a portal in a place called Svard Sands (south west). I need to return to that general area (Pitmines, Applecore, Shard) yet am completely unable to find any path.

  6. I don’t know how people enjoy playing this on anything but Give me Story. Yesterday I had a fight with multiple optional bosses in one small arena, what a mess. Flying projectiles, stuff on the ground, getting hit my off-screen attacks. Tested my patience with that one.

  7. Or your Genji facing off against their Widow as soon as the match starts, forgetting the runback for the Widow is 10 seconds while the runback for the Genji is close to 30.


    Couple of days ago on a King of the Hill map we had a Roadhog who went in by himself all the time trying to win against a Rein with a pocket Reaper. Needless to say the Hog did not stand a chance, so their solution: support should change to Mercy for the res. Fool proof plan right there.



  8. I'd show you my stats but for some reason my Career Profile shows I've only Played Bap for 6 minutes this Season.

    But to answer, yes. I bet over 80% of my time in Season 1 is Moira, followed by probably Bap -> Anna -> Brig. I've said it before but Moira fits me so well, I think I just really like classes whom are self-sufficient. Big fan of Roadhog for the same reason.

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