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  1. I am disappointed nobody built you a freighter base in the form on a penis 🙁
  2. 😟 That's unusual. Not sure how Twitch works, did you by chance follow someone on Twitch and gave them access to your freighter?
  3. With 350 million credits burning a hole in my pocket I need something to spend it on. Already have a fleet of starship (yet I only use one). Am hoping for a proper good S-tier Freighter, no luck so far.
  4. Tis funny because it'd be true. I am completely out. There have been moments where I was tempted to reinstall OW thinking "it can't be as bad (for me) as I remember" before realising I've been down this road before. Several times. Great game that infuriates me.
  5. My hometown lacked a proper gaming store, all we had was equivalents to Smyths. Good for most generic gaming stuff, not very fun though. A nearby town had a proper gaming store so almost every other weekend I was there just to be there. Got to know the main clerk there who after several years started his own independent gaming store and that while time was a blast. He started aiming for the import crowd, the crowd who would not shy away from paying like 300 quid some rare version of a Japanese bullet heel nobody had ever even heard of. The Netherlands was and is not very credit card friendly so purchasing stuff from for example NCSX was a hassle. So his store became a central hub for many of surrounding cities, like a gathering ground for gamers. Great fun. Many years later he changed his approach to cater much more to the generic crowd while providing accurate information instead of the "64 bit is better than 32 bit" nonsense you'd hear else where. The store is still going strong. Another story, my hometown eventually got its own gaming store. It was right across from my barber so while the store was under construction I met the owner. Long story short: he was going to do it completely different from everybody else. To save storage space he'd not stock games, instead he'd place an order for a customer who could pick up the order two days later. The store did not last long. edit: maybe unrelated, I'll never go to GameStop again. Too many lame experiences: - very talkative clerk (not shaming. I just wanted to buy a game instead of being stuck in a monologue by someone clearly on the spectrum). - question after question about pre ordering or extending the warranty or wanting advice. Just let me buy this so I can go home.
  6. Hmm, can't remember that happening to me. Maybe I am misremembering 🤷‍♂️
  7. Doubt it. As far as I know you have to manually set a base to "modifiable by everybody" to allow for that, and even then I am not sure a freighter is technically a base. Do know that all objectives are active all the time, which is why it's a very good thing to read then all and keep chipping away at em. Kill pirates, expand your squadron, expand your fleet, scan flora etc. Usually the moest bothersome one is the "collect storm crystal" so if you ever encounter them, pick em up.
  8. Anyone wanna team up to do the “visit each other’s freighter” expedition step? Tis by far the hardest one 😒
  9. Saw this on Reddit. https://platprices.com/psplus/premium/ Fast search, browse by Tier. No platform filter yet.
  10. Wasn't LN part of PS+ before? I have it in my library, so does my friend and I am certain he'd never buy a game like that.
  11. df0


    I've not seen the Doom Eternal one, but the Doom 2016 speedrun was rather poor. I'm sure there's skill involved but being out of bounds 75% of the run balancing on pixels to avoid a soft-lock does not make for exciting viewing.
  12. Finished it, had a fantastic time with it. Laser focused, nothing outstays its welcome.
  13. Haven't finished yet but I doubt there's NG+. It's very linear story driven with no customisation to anything. Only reason I could think of is replaying for achievements if that's your thing. edit: also, it's very much a game like Gone Home, Edith Finch etc. Short, sweet, interactive and charming. There's an actual game to play that must click with you. I can fully understand people not clicking with this at all as it is rather bare bones.
  14. How's your broadband infrastructure where you live? My PS5 holds maybe four games at the same time, the rest is deleted once I am either done or bored.
  15. And Elden Ring once again failed to validate PlayStation Plus sub 😒
  16. Intentionally bad dialogue that's supposed to be quirky/serious/smotional. Final Fantasy VII Remake guaranteed I'll never play any of the the FFVR future episodes. In fact, most if not all Square Enix' games are off the table.
  17. Ubisoft's Skull & Bones: A Miserable Tale - Eight Years In The Making. A Ubisoft Original. By Ubisoft.
  18. Guess many movie and game producers played Atmosfear judging by the trend. I can't stand movies like IT or Paranormal Activity. It's a cheap ride where you just KNOW there's a jump scare incoming.
  19. That lovely looking Sea of Stars is from the same team that made The Messenger (I discovered that in the Sea of Stars thread). Downloaded The Messenger with the "what's the worst that can happen?" approach, it's very good. Think Ninja Gaiden, Shovel Knight, that type of game. Easy enough to play, tight controls, witty writing. Give it a try.
  20. Not played it but that trailer made it look like it's nothing but jump scares and shaky cam which I am not at all interested in. Give me something that's tense and suspenseful with the occasional effective scare (PT, SOMA, Amnesia), not the dull LOUD NOISE AREN'T YOU SCARED.
  21. True. Or zip out of Zara's Ult and pop yours: heal your buddies while damaging the opponent 🤤
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