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  1. Nope, not interested. They're here to stay a they are much easier to produce than in game/engine footage.


    Cinematic trailer - hand your design document and expectations to an outside studio (to name one example, BLUR Studios). It's a controlled environment where the animation studio fully controls the scene, camera, furniture placement, light, interactions, animations.

    In game/engine trailer - can the engine handle a free roaming camera? How does texture quality behave when camera moves around? Is that walking NPC going to block the camera, do the characters look remotely good from up close? Many variables to consider and deal with which is more time consuming.



  2. 1 hour ago, ZOK said:

    Yes, but what you are saying here makes no sense. Fleshing out your ‘role’ by offering different interactions based on that role is meaning related to your background, as this is an rpg - a role-playing game. So there is no pretending at all.

    I disagree with that slightly.


    Take Mass Effect 3. Your chosen background is used by NPC's. It's nice to hear your choice is acknowledged by the game. Cyberpunk went much further by creating 3 completely different intro/tutorial sequences which took months to develop. Animation, sound design, voice lines, QA, camera direction. And for nothing more but a lengthy introduction sequence. After that's done it's dropped and your background only comes up when you choose it as an conversation option.


    It seems like such a waste of time and effort.


  3. Sony needs to implement some sort of automated filter options so I do not have to squint my eyes to notice quality games through all this Coffee Run, Oktober Fest Run, Jumping Taco, Jumping Donut Turbo trash. Right now there's SIX carbon copy Flappy Bird games, each one the exact same game but with a different color scheme.

  4. Nearing the end of this - just passed the Point on no Return - and am torn. Not sure what to make of this. The modern Deus EX games do cyber implants much better, Night City is rich in detail yet incredibly dull (reminded me a lot of L.A. Noire), the story grinds to a halt and that tickling clock element is ignored for the longest time. My biggest complaint is that my V. does not feel like a person with cybernetic implants. I'm James Bond with a tech device that can hack cameras.


    Back to the modern Deus EX, those games embrace implants and you can play around with different approaches. Every skill is valuable and adds something worth while. Right now in Cyberpunk 2077 I've like 6 skill points and about 20 talents points waiting to be spend. But nothing seems worth it at this point when all I ever really need is my sniper rifle (and shotgun during boss fights) and the camera hacking.


    V. has one cybernetic implant and it's the one from the tutorial. I don't even know where two find more implants. Also, I have not bothered with gear in the longest time, it seems a complete after thought. Same for the ridiculous amount of weapons and attachments. I swear I've like 8 weapon scopes that give like 0.4% zoom... Then there's the apartments that seem useless, the many cars you can collect for no good reason (there's no garage to display em in).


    I had a fun time with it for sure and will never play this again. One Nomad run is good enough. Completed all the gigs and side quests (apart from the NCPD ones, far too many of those).



    Overall, I enjoyed myself with it. Would not recommend it though, it's such a weird beast.


  5. It's such a weird product. I completed Horizon 2 shortly after it launched and thought it was extremely bland: suffering from open-world bingo and sequel-itus. Highly polished but my goodness was I bored. I don't think I ever felt any sort of reaction to any of it, just sat through it all looking like 😐

    Cyberpunk 2077 is much less polished, filled with bugs and general clumsiness, has content you can skip (crafting, the whole cyber implants thing) yet I am much more invested in it all. I think I prefer emotional peaks and valleys over a flat plain.

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