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  1. 58 minutes ago, Ry said:

    If i can skip all the crap, cringey voice acting and story then i might be interested in this. Need to see some genuine gameplay first. 



    Same for me. I am in for the racing, not the story and definitely not the characters. I tried NFS Heat and gave up after like an hour, the absolute cringe killed it for me.

  2. @VimsterThose two negatives you mentioned, those only get worse. There's moments where it's exposition dump after exposition dump, cutscene after cutscene where nothing of value is said. As for the side quests, those only get worse; go to A to talk to B, go to C to pick up D, return to A to meet B who tells you to meet B at C. At C talk to B who asks you to go to A to pick up E. Deliver E to B at C. Meet B at A to complete quest.


    Combat is fantastic, dungeons are great. Everything exciting gameplay related is absolutely fantastic, tis a shame about the story.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Ferine said:

    What's this about 'collectibles'? Are they NFTs?

    No, they're 3D models you can collect. Think of them like the trophies in Smash Bros or the capsule rewards in Astro's Playroom.


    Currently you can only display them in the PlayStation app. Presumably they'll eventually be integrated into the console experience in some fashion; examining them in VR would seem an obvious choice.

    PlayStation Home 2.0 right there.

  4. I'll never understand any of this. Adults throwing virtual shit at each other to appease their viewers obsession with drama.

    Old man here, I wonder what those individuals do when the reach the age of 40. Still trying to cause drama with another 40 year old?

  5. 9 hours ago, Gabe said:

    I think any version not bought direct from Frogwares is essentially the stolen version, isn't it, or did they resolve that?

    I’m very certainly (trying to look for evidence) everything available now is Frogwares’ and not Big Ben’s. The whole legal thing is why the game was unavailable for a long while.


    edit: tis complicated. As far as I can tell, the original releases were published by Big Ben/Nacon and they did some shady stuff. Legal battle ensued, game was unavailable (on PSN anyway) for a while, now it's back and I think/hope it's 100% in the hands of Frogwares now.



  6. Just finished The Sinking City again, this time on PS5. It is a good as I remember from the PS4, in other words a big chunky 7 out of 10. Clunky controls, awkward combat, repeating dialogue from NPCs, lacking sound scape, carbon copy house interiors, repeating gameplay. All that is forgiven due to the excellent presentation and writing, some superb voice acting, neat twists and turns and overall focus. Frogwares knew what they wanted to make and it shows. If you like reading, sitting in a boat and spending a lot time on the map marking interesting location based on street names gathered from one of the four archives this is the game for you.


    7/10. Love it.

    Don't pay full price for it though, it's a proper mid budget title. I'd day take the plunge (hah) for around 15 quid.

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