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  1. Just lost a payload match while doing 18k healing, 13k damage, like 30 kills, 4 deaths. Thanks team, well done. In their defense, they were occupied with charging Zarya’s bubble as soon as possible so you know, in the end it’s my fault for not healing enough.
  2. You forgot Diamond, tis between Plat and GM. Generally, everything above Plat is seen as ridiculously good so for us mortals Plat is the highest honor. Am Gold 4 now, I reckon this is where I have to set up camp.
  3. Not at all. I main Moira, maybe the combination of doing good damage and good healing boosts the rating? Yesterday I jumped from Silver 2 to Gold 5, no idea why I skipped Silver 1.
  4. Gold 5 here. Get on my level scrub
  5. Part 1 is walking to the cemetery with the chat being the cliffhanger Part 2 is walking through mist to apartment block Part 3 is apartment block Etc.
  6. For me it shows days remaining until I click on it. Goes straight to Expired.
  7. What a complete waste of everybody's time. I can't comprehend how ridiculously lazy OW2 is, it's like the past six years of OW1 never happened. Matchmaking is of course completely imbalanced, leaving too many QP matches results in a -75% exp earn (so instead I sabotage the match by doing nothing at all because fuck this incompetent bunch of muppets. I am not going to suffer through a waste-of-my-time match just to avoid that penalty), Ranked is of course littered with players leaving. It's like I'm back in 2018. Nothing has been learnt, it's the same old wine in the same old bottle with a new label. The good ol' bottle with the old label is also taken off the shelves so there. I hope this bombs in the most spectacular way.
  8. Ok, that’s it for me. Exact same game; exact same issues. What a lazy approach.
  9. Wait, this is literally Overwatch 1…
  10. No. I should not. I hate it. Not sure if my internet connection can even handle it, moved house and have to rely on mobile broadband (building has no broadband infrastructure at all). Give me time to download it. God damn it, I'm gonna regret to hell out of this.
  11. See, that's the part that makes me so disappointed by Elden Ring. The same issues found in Dark 1 are still present, come on now FROM
  12. Trash boss. Up close you can't see what the heck going on, likes to roll, hits like a giant.
  13. Overwatch. Overwatch never changes. edit: also, I loved to play Brig. He shield bash interrupted many opponent's ULT and that chain throw knocked fools off ledges. She can be tremendous amounts of fun.
  14. Grats on defeating Fire Giant. There's a difficult Torrent skip that allows you to bypass him at a low success rate (one of those "right speed right distance right height right timing" cases). But it works as I could not be bothered with the prick once.
  15. 253,000 lines of dialogue spoken by 10 voice actors
  16. Same. Tis a shame the drivers can't shut up during the races. Made me gave up on Heat.
  17. It all depends on how the story is told. The less time I have to spend with boring people the better. I care not for rivalries, love interestes, betrayal etc. So please be like Hot Pursuit.
  18. On PS4/5 it's Triangle (I think) for main weapon and Circle (I think) for secondary mode for said weapon. edit: from the wiki
  19. I'm sitting on half a billion moon bucks, what can I spend em on? I keep hoping to stumble upon a proper good freighter but nothing popped up yet.
  20. PS4 version on PS5. The 60 fps makes a massive difference.
  21. Turn text chat off. Turn voice chat off. Better for your sanity.
  22. Also, tis annoying for people working abroad. I'm Dutch, my PSN account is tied to the Dutch Store (setup way back when I was still working in The Netherlands). Nowadays I work and live in Ireland which means Irish bank + card. Due to a region conflict I can not attach any Irish card to my Dutch PSN account. Tried via Revolut and tis the same deal; it sees me as Irish. I'd happily link my Revolut Online Shopping card to my PSN account, but I am not allowed due to the region conflict.
  23. That boss can be interrupted/stunlocked rather easily especially with the help of an ash. Tip: do not summon during phase 1 and also not at the very start of 2 unless you want to take a spell to the face.
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