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  1. I’ve never understood watching a streamer. I tried but the constant obligatory recognition of a sub/donation irritates me beyond reason. I much prefer a condensed video on YT with the highlights.
  2. Flipnic is hopefully next. I still find myself humming the intro tune once in a while.
  3. I can not help but wonder how this person behaves in real life. Or is this whole streaming thing it for him, does he genuinely see his chat filled with strangers as his friends/life?
  4. Finished it twice, I do not think I need a PS4 save. Gonna start from scratch, hopefully playing as anything but Bear School (did that twice already, it has the best looking fashion you see).
  5. Are you perhaps using an account set to a region not currently running the offer?
  6. Just checking, you have selected the 12 months plan right?
  7. The discounts only shows when you click the tier you want -> subscribe -> next page. See below.
  8. Premium is excellent for newcomers to PlayStation, that tier offers a ridiculous amount of content. I am not a newcomer, most of what Premium offers I already own or have no interest in. All I want/need is cloud saves and monthly games.
  9. My Premium ran out, not going back to that tier. Gonna settle for Essential.
  10. Probably gonna start with Witcher 3 Next Gen, trying for a different build but guaranteed to end up again at the Bear School. Possibly give The Callisto Protocol a try.
  11. Ugh, time for Panam again 😒 Completed all gigs and NCPDs, all main quests until now, can’t avoid Panam the low functioning toddler with anger management issues any longer. Hate her so much.
  12. df0

    Hades II

    I liked the original a lot, played it for several dozens of hours but lost all interest in it after a brief holiday. Not sure why, I tried to get back into it but it never felt the same. Looking forward to giving the sequel a try.
  13. There are some absolute bangers on the soundtrack. Blasting fools Committing vehicular murder
  14. Oh absolutely. Cracking game, worth your time and 20 quid. Am playing on PS5 myself.
  15. Enjoying this blunt run. Went for shotgun with some Quickhacking on the side. No grenades, somehow my arm’s a projectile. No tact, no delicate approach. Might even get rid of Quickhacking and opt for the slowdown implant. I only sneak when it’s needed for a situation.
  16. Thinking of doing a second run. My first was as a sneaky sniper which truth be told was boring, I rarely used any exciting implants/hacking apart from turning off cameras. Might go for a big bulky bloke with guns instead of tact.
  17. Finally, I felt second hand embarrassment flicking through Store pages.
  18. Not sure how it is on multi platform games, but SCE games have accessibility options that for one allow to just keep the button pressed. Made Horizon 2 and Ragnarok that little bit better.
  19. Going in blind. So far this is day 1. None of that pre-order, Edition and Season Pass nonsense though, paying extra for difficulty mode and death animation, cunting christ.
  20. Why does the target lock not keep its lock? As soon as you lose line of sight the lock disengages which breaks combat with nimble opponents.
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