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    For a second I read 'karaoke NiGHTS' (you know, as in the Nights game for the Saturn)
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    You need to make it fit for everybody. Not the typical LAN-walhalla that scares most of the customers. My idea: a typical pub with linked DDR cabinets that act like the dancefloor. Framed artwork on the walls. Of course a stage for all the Singstar lovers/haters. Nice Fact: make is as 'mainstream' as possible. Everybody can dance, everybody can sing. Not everybody can 'handle' a joypad/mouse/keyboard.
  3. I *hate* the fact that the 16:9 mode is a stretched version of the 4:3 mode. Other then that, it plays godawful L&R buttons are absolutely useless! Game has a nice cover though
  4. Ridge Racers is too easy. Click For Spoiler Just finished it and the last 6 tracks of Exp (Expert?) are laughable. Slow, dull and absolutely not challenging. The unlockable cars are easy to unlock; I miss the hellish challenging yet enjoyable Devil and Angle cars challenges from Ridge Rev. Still, great fun to play. Click For Spoiler And yay, the 'old' announcer from Ridge 1 and Rev. is back
  5. http://www.1src.com/forums/showthread.php?...93&page=1&pp=15 It is a bit of a hassle the first time but it works great. Fairly easy to use and the quality is perfect. Enjoy
  6. Humming Sign from Berserk
  7. No Custom Disc, there is a Super Shuffle but that is all.
  8. Ridge Racers is a blast! It has it faults, but overall it really is a blast. And it scores a 10/10 on a Ridge Racer scale. Ridge Racers ís RR in it's purest form. There is no story, no blahblah, no yaddayadaa. Just dozens of tracks (from Ridge Racer (Revolution), Rage Racer, Rave Racer ( ) , Ridge Racer Type 4 and Ridge Racer V, ánd classic techno stuff like Rotterdam Nation, Ridge Racer and Tsui Tsui among some great 'chill' tunes (like the ones in Ridge 4 and V). I see Ridge Racers as a 'Best of Ridge Racer' disc and not a seperate or new R. Yet, as mentioned earlier, it has faults. There is not difficulty selection and the game let's you play a dozen of 'easy' tracks before you can progress to 'normal'. These 'normal' tracks are easy too so in conclusion: you must play like 50 really easy races before you can find some competition in Expert 1. Furthermore it has a terrible way of using the difficulty. Right at the start, all cars pull up fast so there are on the same difficulty so to speak. After a few seconds the last two cars almost stop all of a sudden. They do not brake (no breaklights go on), they just get really slowed down by the game. And I can swear I've seen cars dissapear while watching a replay. Yet, it is a blast. The games' focus is drifting. I've done 'wrong way 1080's' and still finished on first place . Almost every single race has drift in it's title and drift fills the nitro bar. Yup, there is nitro that gives you a speedboost for about 4 seconds. By drifting it fills up, to a max of three bars.
  9. Rez Trance Vibrator support please. Thank you.
  10. Somewhere in 2006 on the GameFaqs Message Boards: 'Is there nude mode???? i heard som1 talk about it do i need a modded xbox for the boobs. thx!!!!'
  11. /me barks Silent Hill 2 is pure gold. The sheer panic of seeing Pyramidhead is somethinjg I will always remember. I find the Click For Spoiler battle with the two Pyramidheads just after they slice up Mary one of the best moments in videogame history. Betrayal (the track of that fight) still give me the shivers. Awesome stuff./me barks
  12. http://www.google.nl/search?hl=nl&q=jan+er...ogle+zoeken&lr= appearantly he is a speedrunner from Sweden.
  13. Nope. There are 3 volumes, each volume has 4 movies. A total of 12 Kurosawa movies There are no packs, collections or whatever.
  14. Bought at this retailchain called Free Record Shop in Holland, 19,99 euro per dvd.
  15. I've heard of Kill Bill and Fill Jill. Not Kill Jill
  16. What I have no idea what you're talking about.
  17. I can't believe Goldeneye: Rogue Agent. As far as I can remember EA never made a bad game. Ok, not every EA is of good quality, but even the 'bad' games like Nightfire deserves a 6/10 in my opinion. I always trusted in EA's internal 'seal of quality'. And now, Goldeneye: RA. A terrible terrible horrible game... from EA.
  18. Hi, today I bought The Akira Kurosawa Collection (vol. 1 complete, two of vol 2.) and I need to know your Kurosawa recommendations. - Seven Samurai - Ikuru - Yojimbo - Sanjuro - Rashamon - The Hidden Fortress What movie should I see first? I've seen a few Kurosawa docus and heard a lot of good comments about The Seven Samurai, but I want to know from you. And I'm talking to you, Kurosawa-fan Oh, I bought Zatoichi too
  19. You are all wrong. Winnarr is Rumble Roses from Konami on PS2
  20. You advertise what looks/sounds best. Car commercials; every car looks great, cruising through the forest on wet tarmac. Shiny hubcaps, waterdrops that slide over the car. Oohh, sweet. Well, when I drive through the forest in the rain my car just get wet, not artisticly painted by a waterdrop (or whatever). I have an iPod but I never combusted into a funky dance on the streets with white earplugs in my ears. See, that is advertising. Show how cool it is/looks et voila.
  21. Don't think so since this games does not 'carry' the Test Drive name. It ís a Test Drive game though Oh shup up, it is only 15 Pound
  22. Just bought Driven to Destruction (developed by Monster Games, published by Atari). For 20 euro, I just could not resist. And for 20 euro the game cannot be great, hell it cannot even be average. But what the heck, come on... it's 20 euro. But god, this game is great! It's Destruction Derby done properly! Rednecks, chickens, a bit of freedom (like in NFSU2, you cruise from shop to shop, from spot to spot), buttrock music, upgrading of cars, own a garage of 4 different cars, lots of damage, fire, jumps. And the best part: the figure 8 circuit crash fest!!! Have not tried multiplayer. Really, a sleeper hit. Buy Driven to Destruction
  23. 1. Sims 2 (PC) 2. Half-Life 2 (PC) 3. Rome: Totwal War (PC) 4. Katamari Damacy (PS2) 5. GTA San Andreas (PS2) 6. Battlefield Vietnam (PC) 7. Halo 2 (Xbox) 8. Burnout 3 Takedown (Xbox/PS2/GC) 9. Fable (Xbox) 10. Pirates! (PC) Whoops, the list is from Time Magazine, not The Times. My bad.
  24. sorry, double post. please delete
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