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    Review Code

    Review code, review build, finished version (of the game), finished code. Call it what you want, it is all the same. These terms are used to make clear that what you [the reader] see and read is what you get. Unfinished version (used for previews) can be called a lot. Alpha, beta, preview version, alpha alpha, pre-alpha. What you see and read it not perse what you get. For example, a lot of GTA:SA previews (based on behind closed doors at E3) said that you will have to press square and x to ride a BMX bike. This fuction has been removed by the developmentteam during the programming between E3 and the final version.
  2. No more new Metal Gear Solid games after MGS3. We will get new Metal Gear games. Pro-G is the hmphth site that misread the original article. Konami never said 'new MGS game'. What Konami did say was 'we have new ideas for new games in the series'. And let the series be called Metal Gear.
  3. Oeh thanks. I never used the RHOH, defeasted every boss with the spinningwhirlingleg thingie (zoom + kick). I guess I have skills
  4. What is the matter with the end section of Viewtiful Joe? The game starts out as a nice beat'em up platformer but ends as a huge boss after boss after boss fight. Now I'm at Fire Leo with 3 lives, 13 hearts and every upgrade. Yet, after 15 minutes of play, his energybar is still in the dark green. I do hit him (his energybar shows a tiny bar of light green) but at this rate, it will take me about 8 hours to defeat him. I must be doing something wrong And of course, when I have 0 lives left I must do the four bosses before Fire Leo again. *sigh*
  5. Are they bullshitting me? It sounds like a lame excuse to me.
  6. Too many games and too many sequels. Tekken 5 is soming to the acrades soon, does anybody care? Tekken Five for crying out loud. We all know what to expect. The same as Tekken one, two, three, tag tournament and four. And let us just look at the Christmas period. Jak 3, Ratchet 3, Getaway 2, Half-Life 2, Halo 2, Killzone, Gran Turismo 4, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Just a few of the 'big' titles coming up. I remember magazines covering and previewing Final Fantasy VII for over a year. The slightest bit of detail got me all excited ('FFVII will use SIGGRAPH CGI grapics.' Wow, I have no idea what it is but it must be great). Nowadays, I do not care anymore. Too many games coming up, too many great games coming up. I'll see it when it is available in my local store. There is just one game that gets me hot right now: Ridge Racers PSP. Strange, since it is a sequel
  7. df0

    Score Halo 2

    Single Player 6/10 Multiplayer ?/10
  8. One Helter Skelter to go please
  9. Prized - Biohazard 5th Anniversary briefcase Well-liked - The ICO game press kit (came with a candle). Just because so many damn people want it
  10. Any moment with OG LOC (Jeffrey ) makes me laugh
  11. maybe it is the people who adore Outrun 2 and think it is a great racegame who are the idiots.
  12. You know, I think single player level downloads will be made available via Live. I had the impression that Halo 2 was played on Earth. Where you would have to save mankind from the evil Covenant. City levels and stuff. But there is one, just one Earth level in Halo 2. In a way you save te Earth by destroying the Halo, but talking about an anticlimax. Plus when you hope the game is finally kicking off, the credits litter the screen. I get the feeling there is more. More storyline, more single player levels. But I might just be kidding myself
  13. *yawn* Ugh, what a huge dissapointment. Is this the almighty Halo 2? Is this the game that will shock the shooter genre? It will shock me in just one way: WTF I'm not the biggest Halo 1 fan but I highly enjoyed it. The bridge sections, the purple night level, the snow sections with some huge battles with tanks and stuff. Truly memorable. Great stuff. Nice little storyline, some great outdoor levels like the 'massive' landing at the beach, good feeling to the AI controlled team. Halo 1 was like a perfect circle. It did nothing special in my opinion, just a lot of great+ things. Halo 2 gives me a Command & Conquer: Renegade feeling. 'here is you, you need to go there. at invisible points in de area/map we spawn enemies that run to you. where do they spawn from? little holes, you may even call it caves''. Click For Spoiler The worst is when you board and attack the 4-legged-spider-robot-thingie. Where the hell do all the enemies come from? The control chamber? I know in almost every shooter enemies spawn, but in Halo 2 it is just só obvious (and invisible *phew*. Halo 1 gave me this 'wow, I'm actually in the midst of a war!' Halo 2 gave me the 'ah hell, gonna stick some plasma grenades on enemies, just for the fun if it. Yeah there is a war but what do I care. I bet when I blow up thís Halo another Halo will show up' What happened to the Halo 2 E3 2003 movie. The one in the city. Thát felt like a warzone. That is how I like my Halo 2. I pray that Microsoft did a 'ok, here's is our new pr: we leak halo 2. no no, just hear me out. we leak a frence version. i mean, nobody speaks french. i guarantee you a lot of gamesites will post news about halo 2, how it has been leaked, and ask us for comments. you will not believe the free pr we and the game will get from all this! and come on, modded xbox's + people who know where to find the leak + people who can stand the french language = almost 0. come on, let's leak halo 2!' on us. halo 2 as it is now is a huge dissapointment. Hell, it is even a bad game. In my opinion.
  14. people still use mousepads in this day and age?
  15. Nope, but I have played the press demo (it differs from the public demo) and the multiplayer beta. I just can't see why Killzone is a bad game. Is it only because of the Edge hype ánd the fact Halo (2) is a better game?
  16. Killzone is a good shooter on PS2. The bullshit talk about 'it is not Halo' is, well bullshit. The regular Joe that owns a PS2 couldn't care less about Halo on the Xbox. Killzone will probably not as good as Halo, but still a good shooter on PS2. Compare it with the other PS2 shooters: TimeSplitters, MoH's and uhm... ? I bet that every regular PS2 Joe will highly enjoy Killzone. And let's not forget it is only a demo. Everybody who played the Jak 2 demo should know what I'm talking about.
  17. http://www.gamesindustry.biz/content_page.php?aid=4843
  18. Resi 4 demo (Does that count as a game?) Ring of Red, PS2 - nice strategy game with robo... uhm mechas. 5 quid at my local toyshop. Xenosaga Epiode 2, PS2 - cosmic RPG from Monolith. Highly unplayable in Japanese. R-Type Final (I think), PS2 - great shooter
  19. df0

    Playing Doom 3

    Some guy playing doom 3, alone in the dark. A nightvision cam films his face edit: whoops, link is no longer correct, it linked to porn. removed the link
  20. Kuru is one of the best games for the GBA. Never found Kuru Paradise Sop yeah, I'm getting Kuru Cube
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