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  1. Kuru is one of the best games for the GBA. Never found Kuru Paradise Sop yeah, I'm getting Kuru Cube
  2. df0

    Game Rage!

    I paid 28 euro (60 Guilders waaay back) for it. I mean, It had Brian May, Robots ánd a great box art. This just cannot be a letdown. All the magazines were wrong.
  3. df0

    Game Rage!

    Rise of the Robots on Amiga. I punched a hole in the boxcover. Can't believe I destroyed on of my fave boxcovers...
  4. Henry has swords, golfclubs, a baseball bat. If you had those, would you try to break the windows or break down the door or the chains? Of course you wouldn't, you would crawl though the portals to hell! It is sóóó logical...
  5. Nah, I knów James is 'weak' and a Regular Joe but he has some great charisma. Like R. Kelly sung once, 'I'm a bad man'. James is bad, you dig
  6. Nobody wants to play as a wuss. If the hero/protagonist is a easily scared individual, how can it be fun to battle hordes of zombies and creatures? I like the 'this is my house and if you don't like it get the fuck out!' mentality from the movie BraindDead and Army of Darkness. So I prefer my heroes/protagonists to be bad mofo's I consider James (Silent hill 2) as a bad mofo
  7. df0

    'be' In 9/11

    You mean Disaster Report?
  8. df0

    'be' In 9/11

    http://www.replaystudios.de/survivor Fake?
  9. df0


    http://www.gamesindustry.biz/aspseek.pcgi?q=psx The PSX was planned for a early 2003 release in Europe.
  10. *yawn* another day, another analist. I wonder when an analist will tell us 'well people, I analyze that the PSP will be more succesful then the DS'. Hence, boring stuff. Who was it that told back in 2001 (2002?) that the PlayStation 2 could fire missles? Probably a damn analist
  11. Brave Fencer Musashiden has a great bombastic soundtrack, reallyt gets me in the adventuring mode I remember the water from the first cave blew me away ' , look at it. and it even 'moves'!! '
  12. Runabout, all three of 'em
  13. pre-teen? uhm, 12? 1995 is nine years ago so, what's your point?
  14. True, true. Sony Computer Entertainment made gaming a pasttime for millions where as Sega and Nintendo with their 16-bit systems focussed (by accident?) on the small teen gamers group.
  15. mms://wm2.streaming.ne.jp/namco/opdemo.wmv (copy/paste) A storyline, a fairytale, 'they' and crappy rockmusic. Bring on cotober! And for the record, that rockmusic is really crappy
  16. One Eyed Monster War 'let me hear you say Oooooh Geeeeeee'
  17. yeah, always more. more! more!! what could possibly make BO3 10/10 worthy? saveable replays? people flying through windows? more cars? more tracks? you know what BO3 need to make it even greater? have the bonus-thingies removed in Crash. I've spent weeks in BO2 crash mode, finished Crash BO3 with a matter of 2 days. just aim for the 4x bonus et voila... piece of cake. bah.
  18. df0

    Muumuu On Psp

    Hooray, Jumping Flash PSP well, probably since Muumuu is working on a new yet unnamed PSP title. Oeh oeh, I really want another Jumping Flash game. Can't have anough robot rabbits in my life.
  19. Btw, progressive scan is the same as that '720i' or something... thingie right? Man. plasma tv, lcd tv, progressive scan tv
  20. ZOMFG TEH PROGRESIV SCAN HSA TEH JAGGIEZ!!!ONE Looks great though, but for now I'm perfectly happy with my Super VHS cable Plus I do not have a progressive scan tv
  21. The code OPS reviewed can not be the review version. A week ago i've spoken to Alastair Burns (producer) and he told me the game is not done, period. In fact, he was in such a hurry he told me 'I cannot talk to you any longer, must get back to the office and work'. And it is still uncertain if the full version will have 16-player online support. Don't know why, must be problems with fps, lag and more of this. 12-player online is more likely. edit: Killzone (from what i've played) is a 'good'. a "EDGE/GamesTM - 7/10, OPM - 9/10"-o-score. I think people will enjoy it as it is far better then the usual PS2 FPS crap *cough*MOH*cough*.
  22. df0

    Edge 142

    Indeed. Like i said in XBM (Dutch) 'if you have 04, put 2005 very low on your wanted-list'. as it is basicly the same game and not worth 60 euro is you are still enjoying 04.
  23. 6 minutes? must be a fast car it took me 14 minutes or so in the bmw demo.bgv
  24. seriously? never played PGR2 (hate it, but that is a different story) so you see, what does SCE really know
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