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  1. According to a SCE spokesperson, GT4 will be the first game to have the Nurburgring. Not because nobody else wants the track, but because one lap takes at least 12 minutes and it takes a lot of 'system power' to handle the Nurburgring. well, that was dull Very nice boxart, hooray.
  2. Bring it on More Otogi (like games) can not hurt anyone
  3. Ico 2 will be present at TGS. A friend of my is going, anyone interested in a stolen copy of Ico 2
  4. the mechanics are great. it's very instinctive, you just know what to do to powerslide. what i really dislike are the 'you against the clock' races. the whole game you race against others, and suddenly you have to drive alone to progress. terrible choice of you ask me.
  5. i like the mountains. and in a fairness McNeaillR, the dullness has nothing to do with 'beta'. the release is 11 october, what you see now is what you get later.
  6. True Crime is great. Love the music when beating up the strippers: 'ass 'n titties. ass 'n titties!!' Great game, I really enjoyed it.
  7. You British sure know how to make a guy from Holland happy. My god, what a fine, i repeat fine girls you have walking around. big full buttocks, big breats. just my type. but you must teach the girls to wear string/thongs. i mean, that thermic underwear they're wearing is a big no-no. British buttocks + thong = ah yes, GSL. i really enjoyed it. quite little event. e3 is way to crowded with that flood of fucking 'exhibition only' people walking around. Highlights: MoH: Pacific Assault blew me away (and i hate all the 'new' MoH's) and PoP2 looks incredible (but wtf happened to the 'nice' heroic prince from PoP?). Nintendo booth was adorable, with free candy and babes. babes every~where! Low: where was sony? british women
  8. he asked is he could hug my horn, but it was sore from the night before. so is let him hug my arm. now my arm is sore ánd numb.
  9. i did not bother. multiplayer demo's are a terrible thing at events like E3 and GSL. i mean, what is the difference between multiplayer halo 2, quake 3, ut 2k4, hell even halo 1. you run, you shoot, you conquer. what interesting details could i possibly tell from a 5 minutes halo 2 multiplayer 'session'? fuck it is what i thought. but i did get my picture taken with the master chief
  10. You just can't beat Dutch logic and sense
  11. df0

    Tekken 5 Pics

    Feng looks like one of the spies from Wreckless Looks like there is some sort of 'collection' mode, just like there is in VF4. Uhoh
  12. Sheesh, Lvl 1000. That must have taken a while. The higher your level, the slower is level-upgrade. To get from Lvl 1 to Lvl 2 you need 40 EXP or something, to go from Lvl 40 too 41 you need 1000 EXP or something. And since low class enemies, the ones you giht in level 4, give very few EXP... just do the math
  13. You killed him? Damn, did you level up for a few months or what? I really did not stand a chance. After my turn I just knew 'ok, I am not supposed to win this fight'
  14. Impossible. There are ten of 'em. Your team (at level 25?) can with all the luck in the world kill maybe just one of 'em. And then you get slaughtered.
  15. Bio 4 (Japanese Resi 4) will have English speech with Japanese text. Ergo: import friendly No, I do not have proof (well, played Resi 4 at E3 but that was focussed on the USA market) but since every single BH game had English speech it is a no-brainer
  16. Unzip it with WINRAR.
  17. Nonono, Gods is great. Shut up May I add Syndicate. And SuperFrog (if you can find the intro disc). Furthermore Alien Breed: Tower Assault, Flashback and one of the three Lotus games. And of course Desert Strike (what a intro, the sample of James Brown = )
  18. Thanks. You've just find me the perfect gift for a Sonic fanboy who is starting his own business
  19. Dull puzzles? I highly enjoyed the 'randomism' of 'em. I've played the games dozens of times and once, just once i've found this huuuge treasure. Just by clicking switches. There is some great system behind the switches that is connected to secrets and rewards. Never noticed any lag. So yep, it is still the Best Game Ever
  20. Gods. Best Game ever. Period. Persian Gulf Inferno.
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