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  1. http://www.japan-games.com/BigListing/Pictures/Sega1.jpg wwiieeee, I have one of those. Butt ugly it is
  2. I really miss the big boxes for PC games, you know the ones Doom 3 and Painkiller come in. For console games, DVD is fine. Worst is the Japanese GameCube covers. A plastic holder in a cardboard wrap. 'Orrible!
  3. You misread what I typed. The Xbox is more powerful then Model 3 and Naomi. Fact. But what does that say about conversions? Does this guarantee a perfect conversion of Daytona USA 2? I do not believe so. I am very spectical towards the conversion of the Daytona 2 en Scud Race track. I hope it will be marvelous but I do not have high hopes for it. It will probably look the same, but I think if will feel empty. Just like Daytona on Dreamcast.
  4. No, not now. I was awaiting your comment. Please, enlighten me
  5. Duh But since Dreamcast is for 99% Naomi, why oh why does the arcade version of Daytona look so incredibly pale and dull in comparison to the arcade version (model 2?) What I'm getting it is that I do not believe right out of the box that Xbox can handle Daytona USA 2 perfectly, even if the Xbox hardware surpasses the Daytona USA 2 arcade hardware in overall power. I so hope the swingboat will be there, in all it's magnificent glory
  6. I have a lot but none is mid of whatever file. I download 'em directly from imode. Gradius theme, Jie-Ar Kung Fu, Castlevania and so forth. Gradius is my tone for incoming calls, the first few seconds of Super Mario World 3 is for SMS, MMS and imail
  7. That makes me wonder why Daytona USA on Dreamcast looks so 'pale'. Genki's fault? Anyway, time to put on my happy face
  8. But does Outrun 2 have the processor-munching objects like Daytona 2 (boat, alien with lasers, the tall buildings)? Outrun 2 looks a bit empty.
  9. well, that was five minutes downloading well spent
  10. Nothing personal, it sounded too good to be true actually. Burai gave me a link to the facts I trust Burai but I like you. 'Liking' is better then 'trusting' no
  11. No reason for me to doubt Burai, is there Question: can the Xbox handle the Daytona USA 2 goodness? The swinging ship for example.
  12. Sounds like fanboyism to me. What do Daytona USA 2 and Scudrace have to do with Outrun (2) besides being developed by AM2? It would be awesome but I highly doubt it. 'Conker on Xbox will have secret Banjo Kazooie en Donkey Kong 64 levels!'
  13. How to defeat Abbott: run in the corridor he comes from, go through the door and spot the energysupplyhingie on the left. Fight with Abbott, when your energy is getting critically low, use the machine and then fight some more. Piece of cake
  14. Really? Haven't seen any Riddidk movie. If it's a part of the Riddick universe, I guess it's ok
  15. Finished it! On normal. Had some great fun but there are too many bugs and glitches (most of 'em have already been discussed in this topic). Typical for a fairly new gamestudio perhaps? What I really disliked was the presence of the aliens. We Don't Need No Aliens! The mutated prisoners in The Pit, ok I can live with that. But those damn aliens. Sheesh. Half-Life, Far Cry, Halo - superb... and then you battle aliens or some sort of muated bastards. Terrible.
  16. low quality The Great Mighty Poo MP3 - http://www.dkvine.com/features/files/topten2_03.mp3
  17. Great Mighty Poo = I used to know all his lyrics from the top of my head. I still do actually Best part of his song is: Poo: 'i'll ram you up my butt' Conker: 'your butt?' 'my butt' 'your butt?' 'that's right my buutt' 'iieew' 'my buttt' 'aaahh' 'my buuuhuuuhuuhuutttttttt' And all that with this great Russian orchestra music and deep dark 'rolling rrrr' voice
  18. I'm really enjoying 'It Ain't Half Hot Mum'. A Dutch tv channel is broadcasting it (again, yay) and I was wondering why Windsor Davies (SM "Shut Up") has never been asked for videogame voice acting. His voice is perfect for a bad guy with a twist of humor. Like the King from Armed & Dangerous, the 'panther' from Conker's Bad Fur Day. His voice would even suit Disgaea Just wondering
  19. Hey, the game itself looks great. I'm just buggered by the jaggies. It's on Xbox ffs! And why is the volume in cutscenes louder then in game? And why does the camera flip during cutscenes? Often I've seen walls instead of characters since Riddick is not on the exact spot where the camera focusses on. Too many little bug thingies
  20. I picked up Riddick yesterday. Good fun, but is this now thé Xbox game? Thé most gorgeous Xbox game? Not to be a graphic-shore but Riddick has more jaggies then Ridge Racer V, the cutscenes are unbelievable jaggied. It looks shit to be honest. Furthermore there are problems with collision detection (machinegun bullets seem to miss NPC's a lot) and ragdoll physics seem just 50% right. It looks and plays like a beta copy. Great presentation, loads of atmosphere. Jolly good fun, but I can't understand why people are so hyped by this game.
  21. More things do not add up. I asked him about Silent Hill 4 at E3 a heard about 'the killer', items that can seal ghosts, the tale about the revenge-seeking of ghosts (when a person dies and there is a reason for revenge, the ghost will do so). Nothing of what he told me is in the Japanese verion of the game. No revenge-seeking ghosts (they just attack me for no reason, I did not even kill 'em), no 'the killer', no items. For me thát is a reason to believe the Japanese version is not finished.
  22. the version on suprnova is xbox beta. at a certain point in the game you just cannot progress. hence: beta. SH4 will be on ps2, xbox and pc.
  23. Ron Jeremy is Mario! Well, al least for 19 pages over here - http://www.foulmag.com/gallery2/RonJeremy?page=1
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