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  1. The 'awazjeee!!!'scream in Persian Golf Interno.
  2. So tell me, what is 'behind' FFVII?
  3. Thanks for the konamigx.zip. I never knew that was a necessary zip
  4. Original from the arcade (STV board or something I thought), yet the arcade version is kinda lame when compared to the Saturn version. Saturn version has more levels and bossfights.
  5. Zinc games beastorizer danceyes firmware kikaioh mgcldate myangel3 psyforce rvschoo sfex sfex2 sfex2p sfexp sg2j sncwgltd souledge sr2j starswep tekken tgmj tk2b ts2j xevi3dg
  6. Nanaki looks fluffy. I wanna cuddle
  7. Google for it. There is a very easy way of getting it, but I doubt it will be apprectiated by the mods if I tell you the 'how and where' here. I let the mods decide
  8. Coolio. But why are people so focussed on Mame when FBA-XXX runs everything almost perfectly. Ah well, can't have anough working arcade emu's can you
  9. df0

    bad shmup, bad

    I like bulletdodging but I hate almost-impossible-to-dogde bulletpatterns like in ESP Ra De and Dodonpachi (the later levels). Dimahoo, now thát is nice bulletdodging. And Strikers 1945. Just my two cent
  10. Wiieeee! Years ago, I copied the title theme onto a casette for use in my walkman I was sóóó cool back then B)
  11. Shin Contra/Contra Shattered Soldier It really gets me going!
  12. LotR Third Age is console RPG. LotR Battle for Middle Earth is RTS for PC.
  13. It does not excite me. Fighting looks dull, a lot like Final Fantasy. 'Stand in a line and hit the enemy in the line in front of you'. *yaaawn*
  14. the Bathroom stage Parappa The Rapper. Excellent! 'I am a chicken from the kitchen, and I ain't kiddin' although nothing is written' 'In the rain or in the snow, I got the funky flow. But now, I really got to go'
  15. ah yess, Flashback. God, what a fool I was when I chose B-17 Bomber instead of Flashback
  16. The first square meter, I just stood there and looked around. I was totally blown away.
  17. The editor in chief of the Belgian OPM has the tattoo of Primal on his back. A Dutch freelance vidoegamesjournalist (Jurjen Tiersma) has the Nintendo logo on his right leg. JeroenR can probably fix a photo of that tattoo:)
  18. did i use the words 'playable stuff'? think of the possibilities. download halo 2 minigames directly from the game to the psp and transfer data.
  19. hey who uploaded my pics!!? 'Rumour has it that they're going for a kind of Ipod device that stores game data as well as mp3's and what have you. This came from that dreadful gamespot live thingy, so how credible it is depends on how reliable gamespot is with these things.' game data? mp3? can you say PSP would be awesome.
  20. Is it actually worse then 18 Wheeler?
  21. When you drop a grenade next to a alligator, a questionmark appears above it's head. I ask you, how can this game not be good
  22. Dope, Public Enemy I find 'fear of a black planet' more appropriate
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