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  1. PS2 - around 80 Xbox - 8 GameCube - 30 (if I count my Biohazard doubles) Dreamcast - around 100
  2. arcade mode was last seen in colin mcrae 2
  3. Well, that is lame. I can fuly understand that eight rallycars on a small rallytrack is close to crap but rallying against ghost cars is even more crap. In fact you rally againt time, the ghostcar on the track is just for visualisation. I'd rather see a 10 second delay between the eight starts.
  4. Psstt, PS2 does have that too. Sstttt
  5. Headhunter: Redemption?
  6. df0

    Guess the Game

    you try to find a pic of Damacy that is not from the game ór does not say 'Radio Damacy' and yes, it was all an excuse to post asian babes
  7. df0

    Guess the Game

    yes there has been
  8. df0

    Guess the Game

    super? where the hell did you get the impression these skidmarks are super!? seem pretty regular too me.
  9. df0

    Guess the Game

    angel, is is Jimmy Whites Pool somethingsomething? and oh, lazychu was correct
  10. Come to think of it, every single sound in Persian Golf Interno is superb. There is absolutely no music whatsoever. What you hear while playing the game is: tap tap tap tap (on the floor), tiptaptiptap (up the stairs). tap tap, 'jafhadee!!', blam blam blam 'uarrgghh!', blam, 'some jibberish', silence... tap tap tap, tiptaptiptaptiptaptiptap, 'jafhadee!!', blam blam. tap tap. That game is perfect for blind people, they will know exactly what's going on. They just need somebody to play the game for 'em
  11. No man, it was 'haahwaziieee!!', I know for sure. And uhm, I meant InFerno, not InTerno
  12. The 'awazjeee!!!'scream in Persian Golf Interno.
  13. So tell me, what is 'behind' FFVII?
  14. Thanks for the konamigx.zip. I never knew that was a necessary zip
  15. Original from the arcade (STV board or something I thought), yet the arcade version is kinda lame when compared to the Saturn version. Saturn version has more levels and bossfights.
  16. Zinc games beastorizer danceyes firmware kikaioh mgcldate myangel3 psyforce rvschoo sfex sfex2 sfex2p sfexp sg2j sncwgltd souledge sr2j starswep tekken tgmj tk2b ts2j xevi3dg
  17. Nanaki looks fluffy. I wanna cuddle
  18. Google for it. There is a very easy way of getting it, but I doubt it will be apprectiated by the mods if I tell you the 'how and where' here. I let the mods decide
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