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  1. SH4 is teh shiznit, shizzle fo nizzle I am so into Silent Hill, part 4 will be made by the SH2 team.. .which is not a bad thing at all. Can't wait to see the Dog en Ufo ending
  2. a translated Q&A - http://game-science.com/news/000406.html Yamauchi - - If the DS succeeds, we will rise to heaven, but if it fails we will sink to hell
  3. No zombies, no umbrella and a troll. Cool, count me in Just brainstorming: can it been that Biohazard is/will be developed by two different teams (like PES/ISS at Konami). One team (let's call 'em PS2 team) is free to use zombies, Umbrella, 'old' locations and storylines. The other team (Cube team) is free to do whatever they want but they may not use Umbrella, zombies etc. I mean, Umbrella is the thick red line through all the BH's, even the Survivor ones. Biohazard without Umbrella is like Ridge Racer with out Reiko Nagase! oh wait...
  4. Superb game, totally hilarious. It's so stupid it becomes great
  5. Hyper Street Fighter 2: Anniversary Edition will have a 60Hz mode, I have the PAL version right here. I really don't like the game, terrible retro-crap. Please leave Street Fighter 2 alone Capcom, do not shove old retro Street Fighter 2's in the face of the 2004 market.
  6. There is A LOT of 'crap' on game discs, and you do not need hacking tools or special skills to see them. Just use simple PC utils and rip PSX/PS2 games wide open. Textures (Ridge Rcaer Type 4 for example), artwork (Xenogears), icons of every single item (used and not used) (Resident Evil's), fonts (Ace Combat 3: Electosphere) and w ahole lot more. You can even enter GT3.vol (Gran Turismo 3 and 4) and rip EVERY movie (also the small 'previews' of the tracks) and audiofile (thousands!) from the game. Or audio from Metal Slug 3/Silent Hill 2 and 3/Dance Dance Revolution etc. It's great fun to browse through a gamedisc Or to play with time in Dark Cloud beta
  7. The ending looks like the beginning of a sequel, with Pey'j as the bad guy Superb game, absolutely splendid. Jak II is too long, Ratchet & Clank 2 too repetitive and Wind Waker too boring (my opinions ) More Beyond Good & Evil please!
  8. Final Fantasy VII. Charming characters, each with a solid story. Great storytelling, I never got bored. Splendid minigames (snowboarding!), very big overworld ( i really enjoyed taking Highwind for a spin). And a perfect climax at the beginning of the game. Everybody talks about the 'outside', it really makes you wanna see it. And after a few hours... you can see it. Hell, you can even walk over it. Great!
  9. fuckin' eejj. drawinz wot you dun was great fun. Hunter dealing out turds
  10. Cyhwuhx told me Stuart Campbell is on this board and that started me thinking... What ever happened to them. Are they still active? Do they still write reviews or are they running big businesses? Can I throw my Ed Lomas shrine out the door?Come on people, names like Les Ellis, Stuart Campbell, Ed Lomas, Paul Davies, Tom Guise etc. must not be forgotten. They were my guide to good games back when I was a little boy (I never forget the 4 out of 5 hands for Tekken 2, go Ed Lomas!)
  11. df0

    Rez 'TRUE' OST

    It must be a very old card or are you using a old OS? XP recognizes almost every single soundcard out there.
  12. df0


    Bosses in Final Fantasy games. The big bosses die in very spectacular ways. Dissolving, screaming, going transparent, kneeling, exploding, trying to cheat death etc. After a 15 minute battle it feels so good to see the boss doing a 'dance with death'. But remember kids: killing is bad
  13. df0


    Good bosses: Every boss in Beyond Good & Evil. Big, scary, and creative attacks and attackpatterns. You must be alert while battling these bosses, since you do not have any form of cool power-ups or super powerful special attacks. Magneto in X-Men: Children of the Atom. Hard as hell but he uses almost all of his attacks every single turn. No cheapo tricks like using the same powerful attack over and over (typical cheap SNK trick!). Bad bosses: Boss in Dead or Alive 2 and 3. Mash buttons and hope you win. I tried using timed counters etc but when I start playing 'good' I get my ass kicked. Terrible! Zone of the Enders (first boss). Lucky lucky lucky. I still have not figured out when you actually get hit... more to follow
  14. df0

    Rez 'TRUE' OST

    edit: upload completed - 1:22 GMT+1 Please do not spread my address, I have a limit of 6 gb a month. So download it, listen too it and buy me a wodka/tonic on E3 All credit must go to bcass, he 'made' this excellent rip. Temporarily offline, need to chek datalimit (09-02-2004 18:05 GMT+1) Playlist: 1.] Title 2.] Area 1 and Earth [Giga] 3.] Area 2 and Mars [Giga] 4.] Area 3 and Venus [Giga] 5.] Area 4 and Uranus [Giga] 6.] Area 5 7.] Boss Rush 8.] Eden 9.] Ending and Credits 10.] Lost Area 11.] Trance Mission 12.] Options TIME: 1.3 hours. FORMAT: .mp3 BIT RATE: 256 kbps // edit by rllmuk while his host is down you're welcome to get them from http://www.rllmuk.com/Rez/
  15. df0


    Sweet jesus, I see bcass. never knew you were on this board do I have your permission to upload your REZ rip onto my webspace. I have 1 gb space and 6 gb data/month limit (limit sucks, I know)
  16. I have one, I feel like a nerd in it
  17. df0


    I have the complete bcass REZ rip right here. If I need to upload it, just transfer me a chocolatecookie. Or tell me to upload it
  18. df0


    weird, as there is only one downloadable zip...
  19. df0


    I downloaded the REZ 'TRUE' ost, it is the soundtrack as heard in the game. Somebody played the game without the sound effects on. 1.] Title 2.] Area 1 and Earth [Giga] 3.] Area 2 and Mars [Giga] 4.] Area 3 and Venus [Giga] 5.] Area 4 and Uranus [Giga] 6.] Area 5 7.] Boss Rush 8.] Eden 9.] Ending and Credits 10.] Lost Area 11.] Trance Mission 12.] Options TIME: 1.3 hours. FORMAT: .mp3 BIT RATE: 256 kbps http://www.click-stick.com/games/rez_TRUE_OST.htm.
  20. Must be in France, the France are eeeevil!
  21. 3D (like veronica), it must be otherwise a first person perspective will not work properly
  22. df0

    Wall Jumping

    Mega Man does walljumping Shinobi too
  23. I do not think 4 will be the last part. Why would Capcom use so many new techniques in RE4 if it will be the last game in the serie (i'm not counting Outbreak/Online and Survivor). The storyline is lame/superb enough for another 10 RE's if you ask me. Another virus, another rookie cop, another sunglasswearing badass et voila
  24. http://gameonline.jp/soft/ps2/finalfantasy12/screenlist.html I have no idea what to say
  25. Four different characters from former RE's, sweet . Ada Wong will defenitely be there, in her red dress *groar* - Zombies can climb through windows. - You can barricade doors so zombies can't breakthrough Sounds like someone took al good look at Resident Evil Online - Zombies will have several hit zones. Does this mean all the fighting/shooting must be done in first person perspective? How else can you hit the different hitzones (I assume they do not mean head because that was a hitzone in all the RE's).
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