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    weird, as there is only one downloadable zip...
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    I downloaded the REZ 'TRUE' ost, it is the soundtrack as heard in the game. Somebody played the game without the sound effects on. 1.] Title 2.] Area 1 and Earth [Giga] 3.] Area 2 and Mars [Giga] 4.] Area 3 and Venus [Giga] 5.] Area 4 and Uranus [Giga] 6.] Area 5 7.] Boss Rush 8.] Eden 9.] Ending and Credits 10.] Lost Area 11.] Trance Mission 12.] Options TIME: 1.3 hours. FORMAT: .mp3 BIT RATE: 256 kbps http://www.click-stick.com/games/rez_TRUE_OST.htm.
  3. Must be in France, the France are eeeevil!
  4. 3D (like veronica), it must be otherwise a first person perspective will not work properly
  5. df0

    Wall Jumping

    Mega Man does walljumping Shinobi too
  6. I do not think 4 will be the last part. Why would Capcom use so many new techniques in RE4 if it will be the last game in the serie (i'm not counting Outbreak/Online and Survivor). The storyline is lame/superb enough for another 10 RE's if you ask me. Another virus, another rookie cop, another sunglasswearing badass et voila
  7. http://gameonline.jp/soft/ps2/finalfantasy12/screenlist.html I have no idea what to say
  8. Four different characters from former RE's, sweet . Ada Wong will defenitely be there, in her red dress *groar* - Zombies can climb through windows. - You can barricade doors so zombies can't breakthrough Sounds like someone took al good look at Resident Evil Online - Zombies will have several hit zones. Does this mean all the fighting/shooting must be done in first person perspective? How else can you hit the different hitzones (I assume they do not mean head because that was a hitzone in all the RE's).
  9. Easily over 16.000 euro. Software: over 40 PS2 games a approx. 100 euro (japanese import) over 70 DC games a 80 euro (japanese import) over 10 Xbox games a 100 euro (japanese import, not counting Tekki - 500 euro) over 50 Saturn games a 80 euro (japanese import) a lot of Commodore 64/Amiga, Vectrex, Mega Drive, TurboGrafx16, Psone, Atari 2600 and so on. Hardware: 3 PS2's (japanese, 2 pal) 3 Xbox's (2 japanese, 1 pal) Q (japanese) GameCube (pal) SNES, MultiMega, Vectrex, Commodore Amiga's, Commodore 64's, Atari 2600 and so on.
  10. Just give me a hi-res Ridge Racer (the first one, or Revolution) and I'm a happy little man.
  11. I love Maximo. It's more lineair then Maximo 1, the hub is gone and saving your game is free. Maximo 2 has the simplistic level-after-level system. You are not free to choose your next destination. Maximo can carry four weapons (two hamer, two sword), and a coiple of usefull power-ups like a magnetic shield that attracts treasures. Power-ups must be bought and can all be aquired relatively early in the game (because of two minigames (huge battles!) that will make you rich if you win! - you can win 1000 coins easily). Maximo 2 is mush easier then Maximo 1, mastering a level is simple and enemies aren't that difficult. And wearing a gold shield (max health) is easy - just wear the special boxers and pick up a armor. Superb game if you ask me
  12. df0

    Onimusha 3 trailer

    Man, I N-E-E-D this version of Mozarts Requiem. Can't wait for the Onimusha 3 Orchestral Sound Track!
  13. df0

    Onimusha 3 trailer

    I wonder if the Sword Controller unlocks extra hidden goodies I wonder how the hell I'm supposed to play the game with a sword as controller. I wonder if anyone care about my wonderi ngs
  14. df0

    Onimusha 3 trailer

    Vemsie, I trade you your GS Complete login for one of my chocolate cookies
  15. df0

    Onimusha 3 trailer

    Yep, Jean Reno (the character) is in the game, as far as I know his voice is not. No actual gameplay footage is shown in the movie. I can assure you is has a lot of action. I know there are 3 weapons in the game (Samanuske - sword, Jaques - whip, some woman - machinegun) so I espect a lot of action scenes and sequences. Since the game is completly 3D (like Biohazard Veronica/Outbreak, Devil May Cry) I do hink it will play more like DMC then RE. Though Onimusha 1 and 2 had very 'weird' gameplay - no analog stick control and when in attack-mode you can only move to four directions (north, east, south, west).
  16. df0

    Onimusha 3 trailer

    Translation: 'you!.. ' 'Samanuske' Something like that I'm a sucker for scenes and music like this. Fast-paced bombastic action, it really makes me happy. I start squeeking like a girl that has a orgasm... and really really likes it. You cathc my drift
  17. http://www.gametrailers.com/gt_vault/t_onimusha3_gi.wmv Oh. My. God. Robot (studio who did the animation) deserves a award for this (they did win a SIGGRAPH award for their Onimusha intro movie, or went the award straight to Capcom?). Unbelievable. Now just hope the game is any good
  18. Ok... but I see a difference between a nice Mode7 effect and the effect Iridion uses (which is quite nice actually), ánd PSone 3D. My guess is that NDA games will be PSone quality. I mean, Nintendo is plain dumb if they launch another (!) handheld that only plays 2D games. Nothing wrong with 2D games of course (please note!) but I wanne see something new on the NDS. No 64 color Pokemon instead of 32 color (just a exemple). No 10 enemies on the same screen instead of 4. I wanna see something totally different, that surpasses the GBA on visual aspect. And that is PSone 3D if you ask me (let's keep it real, GameCube visuals on the NDS, nah. Not possible if N wants to release the ting end this year).
  19. Jack, is that real 3D or some nice Mode7-trick?
  20. I'm wondering about the two processors. One handles the GB(A) application (=games), what about the other. Since NDS is no handheld theatre system (movies, music) I guess the second processor will be handling the special NDS application (=games). So... NDS applications cannot be handled by GB(A) processor. And if there is one thing the GBA processor can't handle is good and powerful 3D. Since I do not think Nintendo will will be able to 'fix' a 'next gen' 3D handheld processor within the next couple of months I assume the NDS processor will be 'as powerful' as a PSone. Man what a confusing story
  21. df0

    PS2 recommendathon

    Peronal: Rez Ico Maximo Gregory Horror Show Recommended for PS2: GTA3/VC Jak & Daxter (2) Final Fantasy X Metal Gear Solid 2 Silent Hill 2/3 Gran Turismo 3 Buy these (for a few blingbling) and you have a great selection for your PS2.
  22. df0

    Killer 7

    Does this come as a shock? I was wondering what a experimental 'arty' game like Killer 7 was doing on the Cube. Not selling, that's for sure. I'm wondering if Dead Phoenix will be fun using Live. One ground team, one air team. Something like that game based of the movie with the dragons.
  23. Wwiieee, the box is sweet! The Cube is dissapointing. Why just 'paint' the black tingie on top. I wanna see a art all over the Cube.
  24. df0

    Hentai Games

    Most hentai games do not have many crucial 'game' aspects. Or it is some sort of dating game with a lot of clicking (and no reading ). Or is is a sportgame (volleyball, fighting) that has no actual gamepay. Or it is some sort of adventure where you have to run past crates and pick-up keys). Or it is some first person perspective adventure where you have to run accross town to see a piece of nipple. Or it is an *not-so* interactive movie. And so on... Best hentai games I've played was a RTS, and a really cool one actually (i have no idea what it's called, it was in Japanese) and Interactive Play (or something). You have to walk through a metro and 'touch' a girl. Yes, you hace to walk and touch manually. How's that for gameplay No, hentai is not sad. It's just a game, well... kinda. It also depends on the game, Interactive Play is pretty cool, where the rest is almost utter crap. I mean, when I play a H-game I want a game, not a few pictures or moving 3d models.
  25. Dutch people are always willing to help. Their warm personalities and hearts make this world a better place ps, those Mars remarks are funny
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