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  1. WE7 is the Japanese en American name for PES3 right?
  2. df0

    Jumping Flash

    Japanese intro - http://www.df0.nl/weblog/beeld/STR0073.mp3 The announcer is better in Jumping Flash 2 (Jaampiing Flashaaa Twooowaaaa) but I can not find the game The one in Jumping Flash: Robbit mon dieu (Jumping Flash 3) is kinda fun when the 'crew' shouts 'Roobiit Mon Dieeuu!!'
  3. df0

    Jumping Flash

    That can be arranged sir, you just wait
  4. /me votes for a Silicon Knights remake of Policenauts.
  5. pretty cool game actually. well, game... there is absolutely no game at all. you click, click more and after a few virtual days you see the girl doing something that makes her boobs wobble. zoom in and rotate the cam to get the best views. repeat after me: no game at all. just polygon 60 fps FSAA boobs and arse. and censored cunt. the add-on brings more boobs, no game
  6. df0

    Jumping Flash

    I have no idea if thats's positive or negative I never saw Jumping Flash as a platformer, how strange that may sound. What I find really good is the urge to find the highest point in every sinmgle level. The leveldesign really pushes me to explore every single level verticaly. Plus it's great fun trying to cross that huge gap... and make it after a freefall of about 7 seconds Yep, Jumping Flash is a classic. It's by Sugar & Rocktets btw.
  7. df0

    Jumping Flash

    Confession: I really really like the Jumping Flash games. No idea why though - I guess the jumping makes me happy. Or it could be the funny name of the bad guy: Baron Aloha. Or the Muu-Muu sound. Anyway; I would love to see a old Jumping Flash on PSP or a new one on PS2. Robbit: Mon Dieu!
  8. Metal Gear Solid, fighting Liquid Snake. After kicking him silly, filling him full of lead and making his car crash... he dies of FoxDie. Man, I wanted to kill 'em
  9. df0


    Isn´t it a well known fact that the PSP can handle (aaaaaallmost) PS2 quality 3D?
  10. The largest Xbox 2 Flash Card will be 2 GB. It will take you a while to fill this thing up, even if you save game content on 'em (if that is possible that is).
  11. I'm sure you all know about the Soul Calibur 2 replay pics and the Bloody Roar 3 debug code (Japanese vertsion only), but I never knew so many games had real ingame 'pr0n' - http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~derekyu/pr0n/main.html I had a good laugh watching, pr0n, uhm... screemshots
  12. /me pets his Motion Gravure collection
  13. df0

    Rez 'TRUE' OST

    give me the credits ok
  14. df0

    Rez 'TRUE' OST

    Here you go Pretty butterflies Is it me or does Sarugakucho look like GonGon?
  15. I could swear Level-5 was in-house (now I can not swear any more because Level-5 is doing Xbox games). Let's not forget DeepSpace, the Extermination team.
  16. Grey adds to the atmosphere. Just look at wargame Steel Battalion - very grey (orange in centrain levels). Far Cry is bright and fruity because the atmosphere must give the player the sense of a tropical island, not that of a war torn nation. Steel Battalion and Killzone are played in a warzone, so grey's the word
  17. df0

    The List

    Aggression: Silent Hill Fear: Silent Hill 2 Speed: Burnout 2 Mystery: Beyond Good & Evil Dexterity: Dance Dance Revolution Euphoria: Rez Aggression: killing unknown hostile species, some of 'em look like/are kids, is very agressive if you ask me. Fear: great mixture of love and fear. You want to love Mary and/or Maria but you have no idea what your dead wife and the mysterie womam bring you. Speed: driving in te wrong line at 250 kh/h. Mystery: very good storytelling. The story is a bit bull but the way it's told is marvelous. Ubi could make the story of Maximo compelling and mysterious. Dexterity: dancing. Dancing hard and dancing good. Euphoria: direct assault, one hour of pure bliss. After rescuing Eden is really break down *in tears*.
  18. A lot of 'em do. Plus does a magazine rarely receive the full retail version. 99% versions are sent out, including debug menu/codes like level skip, debug cam, infinite ammo and so on.
  19. It's easy to say 'hey, of course you have to finish a game before reviewing it' for non-writers, but it is also so wrong. Imagine: 50 reviews per month (regualur gamesmagazine). That is about 6 review per writer. That is about every 5 days a review. Even with 8 hours gameplay per day there is no way to finish a game with in 5 days ánd write a good review. So, does a reviewer need to finish a game before reviewing? Hell no! Does a reviewer need to play a lot? Hell yes! Reviewing Final Fantasy X-2 after playing 10 hours is rediculous, so is competing PGR2 with ALL Platinum. A reviewer does not need to know the game inside out, he/she dóés need to know what to write. Sure, reviewers get a game early (I have Bond: Everything or Nothing since december) but the magazine also needs previews and features.
  20. Gradius Intro (ringtone!) Gradius Stage 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Xevious PlayStation 2 shout F-Zero Mute City Castlevania Galaga Perfect Galaga Capture (sms tone) After Burner II Final Fantasy Prelude I have the NEC 341i
  21. My secret and underground (he is even invisible) insider told me Leon can ride the cow. That would be pretty cool actually as comic relief Ride the cow and kick angy villagers arse. Maybe Leon can make the villagers happy by giving them milk. Makes perfect sense
  22. PS2 probably, because KCET 'know' how to use the PS2 hardware, just look at SH2 and 3.
  23. df0


    Shot these at the Benelux pressconference about two weeks ago http://www.df0.nl/weblog/driv3r/ Important: shots were taken from the not finished at all ps2 beta version. So do not post these elsewhere, ok (and claim they are from the real version!. Thank you Side info: Driv3r can be a success, just because of the name Driver everybody seems to have remembered. I just would like to see better and far more exciting 'walking' sessions (40% of the game if on foot, 60% in car - if I remember correctly (cyhwuhx, help me here will you )). The rest is coming along really well.
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