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  1. Or your Genji facing off against their Widow as soon as the match starts, forgetting the runback for the Widow is 10 seconds while the runback for the Genji is close to 30. Couple of days ago on a King of the Hill map we had a Roadhog who went in by himself all the time trying to win against a Rein with a pocket Reaper. Needless to say the Hog did not stand a chance, so their solution: support should change to Mercy for the res. Fool proof plan right there. 🤷‍♂️
  2. df0

    Worst Boxart Ever

    Apart from the anarchy symbols and that dollar sign I rather like the cover.
  3. I'd show you my stats but for some reason my Career Profile shows I've only Played Bap for 6 minutes this Season. But to answer, yes. I bet over 80% of my time in Season 1 is Moira, followed by probably Bap -> Anna -> Brig. I've said it before but Moira fits me so well, I think I just really like classes whom are self-sufficient. Big fan of Roadhog for the same reason.
  4. And back in Gold. What a cancerous pit of incompetence Plat still is. For some reason everything dumb gathers in Plat, it’s ridiculous.
  5. Opponent has a Pharah, we have a Reaper and a Genji. Reported both for Gameplay Sabotage.
  6. How the fuck does a Reaper have 0 elims after one round? Ah right, the kind who of course has an expensive skin. Plat is the worst.
  7. Fuck me im having the worst time in Plat. It’s like Bronze for low functioning idiots.
  8. Moira’s “You’re mistaken” fits every situation. Reply to someone else’s voice line, retort to a foolish opponent, a team members messing up their Ult. Bap’s “You want a bandage for that?” is also great. One I hate is Lucio’s “Wooo!! Jackpot”.
  9. Plat 4. No noticeable skill difference from Bronze.
  10. Ok, I’m out. Utterly not in the mood for this during the second enemy.
  11. Days Gone > Horizon 2.
  12. Tips for final Valkyrie: - you Super Move replenishes your health which basically acts as a "second try". So try to start the fight with a full or close to full bar and use it when needed. - lower difficulty to easy. There's no penalty for it when it comes to Trophies. Tis a bastard fight and the reward is not worth it 😪
  13. Give the original (like the reboot) a try, it's a completely different beast. The cringe is gone, the edge lord is gone, the complete parts there were trash are gone.
  14. And it's another massive success. Not gonna read anything, I'm sure it's as grand as the first one.
  15. Also more stories by Mimir.
  16. All I need it to be like the original with more diverse mini bosses and less Valkyries.
  17. Original was fine until it was not, the steep challenge made me give up late into the game. Will give the sequel a try.
  18. With a fourth incoming: Brig's shield remains at 1 HP when combined with Kikiro's Ult.
  19. Close to yes. 100% support. Main Moira followed by Bap/Brig followed by Anna. The rest is barely played. Moira fits me perfectly.
  20. I don't think I've received anything. That said, with 1000 hours in OW1 and hundreds of cosmetics unlocked there's not much I could be given. I'd like a phat new skin though, I had (or still have, no idea how currency works in this game) like a ridiculous amount of credits.
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