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  1. 30 minutes ago, Vemsie said:

    Pretty impressive how Sony managed to release well-received sequels to GoW, Horizon, Ratchet and GT in the first two years of the PS5, during a pandemic, as well as a new Spider-Man (sort of), remakes of Demon's Souls and The Last of Us, and GotG Returnal.

    Days Gone > Horizon 2.

  2. Tips for final Valkyrie:


    - you Super Move replenishes your health which basically acts as a "second try". So try to start the fight with a full or close to full bar and use it when needed.

    - lower difficulty to easy. There's no penalty for it when it comes to Trophies.


    Tis a bastard fight and the reward is not worth it 😪

  3. On 26/10/2022 at 09:59, Kayin Amoh said:

    I probably will keep playing on and off, but no loot boxes and limited means of earning free skins and the like does make playing for free much less rewarding. Bought the battle pass just because I’ve been playing more than expected, but they all become a grind that you feel at some point.

    I don't think I've received anything. That said, with 1000 hours in OW1 and hundreds of cosmetics unlocked there's not much I could be given. I'd like a phat new skin though, I had (or still have, no idea how currency works in this game) like a ridiculous amount of credits.

  4. I doubt I'll keep playing after Season 1 ends. I'm kind of having fun I think, but the aggressive monetization and the lack of anything exciting makes me care little. I've close to 1000 hours on Overwatch 1 (600 of those as Moira), I've been here before. Again I'm stuck in Gold ping-ponging between Gold 5 and 4.


    I also absolutely dread the inevitable Overwatch League which is guaranteed to trigger an influx of characters in Gold nobody knows how to play.

  5. I've no patience for rude damage dealers. Like, if their one and only reaction is 'I need healing' spam or actually typing nonsense like 'shit healer' they're only getting healed accidentally by Moira's spray/orb. Yesterday I played Anna on a payload defence round and our Ashe spend - and I kid you not - 40 seconds (I counted after it went on for like 10 seconds) spamming 'I need healing' while hiding far behind enemy lines. Grab a health pack you incompetent fool, or die and respawn.


    They queue up for a long while as a damage dealer and this is how they act?


    edit: corrected some typos

  6. 48 minutes ago, Alan Stock said:

    To be fair, new Zarya can be really tough to deal with, especially for newer players who don't realise how the bubble mechanic works. Now when she has a pocket healer if she uses her bubbles just on herself in corridor maps like Kings Row she is really scary. In OW1 it used to be that you'd try not to shoot her bubble but it wasn't too bad if you did. In OW2 she's so much tankier and can afford to stay out and use the bubbles more, so a lot of players are still just piling into the bubble and making her mega charged, without realising if you're going to do that you need to follow up and actually kill her. I learned my lesson pretty quickly in OW2 after watching a few good Zaryas get team kills on max charge.

    To be fair, why be in Comp when someone does not know the utterly basic well documented skills of all players?

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