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  1. 1 hour ago, fat flatulent git said:

    I can't see how to change the beam of my weapon / mining tool.  I've got lots of technology installed, but can't see how to switch from one to another.


    Can anyone help?  I'm playing on Switch.

    On PS4/5 it's Triangle (I think) for main weapon and Circle (I think) for secondary mode for said weapon.


    edit: from the wiki



    To switch which weapon is selected, press // (PS4/PC/Xbox). This action will select the next weapon that is installed, and continuously repeating the action will loop back to the first item installed and then repeat.

    To use the selected weapon, hold // (PS4/PC/Xbox). To reload the clips of weapons that consume Projectile Ammunition, press // (PS4/PC/Xbox).


  2. Also, tis annoying for people working abroad. I'm Dutch, my PSN account is tied to the Dutch Store (setup way back when I was still working in The Netherlands). Nowadays I work and live in Ireland which means Irish bank + card. Due to a region conflict I can not attach any Irish card to my Dutch PSN account. Tried via Revolut and tis the same deal; it sees me as Irish.


    I'd happily link my Revolut Online Shopping card to my PSN account, but I am not allowed due to the region conflict.

  3. Mimic is you but weaker. Same gear, same items, same spells, same attacks but without most (if not all) negative effects. For example, your Mimic can eat the poisonous mushrooms that heal without getting poisoned. Weapon arts, weapons, spells, items. Mimic uses it all (not always at the most convenient of times obviously).


    Tiche is nimble and fast. Dodges like mad, closes any gap with ease and comes with melee and ranged attacks. Top tier Ash, definitely worth getting to +10.

  4. Good vid that does not really counter our arguments. It's like showing a complication of a soccer player doing some mad stuff while disregarding all the times where it did not work. That roll:


    - caught me off guard

    - caught me by surprise from the back because the target-lock broke while I tried to create distance

    - pinned me against a wall with no escape


    Surely all the above have a "actually, you can..." retort. I know there's players that can do no-hit runs. There's a Bloodborne speedrun by Tomatoanus where he exactly knows how the fight's going to play out (apart from The One Reborn, that one messes him up good). He's live commentating like "R1, R2, dodge, R2. Back off, roll forward, shoot. Critical." That's not me at all, I am nowhere near that good or invested. The (not) random nonsense in ER pisses me off, that's all.

  5. 2 hours ago, rgraves said:


    This doesn't really stand-up when you see the youtube vides of people owning the bosses and game though - it's totally not random and it's perfectly possible to get to a point where you can play the whole game without getting hit, jsut using your fists, jsut using a summon, at lvl 1 etc etc.


    I know that comes across as a bit 'git gud', but that is kind of the point - it's not random and it is entirely possible to go through the game in total control. I personally can't, but other people can and do.

    Correct. I - obviously - am not on the same level as those players (LilAggy, Distortion1 and surely many more). I'm an experienced casual which is something I'll never hide. I know my limitations yet with ER I can not shake the feeling there's too much nonsense going on. Like for example how the pillars at Maliketh do not always block his attacks for some reason. It's that type of nonsense I've grown to dislike. The same for those god awful Tree Spirits (the lizard bois), how do hitboxes work 🤷‍♂️

  6. 10 hours ago, Lying Cat said:


    The Capital is actually one of my favourite video game 'areas' in years and years. The visual design is a hard juxtaposition compared to the rest of the game and for the most part it leaves me with a sense of deep, strange uneasiness - that the ruling classes and those wealthy enough to actually live there lived strange and quite alien lives compared to the rest of the people. I think it's an absolutely spectacular piece of design and while I've not opened the game in a few months now, even just thinking about it gives me chills.


    I'm not really sure what I want you to do with this information, obviously - your opinion is just as valid as mine. I guess I just felt the need to stick up for a section of the game I thought was just fabulous (dahling).

    All points I agree with. The visual story telling is fantastic in all of those places (the part beyond the Haligtree is equally as excellent.

    Tis the gameplay part where it completely fails for me.


    Maybe this illustrates it better: some of my favourite bosses are Loretta, Ape and Monk (Sekiro). Those fights I understand, I can "read" the situation and react accordingly. Not at a 100% success rate of course, but it's high enough for me to know I messed up when I died. The vast majority of ER bosses are the exact opposite of that, I despise fights like Maliketh, last boss (camera issues ahoy) and others I'll not name due to spoilers. I've no clue what the heck is going on, too much random shit on screen. And everything hurts like hell. Like many I replayed the remake of Demon's Souls and it took me by surprise how effective combat information is delivered to the player.


    @MardiganXDon't let my old-man-complaining ruin your experience, I don't think I ever really liked ER to begin with and years and years of SoulsBorne left me burned out.

  7. On my third run at final boss, as soon as you reach Lyendell the quality of everything plummets. Open world is almost gone completely, bosses are variations of "a ton of stuff everywhere that can one-shot you". What a complete slog this melee run is.


    I think I am completely done with this whole SoulsBorne thing by From, my indifference has reached levels I thought were unique to Ubisoft games. Uninspired copy paste content, over and over. The upcoming game by From is going to suffer from the exact same issues as previous Souls' entries, guaranteed. It has yet to be unveiled and I've already played it.

  8. 58 minutes ago, Ry said:

    If i can skip all the crap, cringey voice acting and story then i might be interested in this. Need to see some genuine gameplay first. 



    Same for me. I am in for the racing, not the story and definitely not the characters. I tried NFS Heat and gave up after like an hour, the absolute cringe killed it for me.

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