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  1. What a complete waste of everybody's time. I can't comprehend how ridiculously lazy OW2 is, it's like the past six years of OW1 never happened. Matchmaking is of course completely imbalanced, leaving too many QP matches results in a -75% exp earn (so instead I sabotage the match by doing nothing at all because fuck this incompetent bunch of muppets. I am not going to suffer through a waste-of-my-time match just to avoid that penalty), Ranked is of course littered with players leaving.




    It's like I'm back in 2018. Nothing has been learnt, it's the same old wine in the same old bottle with a new label. The good ol' bottle with the old label is also taken off the shelves so there. I hope this bombs in the most spectacular way.

  2. 1 hour ago, fat flatulent git said:

    I can't see how to change the beam of my weapon / mining tool.  I've got lots of technology installed, but can't see how to switch from one to another.


    Can anyone help?  I'm playing on Switch.

    On PS4/5 it's Triangle (I think) for main weapon and Circle (I think) for secondary mode for said weapon.


    edit: from the wiki



    To switch which weapon is selected, press // (PS4/PC/Xbox). This action will select the next weapon that is installed, and continuously repeating the action will loop back to the first item installed and then repeat.

    To use the selected weapon, hold // (PS4/PC/Xbox). To reload the clips of weapons that consume Projectile Ammunition, press // (PS4/PC/Xbox).


  3. Also, tis annoying for people working abroad. I'm Dutch, my PSN account is tied to the Dutch Store (setup way back when I was still working in The Netherlands). Nowadays I work and live in Ireland which means Irish bank + card. Due to a region conflict I can not attach any Irish card to my Dutch PSN account. Tried via Revolut and tis the same deal; it sees me as Irish.


    I'd happily link my Revolut Online Shopping card to my PSN account, but I am not allowed due to the region conflict.

  4. Mimic is you but weaker. Same gear, same items, same spells, same attacks but without most (if not all) negative effects. For example, your Mimic can eat the poisonous mushrooms that heal without getting poisoned. Weapon arts, weapons, spells, items. Mimic uses it all (not always at the most convenient of times obviously).


    Tiche is nimble and fast. Dodges like mad, closes any gap with ease and comes with melee and ranged attacks. Top tier Ash, definitely worth getting to +10.

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