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  1. And finished. That’s enough, not interested in the other endings. Not sure what ending I got, the emotional vibe did not work on me at all.
  2. Yup, very playable on PS5. Looks significantly worse than Horizon 2 for obvious reasons and is definitely not big free. Still fun, worth your time.
  3. Nearing the end of this - just passed the Point on no Return - and am torn. Not sure what to make of this. The modern Deus EX games do cyber implants much better, Night City is rich in detail yet incredibly dull (reminded me a lot of L.A. Noire), the story grinds to a halt and that tickling clock element is ignored for the longest time. My biggest complaint is that my V. does not feel like a person with cybernetic implants. I'm James Bond with a tech device that can hack cameras. Back to the modern Deus EX, those games embrace implants and you can play around with different approaches. Every skill is valuable and adds something worth while. Right now in Cyberpunk 2077 I've like 6 skill points and about 20 talents points waiting to be spend. But nothing seems worth it at this point when all I ever really need is my sniper rifle (and shotgun during boss fights) and the camera hacking. V. has one cybernetic implant and it's the one from the tutorial. I don't even know where two find more implants. Also, I have not bothered with gear in the longest time, it seems a complete after thought. Same for the ridiculous amount of weapons and attachments. I swear I've like 8 weapon scopes that give like 0.4% zoom... Then there's the apartments that seem useless, the many cars you can collect for no good reason (there's no garage to display em in). I had a fun time with it for sure and will never play this again. One Nomad run is good enough. Completed all the gigs and side quests (apart from the NCPD ones, far too many of those). Overall, I enjoyed myself with it. Would not recommend it though, it's such a weird beast.
  4. I think it’s neat they gave important characters you meet closure. Just finished River’s story. There’s no actual need to go through all the effort of animating, voice acting etc when they could have settled for a simple “Thanks for everything V. Farewell.” text.
  5. In the span on five minutes I found Skippy and watched a dope anime.
  6. Oh 100%. I'd recommend Horizon 2 over Cyberpunk 2, Horizon 2 is Ubi-bloat bland but man if you're on the market for that it's absolutely perfect. Cyberpunk is never perfect for anything really, there's so much wrong with it and I like sometimes even love it. Gonna rinse the hell out of my first play through, highly doubt I'll do a second and third.
  7. It's such a weird product. I completed Horizon 2 shortly after it launched and thought it was extremely bland: suffering from open-world bingo and sequel-itus. Highly polished but my goodness was I bored. I don't think I ever felt any sort of reaction to any of it, just sat through it all looking like 😐 Cyberpunk 2077 is much less polished, filled with bugs and general clumsiness, has content you can skip (crafting, the whole cyber implants thing) yet I am much more invested in it all. I think I prefer emotional peaks and valleys over a flat plain.
  8. You know, some of the side quests and gigs are more captivating than the main story. Some excellent stuff in there including the political couple and the prisoner.
  9. I'm loving these Gigs. Short and simple quests each with a neat little backstory, in other words there's a (good) reason why you're doing what you're doing. Makes an experience-vendor quest just that little bit more personal and substantial.
  10. Both are unlikable but I much prefer Saul because he kept his distance. That entire clan deserves to be wiped out though, literally nothing of value will be lost. Hated it. Everybody else is cool so far so there's that.
  11. Is she though? Ah whatever, I hope she chokes on a sandstorm. Thanks for the sniper rifle though, that's proper good for that low a level.
  12. Thank goodness the Panam Story trophy just popped. Hope I never have to interact with her and that band of losers ever again.
  13. Why suspect that? I thought it was trash emo “I am sad look at me I am yelling tis all my fault fuck you also thank you” nonsense. I’ll be very hard pressed to understand why anybody would like the character/quest.
  14. The quest chain for Panam is exceptionally poor. I'm not invested in her pathetic little drama at all. edit: glad that's over with, hope I never see that unstable wreck ever again.
  15. Thinking of switching approach, am not feeling stealth in the slightest. I lack any stealth weapon that packs a punch, my best is a silenced pistol that does not kill via a headshot. Seeing I find a ton of weapons, something tells me I should me more aggressive in Night City.
  16. Oh I am, I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Am just surprised by some design choices.
  17. The user interface and menus are weirdly convoluted. I found most menus/panels I want to access regularly (Maps, Journal, Shards) are behind another menu.
  18. Am I daft? The quest The Gift requires me to Ping a camera (did that) and hack the nearby unit on the wall. Two entries appear on the unit, 1C and 55. I need to enter 3 more entries. Been trying for about 10 minutes now and I can't figure it out. edit: I solved it and don't know how 😟
  19. Playing the 5 hour demo on PS5 now, seems fun but I'm a little overwhelmed by all of the options and different approaches. Still, GameStop sells it for 24 euro second hand and for that price I think I'll give it a shot. Not too impressed by how it looks truth be told, many billboards are shockingly low-res.
  20. df0

    Abandoned Games

    From memory, Like A Dragon takes many hours before it truly starts. The Yakuza series has always been slow, but LaD really takes it to the next level. I'd say stick with it because eventually it becomes great but you'll have to sit through like 15 hours of exposition, hand holding and cutscene after cutscene.
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