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  1. Animal Factory Saw this on Prime and thought it looked shite. But it was directed by Steve Buscemi so I watched it anyway. Turns out it was shite. 1/5 No redeemable qualities whatsoever.
  2. She should also file a complaint about their persecution of the Uyghur people or some of their enumerable other crimes against humanity.
  3. Raoull duke


    I used to like Game On when it was on. I was a bit younger than the intended audience. It's one of those shows that just disappeared and was never repeated (not that I ever saw it anyway) and years past. I spotted it somewhere online recently and tried watching it. Terrible. Has aged horribly. So twee and lame. I think what Edgar Wright said about it seems pretty spot on.
  4. 1917 Perfect gammon fodder. Cinema was full of the cunts. One old boy stood up and saluted the credits. Gave me such a dirty look for laughing at him. Heard another two old boys discussing it as they were leaving, "we beat them in the first world war, and we beat them in the second world war and we're gonna beat them again." Was well made I suppose. The score was super fucking annoying though. Not bad just constantly about 40% louder than it should have been. 3 stiff upper lips out of 5.
  5. I Love You Philip Morris - 3/5 Just ok A Cock and Bull Story - 2/5 I'm a total Stan for Coogan and Brydon but this was shit. Few laughs in it but taken as a whole it was an irredeemable jumble of overly meta shit. Interstellar - 3/5 Classic Nolan shit. Great suspense and drama, great production values and whatnot. Story was just fucking stupid. Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers - 1/5 Saw this in cex and thought it would be dopey trashy fun. Was only two of those things.
  6. The Disaster Artist Pretty good. An oh high mark of 4 out of 5.
  7. JoJo Rabbit Pure Taika Waititi magic. 5/5.
  8. Game Over, Man - 2/5 A not very good comedy Die Hard from the Workaholics guys. Got a decent laugh or two out of it and it was only an hour and twenty minutes long. Marriage Story - 4/5 Adam Driver was very good.
  9. Honey Let's Shrink Ourselves Downsizing Has to be one of the most poorly executed films ever. Being small was of zero significance other than a bit where the guy had a full sized flower and some businesses based on importing big stuff to make lots of small stuff. The story is a fucking mess. It kept introducing shit that could have been interesting setting it up and then just abandoning it and on to the next thing. It's a shame, I thought the core concept had potential and the main cast was great. It was also far too fucking long. They should have downsized it by like an hour. 1/5
  10. Fighting with my family - 3/5 Perfectly serviceable without being particularly good. Prince of Avalanche - 2/5 Pacing on this was fucked. From a storytelling standpoint it was like the first act was an hour and ten minutes long and the second and third acts were each like five minutes long.
  11. Cape fear (DeNiro version) - 4/5 Pretty good. But obviously the Simpsons version is better. Also I'm pretty mad that I can't have this as my avatar:
  12. 1. Chernobyl 2. Chernobyl 3. Chernobyl 4. Chernobyl 5. Chernobyl A perfect thing. Could not be improved in any significant way. Best tv of the year. Best tv of the decade. The best tv.
  13. r/gaming currently butthurt because critics aren't overly enthused by it. Bunch of sweaty fucking neckbeards.
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