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  1. It's baffling to me that they still exist. They needed to just go away like ten years ago.
  2. GAME Vs Yodel. A match for the ages. Two heavyweight titans clashing for the title of the most incompetent company currently operating.
  3. Xbox and playstation both suck. Dreamcast 4 is where it's at.
  4. Keep hearing that they're super unreliable. 360 level shit. I wonder if Sony would even survive a disaster like that. Not like they have Microsoft level cash reserves. I do believe I'll wait for the slim model. Will save me having to remodel my living room too.
  5. Why did I watch this? Need like five hundred pounds... and to remodel my living room now ffs. Also for stock to become available.
  6. I heard from a mate that they've totally botched it. Doesn't even have graphics yet. They're gonna have to patch them in at a later date. Gonna be weeks before you'll even be able to see what you're playing.
  7. I've had a feeling this was gonna end up being shit for a while. Convinced of it now. It's gonna go down as the biggest over-hype job in the history of gaming. Chalk it down.
  8. Yeah botw wasn't perfect but I put like three hundred hours into it and it was just a delight from start to finish. Big mad smile on my face the whole time. And the sense of freedom in it is pretty much unrivaled. The joy of being presented with a problem and being able to figure out a solution to it yourself and have it work rather than having to do some specific trigger to get past it. Magic. It was also just great for all mad intangible hard to describe shit. Like the "feel" of it. I don't mean emotionally I mean like it had some weird almost tactile effect from sy
  9. Switch. I've only played botw but it was that good. PS4 had loads of great games but none of them in same league as botw. PC doesn't really have exculsives anymore. And the xbone just sucks all the way around.
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