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  1. In the Championship I’d suggest if there’s a collision and it’s clear who’s at fault then that person should slow until the other person retakes or is given position, this should encourage a bit of caution. Please don’t just rely on Crew Chief telling you to maintain line etc., use the radar/mirrors and your own judgement to determine where people are around you. Starts are difficult but as it’s a rolling side by side start you really have to maintain your line /side of the track unless you can see a clear gap in the radar/mirrors. The more people move around (for the first corner) the more likely someone will collide or rear end someone as a gap disappears but of course it’s a race and we want to take opportunities but safely. For blue flags drive normally but don’t defend against the faster car coming through, if need be lift ever so slightly on a straight to let them past, there should be no need to dive out the way or alter your line, it’s the responsibility of the car behind to pass safely. When rejoining the track from a spin etc., check your radar/map first, it’s so easy to just dive back onto the track in the heat of the moment and collide with someone else. Don’t dive bomb, in most cases you should have an overlap with the car in front before you enter the braking zone, if not concede and try again. Don’t alter line once under braking, be predictable.
  2. The Drivehub is not cheap, I’d only recommend buying it to make an existing wheel compatible, otherwise I’d use the money towards a fully compatible wheel. It’s a great bit of kit but I suspect you probably lose something via the Drivehub in terms of FFB vs a compatible wheel.
  3. The Drivehub works great with CSR and PS4, I use it for Dirt Rally and GT Sport. Plug your controller into one USB port, your wheel into the another USB port and then the Drivehub into PS4, very easy. Drivehub then has a Fanatec mode or a Logitech mode.
  4. Yep that sounds cool, cheers. Maybe also the weather setting i.e. how variable (what is the value range?)?
  5. Can you please add the race start times or at least for Suzuka so we can practice for the same time of day?
  6. scoobysi

    Fall Guys

    Awful controls, levels that get old quickly and terrible team based games plus the crappy launch network stuff. Maybe I’ll try again in a few months to see if it’s improved.
  7. @davejm any chance we could swap Suzuka into the Championship, maybe instead of Misano (or Zanndvort) as I don’t think I’ll be able to make this week. I missed Monza originally so I’d really like to race Suzuka if poss. Thanks for setting up, looking forward to it.
  8. If your tyres are the correct pressure I don’t think a bit of yellow/orange temperature is anything to worry about too much. I find it’s sometimes difficult, depending on the conditions, to get the temp green if you have the correct pressure. I focus on getting the pressure correct. If your tyres start going red then you need to be more worried and e.g. look for water on drying track,
  9. I’d also be sad to see the 60min race disappear, I think that extra bit of time opens up strategy a bit more and it’s more difficult which should mean more mistakes and opportunities.If people aren’t enjoying it there’s little point but hopefully the mix of both in the Championship is a good compromise. Interesting re tyres, was it too dry for wets and too wet for slicks?
  10. Never had an issue with understeer, my driving style must just suit it. I find the McLaren is like that for me, so much so I thought it was broken originally .
  11. lol, what didn’t you like about it?
  12. It can add a lot but equally it doesn’t necessarily make it more enjoyable. I don’t like Laguna Seca anyway so racing on it in the wet has no appeal. Obviously if it came up as part of the variable weather in our Championship then I’d race it. But I have little interest in spending my limited racing time preparing for or doing a full wet race out of choice. Just have to agree to disagree. I’ve done a few full wet races on the Championship servers, one at Laguna Seca, not enjoyable in the slightest but probably significantly heavier rain than we have on our server. I basically stopped racing on the CP servers as they always seemed to be either at night or wet, probably just unlucky timing on my part. Neither of these are a real problem when you know a track inside out but when you don’t it’s a bit of a chore.
  13. I’d say variable weather races can be great, transitioning conditions, seeing how long you can stay out, best time to pit etc. a full 60mins in the wet not so much.
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