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  1. Cool, I don’t think I’ve ever played a Sniper Elite game.
  2. Yep, I got H1 GOTY ages ago on PS Plus and as per @Harrisown started with the H2 Starter pack and have recently moved onto the H3 Starter Pack on PS5. I then bought H2 PS4 and just needed to download the small licence file to unlock it too.
  3. I’d suggest just getting H1 GOTY and the H3 Free Starter Pack and then buy the rest in a later sale if you like it.
  4. I haven’t played PES or FIFA much for a long time but bought the recent PES Season Update cheap for the Euro’s mode and I think it’s great, it just feels like football, much more than FIFA imo. It’ll be a shame if they lose some of this progress moving to a new engine.
  5. Not great and a sad reflection of general quality of newly released games but it’s only replays etc. so can live without for a bit. I’d rather have a more stable game but haven’t checked if that’s the case since the patch dropped.
  6. PS5 version is £39.99/XBOX £42.39 at Boss Deals @ eBay at the moment if anyone is thinking about it, general 20% off shop and other sellers.
  7. Interesting, I just defaulted to cockpit but will give it a try.
  8. Generally it’s the copy part that needs the space, did you already have 130GB free?
  9. I’ve put this on Quality graphics mode on PS5, rather than performance and it looks good so far. Does anyone know what these modes are supposed to be like in terms of fps? I’ve only done a couple of short races so far.
  10. I expect there will be a few patches incoming, surprised there hasn’t been one today.
  11. I think PCars 3 is one of the best examples, work through the race series serially or jump ahead to the odd different series that open up or use in game currency to unlock any event/series you want. Only real dependency is that you have enough in game currency to buy required cars to meet requirements.
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