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  1. Yep probably a good move, I presume it’ll be the base game as there’s plenty of DLC to push.
  2. Yep I would do for more modern cars, it’s screwing with my mind anyway as I keep handbraking rather than changing gears as swapping between this F1 and ACC. Think I’ll need to revert to a button. I spent ages on the first McRae stage with the Mini last night, great fun (especially with H-shifter ), I then tried the Cossie and crashed a lot!
  3. @spatular the Special Events are the time trials with leaderboards, those are also the ones that set your Pace Rating, however these don’t change very frequently at the moment, it would be nice if they did weekly events etc. In single-player you have the standard hot-lap mode but I think the leaderboards are local only. You need to unlock the ratings in order, I think it’s TR (Track Competence), CN (Consistency), CC (Car Control), PC (Pace), SA (Safety), RC (Racecraft) and CP (Competition). ACC is primarily multi-player, Kunos have never been great at the single player career etc. You might get on better with the standard Championship mode rather than the Career mode though. Pay attention to your MFD/HUD re pitting & driver change as if you don’t follow the very specific rules about stint length etc. then you’ll get a DQ.
  4. Cheers for tips, I also read on EG about the GTR Technical YouTube channel for setups so I’ll have a look there. Spent most of my time (not a lot as it was a 97GB download) in the Historic Rally in New Zealand with Mini so far. Can’t quite decide where to map my handbrake, so far I’m using H-Shifter for gears with handbrake mapped to paddle, can’t remember what I did in DR1, thought I had it mapped to a button but that doesn’t seem right now as I keep losing track of it in hairpins where it’s needed.
  5. No I don’t think so but I’ll do my best to improve, I’ll probably concentrate on the McRae content first once that comes out as I’m really looking forward to that. So far, Argentina seems rock hard lol and Poland fast!
  6. @SharkyOB purchased, it may be sometime until I’m challenging your times on the leaderboard though!
  7. Hmm that’s a shame, I wonder why they can’t at least show names.
  8. Super Deluxe Steam version is £12.99 on CDKeys, I’m very tempted with the McRae content on the way but just not sure if I’ll get on with it. Btw are the leaderboards not cross platform?
  9. So after watching that for about 10mins I can safely say the PS5 sounds really fucking boring , that was a spoof video by MS, right?
  10. This is great news, surprised it’s on the current generation of consoles though as it will be a huge challenge to get it performing on the base consoles. GT4 plus Donington, Oulton and Snetterton is brilliant news too.
  11. DLC I think.
  12. I downloaded the trial on PS4, tried the Lancia in New Zealand but it just doesn’t feel right. The FFB just doesn’t convey the feeling of driving across a rough surface. I then tried the original Dirt but with the Subaru Impreza, instantly felt more connected to the track so perhaps it’s the modern car and AWD vs the historic car, I’ll need to try like for like. One thing that did strike me though was how much more natural the graphics looked in the original (Wales).
  13. Ok cool. Insta-buy, I’ve only tried Bathurst so far, not my favourite track but everything seems better in ACC GT3 cars .
  14. Yep, it should default to that as it’s a much better game with it on.
  15. @Skull Commander sorry you’re not feeling it, I play on a base PS4 and other than loading times which are a bit long I don’t suffer from your other issues. I think frame rate is absolutely fine, especially considering the amount of carnage that’s going on sometimes. I think the track design really shines and the wrecks that end up littering the track mean the races evolve and are always a bit different. A brilliant game.
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