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  1. I think the conclusion we can draw from 22 pages is that people definitely will not pay £70 for a game, unless it’s a game they really like.
  2. I don’t think PS Plus is praised enough, I have access to a huge library of games across PS3/4/5 and Vita and the recent PS Collection and Play At Home offers just made it even better. Anyone new to PS with a PS5 has a very decent library of games to play through and I’ve got quite a few to catchup on too. At the moment a Switch 2 would be ahead of a Series X for a 2nd console purchase but this could be the first generation where I buy only one machine, although I’m sure Nintendo will come up with something to tempt me.
  3. My plan was to finish Demon’s Souls, then get Hitman 3, then get/finish Returnal and then get Ratchet & Clank. I’m still on Demon’s Souls with a bit of H1 via H3 Free Starter Pack lol. Putting Wreckfest on Plus didn’t help either . Very tempted to skip ahead and get R&C as I really enjoyed the PS4 version they gave away recently. I thought that looked amazing so I suspect this will just be another level.
  4. Does that mean you can play 1, then uninstall 1 install 2 etc. I’d be more interested if that was the case?
  5. I agree, Codemaster’s and Ubisoft are a couple that I won’t even consider buying from on release day now. The season pass/deluxe editions don’t help either as you think well I might as well wait and get the full game at some point. I picked up the deluxe edition of PCars 3 a month or too back for around £25 and I think what’s maybe the last dlc has just dropped this week. Deluxe Versions/Season passes sold before the content is available (or even properly known) should just die a death imo. EA/Codies will probably want £100 for their deluxe versions this gen lol.
  6. I think the PS5 has had that with Demon’s Souls, Astrobot, WRC 9 and Returnal (not played yet) all of which offer a significant new experience in some way and R&C Rift Apart is on the horizon. Halo was supposed to be that for XBOX users I guess. It is more evolution than revolution but it still feels like a significant jump. I suppose PSVR was the revolution last gen for consoles, whether PSVR2 will feel as significant is to be seen, if GT7 is fully playable I think it will .
  7. I assumed most games fully installed these days, is that not the case? Are disk installs lower than digital?
  8. I think there’s been a fairly decent number of games released, granted many have been cross-gen.
  9. @reef explained the point made and intention of it, which is fair enough, I just think it could’ve been made equally about buying XBOX games, which imo would’ve been more relevant to this thread and someone considering buying GamePass. Unfortunately reef was basically on the receiving end of my grumpy oh ffs this morning. However, your post does kind of lend credence to mine. I’d actually just rather read about people’s experiences with GamePass in here. I’ll just revert to quietly observing again, unless of course someone insults my favourite megacorp .
  10. Yep I get that. I don’t mind starting it again though.
  11. Despite my previous comments, the more I play this the more I appreciate it as a very decent QOL upgrade. Really enjoying playing through it again, it just all seems a bit weightier and solid feeling. The Activity Cards seems to have disappeared though, which is a bit of a shame as they were good to jump straight back into an event. Hopefully they’ll come back.
  12. It’s just like being back in the playground.
  13. I assume there’s no QR code in the App that you can use to create/login to the account on the console?
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