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  1. I wish they’d hurry up and get this out on PS4/5.
  2. I’m enjoying the F1 game a lot more this year and I put that down to the DualSense, the sense of grip coming out of a corner in particular is brilliant. I hope they do something similar with GT7, if so it’ll be brilliant.
  3. There’s plenty of other games to buy and if for whatever reason the Publisher/Developer has chosen to do a deal with GP and not PSN, rather than pay significantly more for that game just because I happen to have a different console, I’ll just wait. So yes I suppose I now put a lower value on those games.
  4. There’s very few games I’ll buy on release as I generally have a huge backlog on PS especially due to PS Plus/Collection. I generally get a few games for Xmas too which keeps me going for a good few months. I picked up R&C recently for £28 as new on eBay and will probably do the same for Returnal at some point so Sony have lost those sales as if they’d been £45ish I’d have bought both on release. If something is going to or has released straight to GamePass I’ll just ignore it until it goes into a PS sale. GT7 is probably the one game I will buy, digitally on release, so for about £62 but as that’s a game I’ll play for years it’s not an issue. I GameShare with my son too so we might end up splitting the cost as we did recently with FIFA. I’d have bought Metroid Dread if released earlier in the year but have instead put it on my Xmas list. Too many games, not enough time means there’s no need for me to buy on release, perhaps making an exception if it’s a favourite gaming series or something I know I’ll play for a long time etc.
  5. I’ve never had an issue with the Switch and racing games, you’re just constantly on/off the throttle and brake to manage it. I imagine it must depend on how well the game translates that though. Rush Rally Origins for instance has plenty drifting etc. and feels really nice on the Switch.
  6. Thanks, I’d just been thinking about digging out my old GBA SP to play Fusion and had completely forgotten it was on my 3DS too .
  7. As I was saying about some Burnout fans .
  8. You’re wrong , Paradise is one of the greatest racers of all time. However, I do think you had to be there on PS3/360 when the game was most active. Some Burnout fans could never accept it though due to the change in formula.
  9. I dunno, I think there’s been quite a few since then. DriveClub is by far the best imo, there’s also Burnout Paradise Remastered, NFS HP Remastered, Hot Shot Racing, Horizon Chase Turbo, Virtua Racing, Wipeout Omega and Wreckfest.
  10. EA Play is a good route for PS owners too, you can generally get it for around £14 a year, my son uses it for Madden but still buys FIFA on release. There’s quite a few other decent games on there too. PES 21 was great, picked it up cheap for the Euro’s mode while they were on but I’m going to try and dedicate some time to FIFA this year and from what I’ve played, it seems really good. eFootball looks like a complete disaster though.
  11. Agreed, I have H2 and PGA but if I hadn’t I would have thought they were pretty good months. I need to try Overcooked.
  12. I thought they’d patched that. Seems either close game & eject disc after playing, check only PS5 version is ticked or make sure connected to internet are suggestions.
  13. It was. I wonder if they’ll add any games to the PS Collection around the launch anniversary.
  14. Definitely one for the wish-list but will wait on a decent sale as it seems to be a bit of a marmite game.
  15. 1.5M credits is next to nothing, it should be at least 20M/30M so that you could afford (I suspect) one of the historic classics. I still wouldn’t buy it though so meh. In fact the way many classic cars are locked behind a pay wall (or grind forever instead) is the worst thing about GT Sport, they had the option to drop cars on the Daily spin etc. to help you complete your collection and give you the odd expensive historic but instead they give you the same cars over and over again, which wouldn’t have been so bad if you could sell them! I hope the GT Cafe somehow changes this aspect of the game and actively helps you build a collection but I doubt it, they’ll still want to sell addon cars etc.
  16. I agree (especially while limited by being cross-gen) but I’ll probably bite with cheap credit making it around £62, although I won’t be preordering. Disk copies will be cheaper still but I gameshare with my son and it’s a game I’d rather have digitally anyway. Having recently picked up an as new copy of R&C Rift Apart off eBay for under £28 (and will probably be able to do the same for Returnal by the time I get round to that), there’s probably only this and maybe Horizon Forbidden West that I’ll consider buying on release.
  17. I’m sure that’s just a general but of blurb to cover themselves, I wouldn’t expect any issues with drives of the correct spec.
  18. Agreed, that one simple change would make such a difference.
  19. I think the challenges are the worst part of the game, all a bit pointless, I just tend to ignore them now.
  20. I love the arcade racers this is being compared to but I just don’t see that sort of quality in this. I’ll be interested to hear how people get on with it and I hope I’m wrong.
  21. You’ll definitely need 2TB
  22. Maybe the start of a biome or something would be a natural break. I know what you mean though, when you’re in the zone it’s hard to pick it up again sometimes.
  23. Any news on whether a mid-game save is to be patched in?
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