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  1. I came straight off playing EG on PS4 and initially I was a little disappointed, had similar thoughts about it feeling more like a mobile game. However, it has grown on me as I’ve played it today, I have 1 mini golfer left to get rid of and I’m onto Tour 3.
  2. The other option might be to try a factory reset but with the obvious pain and won’t make a difference if it’s hardware.
  3. Are you using the front USB port? Just for info in case you have one lying around, I often use a Switch Pro Controller cable.
  4. Ah, so is it not by Bugbear then, I didn’t pay any attention to that lol.
  5. Aerial tracks remind me of Trackmania, all looks a bit odd and not particularly Wreckfest.
  6. I’ve not played it much so far but the haptics on PS5 are disappointing, there’s very little sense of contact between the tyres and road and therefore the cars feel like they’re turning on a central pivot. It’s a bit different with the Story mode though so I’ll give it a chance.
  7. I use https://gameye.app, it works with https://thegamesdb.net so if something is missing you can add it to that. I mainly use tags to track things e.g. if there is something on EA Play or PS Plus that I want to play or to track games I have a Platinum Trophy on etc.
  8. Grid Legends has been added to EA Play and therefore GPU. I don’t expect much but will give it a go on PS5.
  9. I worry it might need more than a tweak! Tyre compounds are so fundamental that they must’ve known about this issue for some time. Just another Publisher/Developer (no doubt bound by contracts in this case) that expects you to preorder and wait for a patch.
  10. Cheers, hopefully it’ll be patched swiftly.
  11. Do different tyre compounds (S/M/H) have an impact on pace? Seems to have been a bug but was it fixed in day 1 patch? Close to buying this but tyres are pretty fundamental to strategy and therefore the game.
  12. How’s menu navigation with a controller? Any option on PS5 to use a gyro/motion pointer?
  13. I don’t think it’s an EA game.
  14. Yep, my only point is that if you’re new to Plus you now have to pay more (subscription wise) to access the games than previously. I guess it’s cheaper to licence games for the higher tiers, as access is temporary whereas on the lowest tier you retain access as long as you’re subscribed.
  15. The Yakuza games have been on Plus before, now they’ve only come back on the top two tiers rather than the basic tier. Why not make them available on the lowest tier again too?
  16. Yakuza games used to be on standard PS Plus now come back only on Extra/Premium, that’s progress.
  17. That’s not a lot of game for the money, perfect for GP Plus as they say. It doesn’t sound like a game that will have a NG+ mode, is there much replayability to it?
  18. scoobysi

    F1 22

    I think I was probably lucky, it was a Silver B Safety rated field but I expect it’s a bit like GT Sport/ACC and you need to climb the rankings a bit and then it’ll settle into better/cleaner racing. I’ll probably spend most of my time in single player though.
  19. scoobysi

    F1 22

    As I’m running my career inline with the real season, my week was pretty much. Time Trial Austria to get used to the track Practice Sessions for SP Career Practice Sessions for Weekly MP Event Quali for SP Career Quali and Race for Weekly MP Event Sprint and Race of SP Career It was quite a tense SP 50% race as I was 2nd for most of it, just managing to hang on to my team mate Leclerc and ahead of Verstappen, only by staying within 1 sec for DRS, eventually I made a mistake and slipped out of DRS which left me vulnerable to Verstappen and then Hamilton. I probably could’ve got Hamilton back but ended up having to lift and coast to save fuel having gone too aggressive. Finished 4th, disappointed not to be on the podium but it was a fantastic race. The AI was uncanny at times, mirroring real life, diving to the inside at turn 3, Verstappen out braking himself while ahead of me at turn 3 and then racing side by side 4 through 7, amazing stuff. MP was not too bad either, I had a poor Quali, started mid-grid but managed to gain a few places by the end. Racing was fairly clean, much more so than the quick short races I’d done previously. At least I got a Trophy for my cabinet, not a great trophy but still a trophy .
  20. Ah cool, that’s something at least, especially if I can’t pickup a cheap PS Plus Essentials code in the future.
  21. I haven’t measured it but I’d estimate 5 to 6 hours, there must still be at least an hour after the low battery warning. I have a charge dock so always have another ready to go, I used to think those docks looked like a waste of money but I got one for Christmas and they’re so convenient .
  22. You’ll find when it says low battery you still have quite a while left but I think the haptics and adaptive triggers take there toll.
  23. You don’t even need gold? Yep they should be, especially if you’re not offering another option.
  24. You can copy PS4 saves to USB but not PS5. My son’s PS5 crashed a while back, he had to factory reset basically so it was lucky he had the Cloud saves, unless you’re very organised it’s likely USB saves would be a bit out of date in a situation like that.
  25. I use headphones, so I never hear anything from the controller, including how noisy the DualSense itself is with everything going on inside it.
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