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  1. Oh Yer. But does that mean ps and Xbox peeps can add friends and play on coms X platform Stupid question but I genuinely don't know.
  2. Just seeing who has this on PC? paintballerUK here on blizzard ID.
  3. Just can't get into the new map. My K/D ratio has tanked. Loot appears to be lower too. Had a few pubg like games where it's a running simulator.
  4. Solos does change the meta. Snipers are actually ok. My issue is EVERYONE IS PATHFINDER!! It's so much better as a team game. I would also say on the London servers the champions of most solo games are top level players. Which makes the squad games a little easier for normal players. I certainly find solo far more stressful than squad.
  5. Back playing this again on PC. The level of skill appears to be less. I am guessing there are a lot of new players. Anyone else fancy teaming up on PC?
  6. You play with a pad on PC? That must add aim assist to help. I find the distance shooting in apex really hard. Especially on 1440p. The targets are tiny. Does everyone use ADS at 1.0. it just feels too twitchy and fast.
  7. Having some shocking games now. The jumping mechanism on pc from the ship appears bugged too. You can sometimes jump pointing straight down and it gives you a speed boost. Other times it just doesn't happen. Find it's land get a kill then die. Then rinse repeat untill you don't.
  8. Still rocking the peacekeeper and r99. Don't see many people using the G7 on PC. Same as the longbow. Is anyone still playing the PC version?
  9. Had a few games last night and a few wins on PC. Slowed my play right down and tried to focus fire more. I am so much better at hipfire then ads. The hipfire speed is consistent across all weapons. The ads isn't as the sights and gun type changes the speed of your mouse movement across the screen. So muscle memory goes out the window with ads. Unless you train with no sights and the same gun it's tricky to not just hip fire. The hemlock hip firing ever from mid distance is still really good.
  10. Bf veteran here. Looking forward to some firestorm too. I'm Atenre in origin.
  11. First game tonight with octane on pc and a win. Appears to be lots of fresh blood. Fattakin are you on PC. I love bfv. Can't wait for firestorm
  12. If you shoot and the numbers arnt red. Don't rush in.
  13. Coming across more and more hackers on PC. Bit worrying.
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