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  1. You can tell Terraonion are douchebags by the eyewatering amounts they charge for their products. See also Retrosix. I understand people need to earn a living but there is earning a living and there is taking the piss!
  2. Dudes...keep an eye on this guy. Beer coming soon and it's bloody delicious! Built a brewery in his garden (used to live opposite me). https://m.facebook.com/BBCo.beer/
  3. Bang and Olufsen "Back of the net"
  4. Totally worked...for about 6 months. Then I bought another one on Gumtree for £20 which I still have! The guy I bought it from looked like he might eat small children occasionally but I got out of their sharpish.
  5. Oh and I managed to get the built in speaker working using the LCD power board too! Saves having to buy new speaker setup and amp etc. It was really fun to do as a project. Took me probably 4 or 5 hours.
  6. I followed a guide I found online. It is fairly involved. Not loads woodwork wise though, only drilling two new holes for the 'coin' buttons. Thats the only extra function you have to add. The guide recommended new buttons all round buy I just soldered the existing ones onto the wires of the usb controller directly (so only had to buy two new coin buttons). If you aren't happy with soldering then you can just replace the existing buttons with ones that fit the usb controller by design. The pi itself then needed some programming so that it worked with the existing volume and power switch. Again, followed a guide and it was pretty easy. Equipment wise it doesn't work out very much. You need a power board, raspberry pi, a few cables, buttons (and joysticks etc if you want to replace the stock ones). Wood bits for drill if you don't have already. I think in total it cost me £250 for the cab and then about £70 on top for the other bits.
  7. There's definitely a gap in the market here. From my experience, nobody really does it properly. So you basically have to choose between hunting down a proper machine or accepting a cheap alternative. I ended up modding an Arcade1up and sticking an RPi 3b in there. It's been used more than anything else I've ever owned. My two eldest play it for an hour everyday when we are cooking dinner and I have the odd blast of R-Type etc. Bloody brilliant (once you accept it for what it is!). Looks smart too (it's the SF2 edition with riser).
  8. A few years ago, on my way home from work, I found a 14" Panny CRT dumped on the street. Obviously I picked it up and carried it home, like it was some kind of poor, abandoned baby. I got home all happy, expecting my wife to rejoice with me.... "what the fuck is that, why have you bought the 1980's home"?
  9. Genuinely interesting. But...how does that go down when you tell the significant other the reason for wanting a new TV?! 😅🤓
  10. Thank you, oh clever ones. That is actually a really easy way to understand it.
  11. I don't know what that means but it's reassured me 😅
  12. You know what they say about a man with lots of controllers, don't you?
  13. So this thread promoted me to check places near me...never knew I had one about ten mins away!! https://www.facebook.com/InsanityGamingArcade/ @strider you fancy a trip here sometime? Any other Bournemouth/Poole peeps hang around on rllmuk?
  14. Wired megadrive version £13 on Amazon! https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B07H3Q2CFS?ref=ppx_pt2_mob_b_prod_image
  15. Tbf I might just get a wired one!
  16. What about the Bluetooth version of the Saturn pad? No good?
  17. You legend. That looks great!!! Although by the time shipping and customs gets hold of me it will probably be cheaper for me to fly over to the states and pick it up 🙄
  18. I forgot about the Saturn pad! That's well worth a shout.
  19. Yeah sure thing if you don't feel confident having a go mate.
  20. Yeah a real premium. They aren't massively respected in the cliquey modders world either. They kind of came out of nowhere claiming to be modding god's but honestly, I know loads of guys who produce a much higher standard for less.
  21. Sorry if this has come up a thousand times...but what's the general consensus on best all round controller? Have used a SNES replica 8bitdo wired and wireless and seems to do a good job. I know you can get adaptors to enable original hardware but then do you need individual adaptors for each controller? Playing Sonic with a 'snes' controller feels a bit...dirty.
  22. I like that idea. Retrosix guys, if you delve into the detail, have a lot of bad feedback. Their attention to detail is lacking from what I've experienced and what I've read. I ordered parts from them a few times. Once they sent me the wrong part THREE TIMES! It was only some silicone start/select buttons. Once ok, twice...hmmm..guess it happens, three times ok something not quite right there!
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