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  1. Mike, I know you're one of the more intelligent and well adjusted people on here so I ask you, would you go around saying the word?

    No, you fucking wouldn't.

    Only two people say the word. Black people and sheltered white people. Most people on Rllmuk are incredibly sheltered which is why what I said was never going to be popular.

    He virtually admitted he would never say the word in public, or at least only in the company of white people. I wonder why that is.

    Fuck this 'it's a hiphop' reference. That's not important in the slightest. I don't know a single white hip-hop fan that goes round saying it. One of the biggest jokes is about the sort of mythical ou-of-touch white fan looking for a black guy who will allow him to call him 'nigga'. If someone had said that on a hip-hop board they'd be flamed until they left and never came back.

    It comes down to one thing. On the internet – and Rllmuk is worse than most places in this regard – people want to to say the sort of shit they wouldn't dream of saying in real life. It's pathetic. I know this is usually Saxo/Bada Bing's argument but it's completely true.

    Fucking Word Up Mother Fucker! Damn that's the truth. I would have backed you up in the thread aswell dude if I hadn't been slaving away in uni all day ;)

  2. Alright Madlib fans, see if you can help me out. Here's the mystery track; it'll be there for a few days at least. I assume that it's a Madlib-produced track by Kazi called "A.V.E.R.A.G.E." Does anybody (please!) know (1) if that's true; (2) whether there's an actual hold-the-CD-in-your-hands copy available; and (3) is there anything else by Kazi/Madlib that sounds like this?

    I KNOW! what a tune. One of my favourite Madlib produced tunes ever. Glad to see someone else has discovered it! It was originally a 12" only release appearing as a B-side on "Down for the Kaz" but it then appeared a few years later on the "Fat Beats Complilation Vol. 1" which I got when it came out but I know its still available in places. It's worth getting just for that Kazi track, but there are some other amazing tunes on the compilation also. Worth picking up, Vol.2 & 3 are out now also! B)

  3. For volume and consistency, I think you've got to take Premier. And very few producers have the flat-out audacity of "Statik" or "Brainstorm". But none of Gang Starr's albums remain as satisfying to me - as albums - as 'Mecca' or 'Main Ingredient'. That could be down to Guru's delivery, though, which I don't think is dating very well. At all.

    Very well said dude, CL just has that smooth voice where as Guru can get very boring... with his monotone style :unsure: Too many posts to keep up with, Eastern Conference 1 for £5 is excellent, one of my fave compilations. If you like it (whoever it was) you must get High & Mighty - Home Field Advantage, in fact that albums a must have for everyone. Eon and Mi at their best. I'm gonna take a pop at my Premier top 5 although theres no way you can remember every premier tune to take them all in to account!

    1. Superstar - Group Home

    2. The Planet - Gangstarr

    3. Rappaz are in Danger - KRS-One

    4. Deadly Habitz - Gangstarr

    5. Freddie Foxxx - Part of my Life

  4. Porn Theatre Ushers, they only did that one EP, or have they got a full album out too?

    As a group (Nabo Rawk & Mister Jason) They only have the one EP and a few 12". "Me and Him" was their first 12" release and its just been re-issued actually (although I am the proud owner of doubles of the original which go for a bout £50 each now!) then they had the EP and about 6 monthes back they released another 12" "Still P.T.U. That is supposedly form their forthcoming album but no news on that as yet. Mister Jason however has produced numerous tracks and mini projects with other artists, that I listed a few pages back I think, or was it last month now? Can't be arsed to look right now! And if you wanna check Nabo in one of his first appearances then look for the "Rebel Alliance" LP. He appears on a track with Esoteric, Virtuoso etc. Good stuff.

  5. I've just ordered a couple of CD's from Suspect Packages> Not used them before so will have to see how delivery turnaround works out, but certainly a useful outlet for UK purchases from the looks of it.

    I shop with them alot, Disorda's a legend. Always sends me so many cool stickers with my wax :unsure:

  6. Yeah, thats the one I thought you meant.

    £7.99 is a good price but I want it on vinyl, i've heard its meant to be very good though.

    They re-issued this end of last year on vinyl dude. I got a copy in Bongo's for a tenner, they might still have it there? It's 7 tracks with instrumentals of each aswell. Worth picking up for Doomsday Remix.

    M.I.C. is dope too, didn't feel it too much first listen, but it grew and grew on me. Check out Day by Day Entertainment Grimms record label/organisation, theres some amazing artists. Prophetix being one of them, highly recommended.

  7. He doesn't seem to listen.

    Who cares, if you're shit it doesn't matter where you're from. I apologise for not knowing his life story, what colour pants is he wearing today?

  8. I can't get Murs' Bad Man! out of my head. I blame marcus. He hooked me with 3:16. Excellent stuff.

    Yeah man, well alot better than his LP! Although there were a few good tracks on it. Brotherly Love being one of them. That said tho, I'm really not feeling 9th Wonder all that much, I don't know what it is?!?! I really want to like him but... :P

  9. Whats the deal with the P Brothers LP, is it a compilation?

    The P Brothers have the best drums in hip hop.

    Yo Esar, you got the new 12"? To be honest I was quite disappointed with the Iman Thug track but the Cappo b-side is pretty heavy. Crazy man its called, bizarre beat but in a good way.

  10. as a Londoner I really connect with their style.

    But he's from Birmingham :D fucking mockney. I'm from London too and I think he's shit on a stick.

  11. I have managed to miss The Streets completely...until this single 'You are fit' or whatever it's called.

    'I think it is really shit...' ;)

    Is all their stuff as dreadful as this? It sounds like a bunch of townie pricks who can barely string a sentence together. The sort of fools you'd avoid like the plague if you saw them out clubbing. 8)


  12. Its probably the biggest pile of wank Nintendo have pulled out with since Yoshi's story. How did they mess it up so badly. After the semi-messup that was OOT they made a comeback with Majora's Mask... and then fucked it up with TWW.

    Miyamoto should be relived of artistic control of this series before he destroys. Get rid of toon shading, shit dungeons and a bias towards small game worlds and lots of wank mini-games and bring back LTTP and AW style large land masses and devious dungeons.

    Cant wait for Four Swords :(

    Wow I bet you wish you never bothered :( Wind waker was fun, apart from all the sailing around before the portals. And OOT is one of my favourite games ever.

  13. Yeah, sounds like you had a pretty amazing night Cal (apart from the slip that is!) I had a pretty embarassing experience last year in Brighton, me and my mate were supporting DJ's for an Ice-T gig and at the end of the show I went back up to get my records and saw a phat tour t-shirt laying on the stage that belonged to one of his crew, I looked around ;) and grabbed it, just as I was turning round I got a tap on the shoulder. Surely enough it was the man himself "I don't think that belongs to you my man" :( He laughed at the cheekiness of it tho.

  14. Now a random selection from my collection…


    It felt like Scaramanga (and his alter egos) were massive in 1998. This album dropped but only made noise in the underground. It's mighty fine. Straighter than you might imagine, it's got its fair share of bangers and absurdity.

    Very nice indeed, yet another dude who used the Missin Linx/Dr Dre Wild west-ish sample on that album :lol:

  15. taken from the c'mon feet website:

    DJ D-Styles presents Gunkhole (live)

    Celebrating twenty five years of the Technics 1200, C'mon Feet & Futuresonic present the most pioneering turntable lineup this rainy city has ever seen. Topping the bill is the legendary DJ D-STYLES - member of the infamous Invisbl Skratch Piklz with Q-Bert and MixmasterMike and a next-level pioneer of turntable music (check his Phantasmagorea LP and the WaveTwisters project). D-Styles brings with him his live band GUNKHOLE, armed with turntables, samplers and effects - featuring West Coast scratch heavyweights MIKE BOOGIE from Q-Bert's infamous Thud Rumble crew, RICCI RUCKER from California's Ned Hoddings crew and DJ ACE on live drums.

    Representing the UK on the night is the dopest and most successful battle DJ in the country, if not the world. This year DJ TIGERSTYLES has taken the DMC World Supremacy title and the ITF World Advancement title as well as the Allies All-Star Beat Down crown. Stone cold sick on 1200s. Its official, you have died and gone to scratch heaven...

    i'll be there, without a doubt.

    Wow thats an amazing line up! I've seen D-Styles and Shortkut live at in-store in Bongo's before. Seen Mike Boogie before awell, wasn't all that impressed last time I saw him but to be in the Thud Rumble crew you gotta have it goin on I guess! What Esar said, is it coming to London?! It must be :angry:

  16. The only other thing I can think of that I know they've done is a remix that the DJ/producer Mr Jason did for Aspects a couple of years back, on the 'My Genre' 12" I think.

    Mister Jason did indeed do a remix for Psychoboogie on the Aspects 12". I have quite alot of other stuff he's produced, I'm always on the look out he's one of my favourite producers! I have a Skitzofreniks track called Sicilians, a Styles Infinite 12" Easy on the ears which is dope, erm he did a Doomsday remix on the MF Doom/MF Grimm EP and also a Brews Brothers 12" (Louis Logic from Jedi Mind Tricks and Charlie Bawls from Skitzofreniks) called Ready For War which gets cut up alot!

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