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  1. Sorry to tell it to you straight but your production skills have some way to go before you will be mentioned in the same breath as the RZA.

    No! Really? But I'm much better than the Rza, I can't believe you don't think so?! Boozy, let me break it down you cock mobster;

    I have been producing for 1 month, I am teaching myself, I made a tune that wasn't to my personal preference but I thought sounded quite good. I was in two minds about putting it up here but I wanted to know if anyone had anything to say about it, you didn't like it, fair enough, good luck to you in life you ignorant cum stain.

  2. Ok

    hor·ri·ble ( P ) Pronunciation Key (hôr-bl, hr-)


    1. Arousing or tending to arouse horror; dreadful: “War is beyond all words horrible” (Winston S. Churchill).

    2. Very unpleasant; disagreeable.

    Delete it and start again. This beat cannot be made better because it is flawed from the beginning of its creation. You need to start over completely. Remove all trace of it from your mind and try to make something that a person could listen to twice in a row without wanting to nail a puppy to a baby seal.

    I refuse to consider the opinion of an individual who still gets excited about wu-tang. Grow up piss flap.

  3. Fucking hell I guys I really appreciate all your comments, so much! Thanks alot, didn't expect anyone to listen to it let alone give me their opinion and advice! You lot have really made my day! The thing is with the chord stabs, they're taken from a sequence of chords from an Earth Wind & Fire track (thats why I called it FEW.. an anagram ;) ) anyway and I kept trying to make them play for that extra half second, but I'm having trouble! I'll have a play later on. Dr teeth, did you hear I changed the drums up at the end to a more standard kick-snare? Do you think it works better like that?

  4. Ok I've been debating with myself whether to do this or not, but I need some feedback on a tune I produced. I've asked my mates and they liked it but they were probably just being kind. So please be honest (but not hard on me ;) ) It's not like the stuff I usually make but I really like it. Oh and it does change up quite alot, its not just a loop so give it a chance!


  5. Stinky Fingaz has a great voice with Onyx though. His verses are always the best, and suits the bassy instrumentals perfectly. Shame to hear about his solo work, though I kind of expected it. And you're right, I meant to write 'Paz'. He does seem pretty angry. 'Blood In Blood Out' and 'Genghis Khan' are two JMT tracks that I love hearing him on.

    Yeah JMT have some good tracks, you've probably heard it but "Exertions (remix)" is my fave, with Esoteric & Bahamadia. Check Louis Logic's solo stuff (the other dude from JMT) it's so different, but much doper.

  6. It's up to you, my man. Whatcha been listening to, son?

    Invisible, they're amazing (on Tableturns) Oh and my own mix CD :lol: I sent a copy off to Excalibah on Radio 1Xtra today, he promised he would personally listen to it... heres hopin.

  7. What do people think of Vinnie Pas?

    Would that be Vinnie Paz? He's a very, very angry man (apparantly) that is all, oh and Sticky Fingers is shite. You are correct to not touch his solo ish, even with the biggest barge pole... in the world!

  8. Cal starting the Hip-Hop thread?! Is this allowd? I think he's going for your crown Ben, I'd take it personally :unsure: And why all the Wu chat? Surely we can conjour up something slightly more interesting... or not.

  9. I don't think they're all Jewish. They got very angry with HHC once because they were called a Jewish group.

    Well on Necro's "I Need Drugs" album there's are a bunch of freestyles on the last side of vinyl and they're all talking about Jewish festivities and whether Uncle Howie was gonna come along and join in! But maybe there's a few exceptions, unless they're just embarassed because it doesn't sound particuarly cool or scary?!

  10. True, they've had their day. But if you read my original post, you'll hopefully see that I was on about some legendary acts all bringing stuff out this year (if it come across that way, I apologise. It's what I was trying to express). I think it's quite unusual that there should be so many high profile comebacks.

    Also: DL Thought@Work, Spark and 100% Dundee for some mad un-boring Roots. Enjoy! <_<

    Ok well if you were talking about old timers releasing more albums then fair enough. I'm very familiar with all the Roots shit tho thanks, guess Black Thought just doesn't do it for me. Never has really, sorry :P

  11. Cal, Judging by your last two posts you definitely have some weird opinions (in my opinion) but its all good. I can see where you're coming from but I don't agree, but hey thats fine. I think the Roots are boring, as are Dilated (also lost alot of respect for Babu after hearing Duck Season 2, as we already discussed) Beasties and Tribe have had their time man, I'm not doubting their past achievements but we have to look to the future.

  12. We'll just have to make do with Madvillain, Dilated, Beasties, Roots and Tribe.

    Sorry Cal, but apart from Madvillain, thats an awful summary of this years good shit!

    Dilated are long gone (Kanye West?! Over-producing nob cheese)

    Roots (Ben summed up very nicely)

    Tribe (know when to quit)

    Beasties (ditto)

  13. The only time I heard Skinnyman was on a DJ Vadim LP. He rapped about Arsenal I think. That's cool.

    Skinny is shit, I don't rate him at all. I think this is mainly because the first time I saw him live at sub-terrania, must be 4 years ago now, he was rapping about how we all must "keep the peace". He went on and on about it, then got off stage and got in a huge ruck.... cock indeed. Oh and he was on stage with Chester that night too so that also made Skinny look hugely inferior!

  14. Ok so I've now listened to ALL CAPS about 30 times (on my Denon/Kef setup B) ) and I have to say its flawless, the two main samples used in that track are priceless and Doom flows so fuckin nice! It's gotta be tune of the year so far?!

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