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  1. I've been toying with the idea of buying his entire catalogue (mixtapes and all) just going by what I've read. I dig the guy's gimmick: some sort of crazy mad hip-hop professor who doubles up as a one-man band. I was just afraid of him being slightly too gimmicky. I've not heard anything, but I've been interested for a couple of years now. I just keep forgetting when I'm buying music.

    I know my man esar also recommended him. I probably will check him out, you know. Anyone else got views on this guy?

    He's a fucking God Cal, if I was a woman I'd have his babys.

  2. I'm not a huge fan of any Eastern Conference stuff (I hate it). Copywrite is bearable though.

    Copywrite??!! Out of all the EC emcee's you pick Copywrite? He has some good one liners, thats about it! I'm not a fan of EC either but Cage is head and shoulders and more above the rest of the crew! Go back and listen to Movies for the blind properly, then when you've listened to that over 30 times through, then listen to WeatherProof (otherwise Weatherproof won't interest you)

  3. To go back to the very start of this thread, I've been listening to I, Phantom over the last few days; yow. Funky, catchy, and tackles some awesome issues (and that). If I hear one more knobend spout off that recent rap/hip-hop is just guns 'n bitches, I'm going to shove this down their gob.

    A very very good album, one of my recent favourites. Have you heard Lif's Emergency Rations EP? Also very good.

  4. Right, now this has nothing to do with Slick Rick I'm afraid, don't have alot of time for him, never had... anyway...

    Cage. Now I've been toying with this idea in my head for a while and for some reason it never really rang true, the statement I'm about to make always seemed quite murky and inconceivable, don't quite know why. Maybe its the constant references to PCP or the constant sick scenario's he comes up with that made me think it couldn't possibly be... but nevertheless, I think Cage is fucking amazing. I have more to say to back my statement up but I wanna know if anyones with me?

    I always liked him on a Smut Peddlers/Eastern Conference kind of level, but it's gone further than that now. The boys a fucking monster, he's sick and I don't mean he's ill... well he is 'ill'... what I mean is... errrr.... he doesn't have a fever? :unsure:

  5. Not too sure about Speech Defect, though; a 'Swedish Jurassic 5,' apparantly. Like I said, hrrrm.

    I bought one of their albums ,a Swedish Jurassic 5, but the beats aren't as good and the emcee's are even more boring... :( so you got that to look forward too!

    Although they could be good live, you never know. UD are v. good live.

  6. I remember getting the DC version when it came out (the DC had a really crappy software lineup at first and this got released early, which was nice) and I really enjoyed the first disc. For some reason though, I stopped at the start of the second disc, not sure why.

    I had exactly the same experience.

  7. Oh yeah l can hear them now hatching an evil plan to break into the mainstream. Sometimes if the song is good it will go heard, stop this mainstream versus underground crap, you don't know shit.

    Sorry, who don't know shit? Twat.

  8. * :P you're an angry kid...i'm guessing stuck in some bummy job and angry as hell at the world.

    **You called him a chubby bastard.

    *I study a media tech degree fulltime and I work in a members only nightclub in Oxford Circus at weekends where I earn £150 a night serving drinks. I'm a very jolly kiddo.

    ** He didn't know his father and he was overweight. He's a chubby bastard. :P

  9. Bringing more digressional hate to these HipHop threads and disrespecting somebody you're a 'big big' fan of on the day they were murdered gets the Gas Face.

    I don't like you, and also your sig is copyrighted so you owe me some dollar big boy. You'll be recieving a letter from my lawyer in the next few days. Anyway I didn't disrespect Biggie, I called him chubby and said his second album was shit, all true.

  10. Don't dis Biggie today. I think the second album is lame, but we can blame Puffy for that.

    Ahh Ben, thought you of all people would see I'm only being awkward (is that how you spell it?! Looks wrong) I'm a big big biggie fan, too many people rant on like Fusty and it gets tedious thats all. Second album is poop on wax, first one is legendary. Puffy sucks :) Oh yeah, joined audioscrobbler :lol:

  11. 9th March 1997

    RIP Christopher G. L. Wallace AKA Biggie Smalls

    Biggie Smalls, the man that made some quality, critically admired and still much loved hip-hop music. A skilled rapper that was gifted from the start with lyrics that catered on many levels making you want to simply bump ya head to a party rhyme or reminisce over some skilled storytelling as an omniscient narrator who provided vivid images of the storylines he brought to life in his personal tales of New York City. Unbelie-vable.

    Never heard of him :)

    Anyway, who are you his fucking uncle? ( I apologise for my crudeness if you are)

    I've got the same birthday as the chubby bastard but you don't see me ranting and raving about that (apart from just then).

  12. Cheers Halonic, nice to see someone on the same level as me. My comment wasn't meant to offend, but as a Hip-Hop DJ/Turntablist whatever, CDJ's are the least appealing thing in the world. Anyway I don't have to justify my comments to mugs like Mr-Monday, get a fucking life dude.

  13. This is the track listins for the Babu album Im talking about

    . Intro - Babu

    2. Raise The Bar - Talib Kweli

    3. Street - A.G.

    4. Do For Self - Chace Infinite

    5. The Official - Jaylib

    6. Ends To Means - Rakaa

    7. Elevate, Build, & Create - Phil Da Agony

    8. Serious (The New Message) - 1st Infantry

    9. Skit: Live From Defcon - Babu

    10. Behold My Life (Remix) - Defari

    11. Right Or Wrong - Planet Asia

    12. Time To Rep - Babu

    13. Think Fast - Infamous Mobb

    14. Skit: The Big Duck Hunt - Babu

    15. Deadly Habitz - Gang Starr

    16. The Song - Krondon

    17. I Got This - The Likwit Junkies

    18. Underground - KRS One

    19. Booyakah (Click Click) (O.G. Version) - Sly Boogie

    20. Outro - Rhettmatic

    Its definately Duck Season Volume 2.

    I may be wrong calling it "A Mix tape" but thats kind of the way it sounds, anywayI think is good.

    Well you I'm guessing that the CD and Vinyl versions are different. The Vinyl only has the original tracks whereas the CD must be a mix CD with original tracks (eg Raise The Bar) and other tracks (eg The Official) Thats that cleared up then :P

    To the 101 list I think maybe: Mobb Deep - The Infamous (1994)

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