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  1. Woah, just listened to El-P - High Water... now we knew it was gonna be Leftfield but I don't think people are quite ready for this! It's interesting, heavy jazz influences, hip-hop, lots of keys, even D&B influences. Kinda weird but I reckon if you listened and didn't know it was El-P you'd be quite impressed, if you like that sort of thing that is!

    Well I suppose I better conform to the topic and give a few so to kick off I'm recommending this


    Because it's fucking amazing (especially Track 3 Petro) :rolleyes:

  2. I'm guessing there is a mixtape that Babu has done called maybe something similar, because I think we're confusing the two! I was talking about the actual album Duck Season Vol. 2 that Babu produced, all original tracks etc. Thats what I slated because its rubbish, and as I said before I'm a big Dilated and Babu fan.

  3. Got a couple of gems to reccomend this month.

    Firstly I have been listening to the new Babu album

    - Dj Babu: Duck season Vol 2

    Its got some great Mc's on there like Talib, Prodigy and the legend Krs one.

    Some excellent production and some really smooth flows, Its not quite as good a mix tape as "Music for the mature B-Boy but excellent never the less.

    Well unless its just something to do with my copy of the album (which I doubt as it was purchased full price in vinyl format from SelectaDisc) but neither KRS-One or Prodigy are anywhere to be seen. It's not a mixtape, its an album that he produced (mostly) and its very dissapointing and boring.

  4. And Ben, Great shout on I Phantom. Huge Lif fan, have been since Triangular Warfare. And El-P also, really looking forward to hearing the new stuff. Is it like Fantastic Damage or has he gone back to his more head-nod stuff? I did like FD but much prefer his Co-flo days. Saw him and Lif at the ICA a year or so ago, one of the best gigs I've seen to date. It was a little while after I Phantom was released.

  5. UK artists putting on US accents is shit just for the reason that they sound like they're putting it on.

    But is it any different that someone like Jehst who comes from Huddersfield, raps in a London accent?

    He was born in Sussex, moved to Huddersfield then moved back to London. He's not a Northener. If you listen to Premonitions he clearly has a southern, sussex kind of accent, it has developed into more of a London twang lately but he's got no reason to have a Northern accent, he just lived there for a while.

  6. Not a huuuuge Redman fan musically...I never felt like he was anything more than a generic disciple of EPMD, give me KSolo anyday... <_<


    His new tune 'CountdownO4' (is that a Hill Street Blues snippet in the beat) is hot, rapping with malicious intent, growling: "Def Jam lost their soul they forgot how to build an artist - so I'ma fuckin' show em"...and he truly does...

    In other news for anybody that hasn't heard Jay-Z's Black Album/Beatles White Album mish-mash here it is for download: Grey Album - DJ Danger Mouse has apparently been served with a cease and desist order from EMI Records that basically said, "Get rid of this album or your ass is as dead as Lennon." In not as many words.


    ...and on the subject of Jay-Z remix's here's an official remixed collabo of 99 Problems with fellow Roc-A-Fella/Dame Dash signee Samantha Ronson (sister of mark) Jay-Z Ft Sam Ronson - 99 Problems (Remix)

    Finally, Pharell and The Neptunes global ownership of music sales continues with their new song She Wants To Move here's the vid: New NERD ...seems like they're finally marketing themselves as a band.

    Also new and recommended:

    S.A.S. - Don't Even Think About It

    Young Gunz - Friday Night

    Dirt McGirt aka. ODB - Lift Your Skirt

    Beanie Sigel - Where I'm From

    Kanye West - Jesus Walks

    Freeway - Riding Down The Freeway

    Oschino & Sparks - Tame

    Cam'ron Vs Led Zeppelin - Shake (GTG Remix)

    M.O.P. Vs AC/DC - Fire (GTG Remix)

    Twista Vs Duran Duran - Kill Us All (GTG Remix)

    Memphis Bleek - Can I Live

    Jim Jones - Don't Disturb This Groove (remix)

    Nicole Wray - Regrets

    Rell - Someway, Somehow

    CNN Presents - Thug Out Militiament EP

    Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Appreciation


    You big commercial bastard, yuk.

  7. Wow!...you felt the need to comment on that? What reaction were you expecting after 'that' juvenile outburst earlier on in this thread?

    :( you deserved it. Anyway Ben is right, old school, new school its all hip-hop. But you older fans need to realise that there is some amazing hip-hop being made now. Just because you can't find any in HMV doesn't mean its not being released. Go to an independent record store and ask them to play you some good stuff, they'll oblige with a twinkle in their eye.

  8. Well top 5 eh Ben? Okey Dokey

    1) Only built for Cuban Links

    2) Illmatic

    3) Doomsday

    4) Supreme Clientelle

    5) Masters of Illusion

    I know these don't all sound as classic etc but I usually rate an album on how long I can listen to it over and over without getting sick of any tracks so in that respect these are the best five albums of all time (for me).

  9. Just bought Babu Duck Season Vol. 2. :angry: very disappointed. No, extremely disappointed. In fact its pretty piss poor apart from the Planet Asia track. Oh well, I guess 'recommendations' can be 'stay away froms' aswell. I'm a big fan of him & Dilated in general aswell. Nevermind.

  10. 1) Such as?

    2) Legendary in the sense that everyone has heard it, not that it's better.

    I don't think Stakes is High is quite as "Underground" as you think. I have a feeling people who heard 3 feet high and rising would have heard Stakes is High and wouldn't have been quite as impressed. I'm not saying its a bad album, I'm just saying it didnt have the impact that 3 feet did.

  11. Right now I'm listening to 'Vibrate' by Mr. Scruff. The vocals are by Braintax, who I haven't heard of before, but I like his style.

    Download this track right now if you know whats good for you.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, and my signature currently represents the coolest hip-hop track OF ALL TIME!

    93 til infinity. A very worthy contender for best hip-hop tune of all time. Oh yeah, Stakes is High did have some boring tunes! 3 feet high and rising is legendary. Just thought I'd bring up a blatently obvious question but, what is everyones favourite album of all time? After alot of arguments amongst my braincells (all two of them) it has to be Only Built for Cuban Links. Ghost and Rae at their very best, and whats better than that?!

  12. I could not agree more. There are some local guys to me who are always at the local hip hop night (Rawganics) They opened for The Nextmen when they played in Cambridge

    Delegates Of Cuture.

    I had an old bootleg tape of some freestyles they did in about 1997 and was amazed when I saw them live.

    Mark my words. They are well good.

    There is lots of good new stuff out there if you know where to look.

    Exactly, I only shop in Bongo's. I go once every 2 weeks, spend about an hour or so listening to records with the guys, chatting about the british scene, it makes you feel so much more passionate and involved when your in the middle of things, all this music and the artists are walking the same streets as you. Or is that just a weird outlook?!

  13. I think Lewis Parker is now based in New York, doing beats for emcees over there.

    Really, that must be pretty recent then? He was at the Jehst album launch a few months ago, if it is true thats a huge loss. The mans a beast on the boards.

  14. Really? Something I have missed?

    Im just trying to defend UK Hip Hop. There is some good stuff out there. Sometimes people can be really narrow-minded thats all. Surely thats what this thread is best for. Giving people a chance to sample stuff that they may never think to listen to. Thats what Fusty was doing and Das Tapen had a real pop at him. I dont know if their beef runs deeper than this thread. If it doesnt then this is a Hip Hop reccomendations thread not a place to start slating people you dont like.

    Its a reccomendations thread and thats just what he was doing.

    Fusty isn't recommending anyting I don't know about, he's basically listing every record released between 1988 and 1992. I know my hip-hop history, he's the one that needs to accept that there is some good hip-hop being released present day. The dude is a complete throw back.

  15. I think there is still alot of good independent "hod nod" stuff from the US, the new Juggknots 12", Beyonder has some nice beats, Madlibs various bits and pieces and of course Doom. But in ways of ground breaking, new interesting releases its the UK that have my attention. Over the last few years the records that have impressed me the most have been British. Braintax, Lewis Parker (amazing album) Jehst, Terra Firma, Cappo, Yungun, Asaviour (very good Ep recently released) to name a few. And I support this fully, you'd be fool not to. And its not just to support your home but its actually brilliant music, well produced (LG, Lewis Parker etc) amazing cuts (Mr Thing, MK etc) and the rhymes are alot more intelligent than most US stuff, and also we can relate to the stuff they talk about!

  16. But you may have trouble finding these artists on Kazaa kids :angry:

    ^please note the ;)

    My God I've had it, I really have. I've been sitting on my hands, handcuffing them together, but its useless I'm losing it again... Ben and others I apologise for bringing hate into this post again, I fully respect others opinions and recommendations but this guy is a fucking prick. He's a patronizing, stuck-up cunt who probably spends all day at home laying on his bed trying to suck his own maggot-sized penis and posting on this forum in between attempts. I dont give a fuck if you put a :P after your shitty little "I'm so good" comments it still makes you sound like an arrogant shite. If your going to come into a british forum and make comments about british hip-hop that simply aren't true then I hate you, and will not stop hating you until you stop trying to be so fucking "DIFFERENT", twat.

  17. mol05.jpg

    Amazing as it sounds, there used to be a fantastic UK Hip hop scene, with producer Simon Harris churning out classic album after classic album. He pretty much was Hip Hop's Pete Waterman of the day. A patchy album, but has a handful of amazing tunes.

    That doesn't sound amazing at all because there is a fantastic UK Hip-Hop scene right now, get down your nearest independent record store and get educated man, stop living in the past. And please never, ever, ever mention the name Pete W***rman ever again in a hip-hop thread, no matter what the reason.

  18. Fair enough, though. Jehst is rubbish. I went to his gig in Exeter (hoping he'd be better live) and I was blown away not by Jehst, but by Critically Ill and then the Jedi Mics. Both local, both great, and both not hyped at all, while this 'bohemian' dude gets all the cool reviews.

    Moral of the story? You're a bad person for liking Jehst. Ask your mother.

    You know nothing, listen to Premonitions EP and Alcoholic Author 12", Twat.

  19. It has to be Midnight Marauders Benny! I did suffer from the same problem, but after the heaviest rotation humanly possible Midnight Marauders came out in top for me.

    I guess alot of you are already on this, its been recommended to me for a while but I only recently got the Cappo album "Spaz The World" and is probably the best actual full length british LP I've ever heard.

    Also Diverse - 1am. Very very good, RJD2 production, Madlib, Prefuse 73 and Vast Aire features on a track! What more could you ask for?!

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