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  1. Jesus these have gone mad. I've got full setup just sitting in a box 🤦🏻‍♂️
  2. Prices for these have gone a bit nuts. I know someone mentioned retrosix but frankly those guys are ripoff merchants so I won't use their prices as a guide. Looking on eBay and knocking a chunk off coz rllmuk...GBC £100 delivered? It's got colour palette and brightness adjustment. Touch top left for pallet, top right for brightness. Smoky black shell. Does have a few specs of dust under the lens from storage but I can clear that.
  3. Speaking of Gameboys....🤦🏻‍♂️ Who wants what? Bivert/Backlit (Green) GBP IPS GBC Bivert/Backlit (Green) DMG AGS 101 GBA IPS Zelda GBA SP
  4. Slightly braggadocios post here but a few years back I dedicated my spare time to getting every single Zelda game, boxed and complete. They are all in protective boxes and stashed in a plastic container in the loft. I'll get them down and take pics at some point. Clearly the original Zelda was the trickiest/most expensive.
  5. Das

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Not sure how I feel about that...all I do know is Rah Digga looks frickin OLD.
  6. Having installed both budget and funnyplaying, have to say the funnyplaying screens are far superior. However their customer service...not so much! We had some teething problems with the GBP version but I've installed a handful of the DMG ones too and they are stunning.
  7. @Stejay if you are nervous about drilling the holes for the buttons I would strongly recommend you put them in the location I've used. Reason being; the control deck is much thicker, more visible and not reversible so if you make any cockups you are screwed! Where I put them, it's a really thin piece of MDF and reversible so if you get any splits on either side when you drill through, you can turn it round and use the 'good' side. I used a wood drill bit to match the button, maybe 22mm bit? The power and volume I followed some instructions I found on Reddit I think. Will try and dig them out. Power was easy. Volume was slightly trickier to follow.
  8. Das

    This is Hip-Hop.

    I was going to post about this last week sometime and then forgot. In fact, I was going to post and say something like 'I know Cal will already be on this'. It is definitely Madlibs Donuts. It's EXACTLY what I thought after the first few listens through. It's a timeless piece and it is absolutely designed to be listened to in its entirety.
  9. RPis are the ultimate tinkerers tool (ooh matron). Weirdly having mine in a cab has made me less inclined to piss about with it. It's probably the best gaming related thing I've ever done, though. Witnessing the absolute pure joy my two biggest lads get when they are slaying footclan on TMNT is just incredible. And them reenacting all the cutscenes etc. It's pure gold.
  10. Another mouser here for the DE10 but then I bought everything else from AliExpress.... Loads cheaper than Mister site and it hasn't blown up... yet.
  11. Fair enough! I kept it stock as SF2 for a good 6 months after I bought it (mainly whilst waiting for modding components to arrive from China) and let the boys have a good blast on street fighter, then when they were kind of getting bored I BLEW THEIR MIND with a 128gb worth of games They love the TMNT arcade games.
  12. Yeah it works out much cheaper than buying it all seperately (cab, monitor, decals etc) It was a toss up between MK2 and SF2 but SF2 had standard button layout whereas MK2 has a weird configuration...but granted it has better decals!
  13. I wasn't too sure where to post this, couldn't see a 'bodged arcade machine' thread Arcade1Up SF2 cab with Raspberry Pi 3B. I kind of followed a hybrid of different guides because I wanted to keep the cab as stock as possible. So it has the original sticks and buttons. The only external addition I had to make was to drill the two holes for the 'Coin/Select' buttons. Because I kept the stock sticks I had to cut the cables and resolder them to the USB encoder wires. I also managed to get the built-in speaker running straight off the LCD controller by soldering the speaker cables to the underside of the board. No dodgy car amp needed. Finally using the GPIO pins on the Pi and some clever code I've got the on/off switch operating perfectly and even the volume 3 position switch! Goes from sound off >25% vol>75% vol. Great 128gb image too. Well happy!
  14. I think that's fair comment and tbh was my initial instinct.
  15. I mean would it be ok to advertise on forum for cex cash price? It feels uncomfortable but I'd rather it go to someone decent for less than scalpers.
  16. If I were to sell mine what's an acceptable practice? I genuinely bought it for myself but practically it doesn't fit in my setup...I mean physically rather! It takes up a cupboard space that leaves no room for my series S. I'm going to wait for the slim version in a few years or so. I don't want to 'scalp' on eBay because it was never my intention plus it doesn't sit right with me. Cex will give me £625 cash but I hate those bastards. What a weird dilemma!!!
  17. Set mine up last night. I can't fall in love with it on looks and feel. Massive ugly hunk of plasticy tat!!! A can't believe how massive it is, it's actually making me a bit sad
  18. Das

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Listen man, anyone who samples Scooby Doo deserves GOD status
  19. Das

    This is Hip-Hop.

    'Sample' is pushing it. He's literally looped it! But still a beaut.
  20. Das

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Can you fucking believe this shit? Genuinely devastated.
  21. Sorry probably slightly off topic but I can't stop laughing at this and didn't know where else I could share the lols. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254722579607
  22. The suggested location is by the IR sensor but technically you can put it anywhere. But yeah, if you put it there the IR sensor still works.
  23. IPS are £28 on AliExpress. #Aliexpress £27.92 38%OFF | IPS Full Screen LCD Backlight kits for Nintendo Gameboy Color ips backlight lcd for GBC Game Console LCD screen with glass lens https://a.aliexpress.com/_d88Ynlx
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