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  1. 37 minutes ago, geldra said:

    @Das thank you. Good to know re contrast on the Pocket. 


    On the Deadpan Robot site they mention issues with power and the backlight on the Pocket. Do you know much about that? 

    Yeah it struggles. Need to use high power rechargeable batteries. If you run the pocket with backlight and a flash cart it doesn't cope that well to be honest!! 

  2. On 22/05/2019 at 19:03, geldra said:

    Picked up a GB Pocket and wouldn’t mind giving the backlight/bivert mod a go. Does anyone have any good resources to check for info on doing it (seen quite a few vids on YT) and places to pick up the bits? 




    Apols if this is covered in any other threads. 

    Hello! Should be able to give you a few pointers here.


    First one...if it's your first GB mod I would advise against the pocket. It's actually a horrible mod to do. The screen is super fragile and you will ruin the connection between the ribbon and screen when trying to remove the film. Try an original DMG 


    Secondly If you insist on the pocket you don't need the bivert mod. The contrast was much better on the pocket. Just backlight kit.


    Third...Get it (and any other GB kit) from deadpan robot. Great site and quality products.


    Hope that helps man. Drop me a PM if you have any other queries.

  3. 3 hours ago, SpagMasterSwift said:

    Is it Ikaruga hard?

    It makes Ikaruga look piss easy. However, it probably lends itself to progression better than something like ikaruga as it's a quick reload and retry type setup...note; it is easy to lose hours playing it due to that fact!

  4. 6 hours ago, JPickford said:

    Which is a game.

    I've never been able to get more than 5 minutes into a Pokémon title...but if you tell me its a proper game then I trust you. It's not just walking round collecting stuff?

  5. 27 minutes ago, Jamie John said:

    That half inch gap above the BOTW box is a fucking travesty. Stuff it with something, quick.

    That gap is there for a reason. None of the other titles wanted to be associated with BOTW. 


    It's not that bad really. It's just not a Zelda game.

  6. I really like BOTW, don't get me wrong. But it's not a game really is it? It's a massive world that you prance around, some weird shit happens and then it's over after a few hours. And then, if you have OCD and too much time on your hands, you can play it for another 1000000 hours collecting stuff. So it's basically Pokémon.

  7. 2 hours ago, RYAN WHITELAW said:

    Started playing Zelda. After about 2 hours all im thinking is "is this supposedly the best game ever?" But im on the 4th hour and i think i may be warming to it. 


    How do you get more hearts, i take it i have to just keeping completing shrines?

    No it's not the best game ever. It's not even the best Zelda game ever. In fact, it's not even a proper Zelda game.

  8. 42 minutes ago, Luseth said:



    Thank you both. Its just the switch case im going to look at getting done (has a couple of cracks from those early issues and there is 1 in particular that really bugs me when i play in handheld mode

    Cool. If you don't fancy diving in then I can do it for you for a small fee.

  9. 1 hour ago, rgraves said:


    I think the main Switch case is relatively easy to do, but the joycons are much more fiddly. I got @Das to fit a new translucent case to mine (he did an excellent job), so he'll have more of an idea.

    Exactly. Case is pretty easy. Joy-cons...they are a whole other matter! I actually broke one of the trigger switches doing my own Switch recently. Luckily I managed to bodge a repair with some superglue! To be more specific the see-through joy-con cases are the trickiest. If you are changing for a solid colour case it's not as fiddly due to not having to change the centre part of the housing.

  10. On 21/01/2019 at 17:03, Camel said:

    I'm going to the Jazz Cafe gig. Saw him there before with Insight and it was incredible.

    Yeah I would highly recommend Edan live. I saw him play with Mr Lif back in the day.

  11. So as many of you know, I use to frequent the hip-hop thread back in the day and have listened almost exclusively to hip-hop since I was a wee lad.


    A few years back, when no decent hip-hop was really being released, I had a bit of a revelation. I have Mr Bongo to thank for it, a mate linked me to their Mixcloud account and I was hooked. It also led me to a guy called DJ Timber. I can't really explain what I'm about to say but Salsa/Guaguanco/Mambo/Guaracha/Son gives me the same feeling that a good hip-hop record would. Actually, probably even better. To the point where I now actually own more Salsa records than hip-hop (and that is no mean feat!)


    For people who may recognise artists; think Ray Barretto, Tito Puente, Gran Combo, Willie Colón, Bobby Valentine.


    For people who stick to record labels think: Fania, Cotique, Tico


    Anyway, just a bit of background incase you thought my account had been hacked! :hat:


    What better way to start than this absolute classic. I do not use that term lightly.




  12. Just picked up a modded machine from Jei (thanks mate!) as I wanted to recreate my old setup from back in the day with network adaptor and HD. Have FMB card also. I'm sure there must have been some decent shooters and platformers I missed first time round. Any recommendations for stuff that was slightly out of the mainstream?


    @ScouserInExile I really enjoyed that post about the PS2 testing days. I think compared to the mighty juggernaut that was the Xbox, the PS2 always seemed a bit flimsy! I never personally had any issues with either console but the Xbox was such a tank you would never feel nervous giving it a thrashing.

  13. Is Captain Toad an exact replica of the Wii U version? I found the camera control annoying and clumsy, mainly  the zoom. One was too far, one was too close! Great game otherwise.

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