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  1. 1 hour ago, beakbeak said:

    I have a gba sp that could benefit from a screen that you could actually see. 


    How much would you charge for such a service? 

    Sorry, to be clear this is for original GBAs. The SP's, bizarrely, you can't switch out for a backlit screen. They require drastic mainboard modifications and still hit and miss. You are better off grabbing an AGS101 from eBay if you want an SP.

  2. Hello you lot,


    I haven't really been gaming and subsequently haven't been on here for years due to having kids and trying to be a grown up...but the old gaming itch has crept back in!


    I've been playing with modding consoles etc in the evenings and just wondered; if I started a bit of a Gameboy modding service would there be any appetite? It would be backlight mods mainly for GBA consoles and original DMG Gameboy consoles. I could provide the whole thing or people could send me their consoles and I could mod and return.


    It's just an idea and will depend on the interest. Obviously there could already be someone offering a perfectly good service already in which case I'll leave it be, of course.

  3. It's only horrible if those proceeds don't reach his Mom Dukes. Other than that, fuck it, records are for listening to. I bet Dilla's owned more than a few good ones. They might even find some unreleased Dilla beats in those crates. Could be all good!

    I dunno man, I just have this crazy idea of them all being suspended in some huge glass display unit in a museum somewhere.

  4. Haha 'can we just clarify'. Jeez.

    Gas Mask is an excellent album.

    It's a good album. Journalist 103 is a painfully average rapper, if he had some pap beats behind him it would be one of the most dreadful albums of all time. His voice is boring, his flow is horrible and his hooks are shit. That album is all about the beats.

  5. There's the excellent Gas Mask album as 'The Left' with Journalist 103.

    Sorry...can we just clarify. The production is really tight but Journalist is a really...really boring emcee. The album Apollo did with Hassaan Mackey is the one you want, he's a much better emcee. Daily Bread.

  6. This track towards the end is sick:


    I'd say this whole tape he's "trying" to rap. A lot of the criticism is that he doesn't often do that, but Lil B heads all know that he can get lyrical when he wants to. This whole tape is one of those moments.

    I'm digging the mixtape, only got it on low-level at work but its a nice tempo. His flow reminds me of one of the Monsta Island Czars or something...also a touch of Count Bass D in there too.

  7. Look, don't get me wrong...I'm still clinically sane. My last purchase were Yu - The Earn, Has-Lo - Conversation B and 14KT - A Friendly Game of KT. All purchased on vinyl from Fat Beats in the US...so I'm ok, don't worry. I'm just taking most albums at face value now, forgetting who the general market is, how popular they are etc. That said, there are some decent sounding tracks on the Drake album. 50% is pretty lame and pathetic, but there is some good shit. This, for example:

  8. I've become more accepting and tolerant of mainstream hip-hop, I even like some of it now...but Lil' Wayne is a pop artist, really shouldn't be in this thread.

  9. Shit this really is quite good isn't it, easily the best mainstream album I have heard for a while.

    He reminds me of Phonte in that his lyrics just seem really heartfelt without the usual bullshit from a lot or rappers.

    Production on it is a little samey but It held my attention for a whole album which is a rare feat these days.

    It's a grower too...seriously! First time I heard it was like "Yeah, this is pretty decent"...but I've listened about 10 times or so now, really is a solid mainstream album. He get's quite a lot of hate though, which I don't really understand. He produced this really dope beat for Fash a while back too, love this:


  10. Some more releases of note:

    Sean Born - Behind the Scale (Kev Brown, oddisee and dunc production)

    14KT - A Friendly Game of KT (instrumental LP)

    Big KRIT - 4Eva N A Day (free download)

  11. I thought the J.Cole album was 50/50, definitely got skills though. Lights please is probably my favourite on there.

    The track with Missy is dope too, actually the album is growing on me generally. The only one I really don't like now is the track with Jay-Z.

  12. Has the J Cole album got any love in here? It's a decent album...seriously! He is a bit like Drakes slightly happier brother at times...but his production skills are impressive and he has some pretty clever lyrics at times. Worth a listen, there's a couple of tracks I skip but the majority is good music. This track is one of my faves:

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