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  1. That Has-Lo track is really nice. Will have to check the album.

    You know I would highly recommend checking his albums in reverse order. Conversation B first, then In Case I Don't Make It...you'll kind of see why when you do it :)

  2. Really got in to Has-lo. I'm pretty sure I posted about Coversation B a little while back (the remix album of "In Case I Don't Make It").

    Really got into the original now...bit of a backward way to do it but hey. One of the highlights:

  3. So, I'm a little behind in my hiphop (about a year) and for Christmas I asked for a few albums to get me listening again. Ive become a massive fan of Apollo Brown's work so got The Left-Gasmask and Daily Bread. Only listened to The Left so far, but I'd recommend it, quality album throughout.

    Woo...if you think Gasmask is good wait until you hear Daily Bread. One of my albums of 2011, loved it!

  4. This album is just pure flames.


    Has-lo - Conversation b.

    He basically made an album called "In case I don't make it" which was self produced and then released a completely reworked version of it, so same lyrics but delivered differently and with all guest producers; Apollo Brown, Oddisee, Kev Brown, J-Zone. It's amazing, incredible how he's made it all sound so cohesive considering the amount of different producers. You should all check it.

    Here's the J-Zone joint:


  5. Meanwhile, in unlikely but massively dope hip-hop collaborations #46,703, the Young Jeezy-affiliated gangsta rapper Freddie Gibbs is dropping an EP produced 100% by Madlib. Shitsbananaz if these two tracks are anything to go by:

    Oh my fucking DAYS, man!

    Yeah Gibbs is dope. Have you heard his track on the latest Ski Beatz album?

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