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  1. Anyone checked MED's new album, Classic? I streamed a few previews and it sounds solid. This stringed-out Madlib production stood out:


    He's got most of the beats on there, while Alchemist, Karriem Riggins, Oh No and Georgia Anne Muldrow also contribute.

    I'm definitely going to check it as the beats will be dope, no doubt. I'm even coming round to MED's flow now, it actually sounds shit hot on the right kind of beat but can get tedious over the duration of an album.

  2. Anyone listened to the new Evidence album? Looks good with most of the production by Alchemist and Sid Roams.

    Didn't realise it was out yet, was checking for it last week...will look again later.

  3. I'm loving the mixtape, can't stop listening to it. He needs to do a proper album now, with El-P on production please.

    Just got round to downloading it, gonna check it tomorrow I think. Looks like it needs my full attention judging by the production credits!

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