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  1. I get where he's coming from, the money isn't there to produce a sequel because most people bought it in a sale, or have now had it free with Plus. As others have already pointed out though, it's simply not realistic to expect people to shell out full price for a new IP with lukewarm reviews and in need of a patch. However, since I've had my PS5, I've received various emails congratulating me on finishing a game. They have the metrics to see exactly how engaged I am with any given title. It seems to me that rather than relying on revenue to inform a decision, publishers could see h
  2. I've just seen the West Ham score - win on Monday, and we'll be 4th, although Chelsea will have a game in hand. It's looking a lot less bleak now.
  3. The game itself has been pretty lacklustre for years now, if I had any faith in Konami's servers I'd have switched back to Pro Evo permanently after a brief dalliance in 2018, but if you can't consistently get a game against someone there's no point.
  4. I've given up on the game a while back already, so I thought fuck it, sold my few tradeables which was just enough for one roll of the dice. Fucking Deco
  5. I've just finished this, great game but ENDING SPOILERS
  6. Ah well, at least they put in a performance tonight. Looking at the semi finalists, you know it's a spectacular bunch of bastards when I say I hope Real Madrid go on to win it.
  7. We're playing well enough, and I'm enjoying the game at least which is more than could be said after the first half last week.
  8. Centre back wise, it's looking like we're already wrapping up a deal for Konaté from RB Leipzig. I can't say I know much about him, but he's supposed to be a good prospect. So far, I don't see enough in Kabak, he's not a bad player but he's too slow to play in a high line - the same is true of Phillips, but he won't cost us a transfer fee to keep around. I'd be happy enough going into next season with Van Dijk, Gomez, Matip, Konaté and Phillips, with Williams and Koumetio (I think that's his name? The young lad Klopp was talking up pre-season) as back up for when they all inevitably shatter th
  9. I'm about 20 hours in, I've played a bit with the long sword but I'm mostly hammer. I've got a question though - is there a way to pinpoint where to get specific items? One of my side quests wants wisplanterns, and I can't see a way of figuring out where it is in game without literally scouring each of the maps. I have inadvertently managed to find out where they are when looking into how to find specific items on Google, but I'd rather there was a way to find them similar to how I can use the hunters notes to determine how to get specific monster parts.
  10. We did a goal! At Anfield! Edit: never mind, VAR says no.
  11. Urgh. I take back my comment about us not playing too badly, it's all gone to shit. I can't see it bringing us back into it tonight, but we need Firmino on just to give us some sort of presence in the middle and help retain possession to stop it getting any worse. I like Keita, even tonight he had a couple of decent runs at them, but when he keeps getting injured it's hard to keep faith in him. If the thinking was to get in and around their aging midfield, Jones would have been a better choice.
  12. Generally, I don't think we're playing too badly, second best for sure but not dreadful. Our back line is being shown up for it's lack of pace though, they're finding it way too easy to get beyond our centre backs. Why we're playing such a high line I don't know. And as I'm typing this, they score again.
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