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  1. I've only just got around to watching the Christmas special.
  2. We've looked good in spells, but when you're great for 20 minutes and fucking awful for 70, you're going to get done over. All credit to Brentford, they dug deep and slowed it down again when it looked like we might turn it around.
  3. Keita's looking good here, he's making stuff happen. Him aside though, the intensity has dropped again.
  4. This is absolute dog shit. If our midfield can't get about and provide cover, then we need to stop playing such a high line, we just don't have the personnel for it any more.
  5. We could have been 3 down here, only lucky offsides have saved us. Fuck knows what's going on at corners.
  6. My mate reckons he saw Javier Mascherano buying a second hand PS2 when he was at Liverpool. I reckon he's chatting shit.
  7. Thanks. I bought it, and managed to patch it by tethering my Switch to my phone.
  8. I'm thinking of picking this up today, however I'm without internet right now. Is there a day one patch for it, or would I be good to go out of the box?
  9. Whereas 'doing a Full Ham' sounds like the kind of thing David Cameron gets up to in his shed.
  10. I was there yesterday, first time I'd been in over seven years. The pressing looked really good to start with, but very quickly the whole right side of the pitch went to shit. Trent was getting sucked into the press too often, leaving gaps in behind him, but Salah wasn't providing any defensive pressure on that side as he kept drifting into the middle. I'd struggle to suggest either were at fault for their decision making though, it looks like a deliberate tactic from higher up, particularly as none of the other players were giving them grief for it. Something odd that I noticed was the way the team was setting up on their goal kicks in the first half. Rather than setting up in a 433, Trent was pushed right up in line with Carvalho on the other side to make it a 334. It suggests to me that it's deliberate from Klopp, in some sort of ploy to get Trent to work further up the pitch than usual, playing as more of a centre mid in transition rather than a right back. It'd explain why the team are struggling right now anyway if they are trying something new there, I don't think losing Mane is sufficient to explain the drop off from last season.
  11. I nearly cried when that was headed off the line.
  12. We live in a world where you can get arrested for holding a piece of paper, yet somehow that wasn't a foul on Salah from Bassey.
  13. Been good so far, but for some worldie goalkeeping we'd be well ahead. A bit shaky around the goal, mind, but the way they rallied again is encouraging.
  14. Great ball in from Jota for that.
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