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  1. It's a visual glitch, it's been doing it all day. Not that that is fine, but you can still get a game played. I went 11-3 in weekend league, before quitting out of my next 3 when I went 1 down then gifting my last few. I probably could have pushed for 14, but honestly, I just couldn't be fucked. Nothing great from my packs, but I did get some nice fodder from my red picks, Fernandes and Muller. I'm going to give it a rest for a couple of weeks now, I've had covid this week so I've fallen behind on my uni work and I have an assignment due in soon. I've sold out of anything worthwhile and have about 1.3 million to build back with on my return.
  2. Kante is a huge improvement over Verratti, I should have done it ages ago. I stuck with Guendouzi tonight, but I've just bought Savanier to give him a quick go. His stats are slightly better on his HL card so if I do stick with him, I won't bother with the POTM.
  3. Arteta's working out how to get the second half postponed now.
  4. Whilst I think they're heading that way more generally, I'm not having it about Simon Hughes, who is very good. I think the headline is very clickbaity, but it's probably the case that the editorial team choose that in any case. From reading (some of) it, it seems like a fuck up from an independent test centre, mixed with confused messaging from Klopp, has lead to a bunch of conspiracy theories from Arsenal fans that then don't see a problem with having the Tottenham game postponed because Xhaka had a suspension.
  5. I'm after some CDM advice - this is my current line-up, switches to 4231 in game with 2 CDMs and 3 CAMs. I'm looking at swapping either Verratti or Guendouzi out so I can get Salah on full chemistry, with the caveat being that Verratti would be coming out for someone purely defensive and Guendouzi would come out for a box to box all rounder - essentially, swapping like for like. I have around 300k to spend, I'm currently looking at either mid Gerrard or mid Ballack in for Guendouzi, or Kante in for Verratti but I'm not able to figure out how to make that work without Kante taking a drastic hit to his chemistry. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  6. It's a fucking stupid situation - they can either get rid of him now, or renew his contract because football accounting rules would allow them to amortise his ridiculous transfer fee over the rest of his new contract, crucially freeing up funds right now to be able to sign new players, even though they will have made a long term financial commitment that means they'll actually have less money in the long term. No doubt Dembele will be milking this for all it's worth, either getting a pay rise from Barca or a huge signing on fee in the summer.
  7. Neymar is incredible in my team playing as the left CAM, not many goal contributions but he adds so much in terms of progression up the pitch (same with Salah as my right CAM, so it's likely just how I play them meaning they don't score too many) - I'd be moving heaven and earth to get him in. The stats aren't always the be all and end all, some players seem to just have a little extra magic and Neymar is one of them. Try a few games with him at full chemistry at least, it's the only way to make an informed decision.
  8. This is my list of notable pulls having cracked all my packs just now. I went ahead and did the 85x3 packs afterwards, getting Di Maria, TOTW Muller, TOTW Handanovic and Keylor Navas from them. Not great then, but I've got some high rated fodder if an icon I want comes into an SBC. De Bruyne untradeable Kane untradeable Gulacsi TOTW untradeable Modric untradeable David Silva Keylor Navas Trent Koulibaly Meunier TOTW x2
  9. This makes sense - I might just open all my packs now, I was hoping that Trent would get a TOTY card but having seen the leaks, I'm not too enthusiastic for it at all. BRB.
  10. EA forgot to put Prime players in these packs, so they're compensating everyone who did it with another player pick pack, fixed this time. I've already moved on from Socrates, turns out a front 4 of Messi, Icardi, Neymar and Salah is really fucking good, even if Salah is on 8 chem and Messi on 7. Can't wait for my baby Deco!
  11. I did an 86+ FUT Champions upgrade - I don't think there are too many better results than this.
  12. I did Icardi, he's awesome. Best thing about him is that the important shooting stats are basically already maxed out so you can use chemistry to pad him out elsewhere, I've put an engine on mine. That's RTTK Fekir and Flashback Benzema both out of my team in the space of 24 hours. Thanks for this, unfortunately when I sold up I didn't quite have enough for Nedved, so I got Neymar instead, and he's broken - so much better than Messi on the other side.
  13. Has anyone used either Stoichkov or Nedved this year? I've got the coins to switch Bamba out for my LW, and my choices are Neymar or an icon. The stats on Stoichkov look incredible, but I'd be concerned by his 3 star weak foot. Bear in mind I don't use any skill moves, so the skills rating would be irrelevant.
  14. I've dropped him in my team at CAM and had a quick go - he actually seems very, very good. I only played one game, but he always seemed to be in a good position to receive the ball, and he's very capable of picking a pass himself. His lack of pace might be a problem at some point, and it means I've had to move Messi back out wide, but if he works out, I'd want Messi receiving the ball from him anyway, rather than the other way round. I might finally be done with Fekir.
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