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  1. I used to feel like this a lot, particularly for my Dreamcast and about 50 games which I traded in for a PS2 slim when that came out so I could play Pro Evo 4 (my Xbox had long since packed in, unfortunately), but I've only really got recent stuff now, and I don't miss any of it or regret not being able to sell Burning Rangers for a lot more than I did back then. Most games that are worth playing again will get a rerelease at some point, and life's too short to worry about not playing Headhunter or Rogue Squadron again. Not really in the spirit of the question though, so I'll offer up one that I regret not buying - Steel Battalion. It looked amazing, but £100 is a lot when your 15. I could have picked it up as a student I suppose, but beer was a much higher priority. I'll likely never play it now, due to the price and the fact I can't be arsed to get a set up that won't look garbage on my massive TV.
  2. I'll gladly admit I'm shit, but I must have gone 15 games without a win before I realised.
  3. As I said up thread, I got back into this in the week, and I just got battered for about 15 games, my skill rating dropping from high division 5 to low division 6. I gave it up, and resigned myself to the fact that I was just complete dogshit at FIFA now. Playing my Switch docked for the first time in a while, however, I noticed that my TV had reset itself to cinema mode from game mode, presumably in an update, and that had introduced a huge amount of input lag Tried again tonight, selling up again and going with the team below, with TOTY Kante subbing on for Keane at the start, everyone full chem except Ter Stegen on 7. I'm still not as good as I was, but I managed a few wins at least, which has made me happy. As far as impressions go, Taarabt and Rafa are both disgusting, superb dribbling and shooting on both of them. Gabriel might be the best CDM I've used this year, he's an absolute unit yet he can get himself about the pitch with ease. Vinicius is fine, but not quite as nimble as I'd like - one way I could improve the team would be to get CR7 in for him, but I am not even close to having the resources to get him in. I'd also like to swap Nesta for someone quicker, but I have no idea how I'll manage that.
  4. First 2 Bundesliga games I will have watched (possibly ever? I'm not sure I've ever watched one before) will have featured Dortmund, so I guess I'm a Dortmund fan now. Who has everyone else picked?
  5. I'm one of the few that actually enjoyed this the first time around, even if I did get stung for 40 quid just to have the game die almost immediately. I'll be back in for another go, but it would need to be pretty fucking spectacular to keep me invested seeing as it's already fallen on it's arse once.
  6. Xcom 2 was the last game I completed - 9/10. Absolutely fantastic game, but let down a bit by a few bugs, and the challenge drops off completely once you've researched some better weapons, the balancing was way off. I'm currently playing Wolfenstein The New Order and Streets of Rage 4. Wolfenstein, 6/10. It's good, without setting the world on fire, but playing this after Doom 2016 hasn't done it any favours. I'm about halfway through, so I'll finish it before starting Doom Eternal, which I've just had for my birthday. SoR4 - 8/10. This would probably be a 9 or 10 if I could actually play online without it dropping every 20 minutes or so. Such a great game, let down by network issues. I want to play through it with my brother first before playing single player to do all the unlocks, so this might need to wait until we can actually be sat in the same room and smash through it.
  7. I think you're reaching a bit, to be honest. I know that there are still some of us that feel aggrieved by the way he left (which wasn't much different to how others have left clubs to join us - see any number of Southampton players), but for me at least, Sterling has been exemplary in public recently, and this tallies with a lot of his views. You need to remember that a scrapped season fucks City over too, given they're amongst the favourites to win the Champions League, and as it stands now they won't be competing in it again for a couple of years.
  8. Seeing Mario 64 on a demo pod in Toys R Us, and running around the castle grounds. It was a long wait for Christmas that year - imagine the joy when early that morning we found out you could jump into the paintings! I don't think anything will come close to that again, with the magic combination of it being my first taste of 3D gaming (aside from Doom and Wolfenstein, which still used sprites), and being 10 years old. In more modern times, Arkham Asylum impressed by managing to be both a great stealth game and a superb brawler. The sequels killed the formula by going open world, unfortunately.
  9. I'd felt the same thing having watched both the opening game and the Germany vs Czech Republic game. I was expecting there to be a drop in terms of fitness compared to today, but the lack of build up was astonishing. Knocking it long to your centre forwards seemed to be the only way anyone was capable of moving up the pitch, even when they're tightly marked.
  10. My first was a built in Master System game as well, but it was Sonic for me. I think I was 4 when my brother and I got it for Christmas, which would make it 1991, but a quick Google puts Sonic's release date as 28th December 1991, so maybe I was 5.
  11. That goal is even better. Brandt is a lovely player.
  12. I don't think it's quite pre season, Dortmund are growing into it now and making some nice runs off the ball. The lack of atmosphere is a shame, but given it's this or nothing, I'd gladly take this. One positive is that I can see German football gaining a lot of fans just by being the first league back.
  13. I've not played for months, but I'm going to have a go this week, and probably get battered due to a combination of shitty outdated team and rusty skills. Going with this using Timmo's guide, all on full chem. Once I've cleared a bit more out, Trezeguet will be swapped for Mbappe.
  14. Keegan on the commentary whinging about technology ruining the game - he's talking about electronic substitutions boards
  15. Simply Red and a load of balloons - what an opening ceremony! And Lee Hurst in the build up! I'd say we've moved on loads since then, but we've not really, have we? Really looking forward to kick off, I was following Liverpool prior to this tournament, but Euro 96 was the point at which I really turned on to football.
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