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  1. Courtois, I've used both and Courtois was much better. I only used Oblak pre-patch, however, so this might have changed.
  2. I've just gone back, it was @AlfromSleep. Go buy Lozano if you haven't, the price is trending up now.
  3. @carlospie, I think it was you who was after Lozano. Buy him now if you haven't, I've been tracking this week's TOTW players and he's starting to pick back up now.
  4. I've played 6 games with my new team, and although I wasn't too sure on Litmanen early on, he's got 6 goals and 6 assists, and I've grown to love him. He always seems to be in the right position. David next to him is absurd as well, it's harder to track his stats accurately because I'd used him off the bench 14 times and he will have scored 2 or 3 from that, but if you can fit him in, he comes highly recommended. The 5 star weak foot on him is very nice.
  5. I've just played as far as the bar bit - I was enjoying it just fine, but now I'm completely fucking sold. What a game!
  6. Weekend League done, I ended on 10 wins. I need to win 2 from my last 3 to get rank 2, but I lost the next 2 and so gifted the final game to my opponent. I've sold my team and reinvested my coins, hopefully to tie up value in special cards for when normal golds eventually plummet. I went for base Litmanen up top to play as a target man (which actually plays more like a false 9), I'm hoping he can do a job because he's about the only Icon I can reasonably afford right now. Once they all have loyalty, everyone will be at 10 chem in the starting formation, except Ramos who I've had to shove in at right back. I'm not expecting great things, if I'm honest, I just wanted to actually use Foden and Romero while I wait for their value to go up. I'm going to buy Raphinha and Depay either tonight or tomorrow morning, partly to use as super subs but mostly to round out my investment portfolio. I got Milinkovic-Savic and Lozano as my red picks this week, so when I get around to selling Foden, probably after next weekend, I'll likely use Serie A as my shell to jam more in form players in.
  7. Wow. That's better than the City goal. Ballon D'or, surely?
  8. Jesus, he's calling time on Ranieri's reign as Watford manager because they look poor against one of the best teams in the world. As bad as most commentary is these days, he's shockingly bad at it.
  9. I was just going to ask, why is this gobshite from The One Show commentating? 2-0 now.
  10. Salah's just incredible right now. I wasn't sure we'd ever see a player as good as Suarez in 13/14 playing for us again, but Salah is making an absolute mockery of that notion.
  11. I'm currently 5 from 11, it's no guarantee I'll get rank 3 this week. Plus, as Timmo says, a lot of people are really struggling just to get in, so the number of people getting all these TOTW players isn't really that high. Besides, so what if there is? The market will adapt to what's being put in. If TOTW players are undervalued, stuff like the RTTKS cards will be worth more.
  12. I don't know about that - having a 60% win rate in the game's premier competition, and one that's harder to get into now, is bloody impressive in it's own right, and deserves to be rewarded. Add to that the worse rewards for Rivals this year, and I think the balance is pretty good.
  13. Get Lozano either late Saturday or early Sunday, that's when TOTW is typically at it's cheapest.
  14. I got Neuer in mine, hiding behind some silver Copa Libertadores player. I now have 55k of the 300k or so I'll need to sink into Barnes. I also have Foden and David TOTWs to sell, I'm hoping they both follow the trend of other TOTW cards and increase in value over the weekend.
  15. Aren't they all in packs now until Friday?
  16. I've been bashing my head against this all week, really struggling to progress and finding myself unable to score. I had a little brainwave though, I had followed the tactics I'd stolen to the letter and set all of my strikers to run in behind, whether I was playing 352 or 433 narrow, so I went into my 352 and set Lewandowski as a target man. It's only gone and fucking worked, suddenly gaps are appearing in my opponent's defence, and I won 3 on the bounce to finally get past the first checkpoint in division 2. Sane is still stretching the defence, allowing Lewandowski to step into midfield to pick up the ball, who will often pull a centre back with him, allowing Sane and Coman space to get in behind. Lovely stuff. With a bit of luck this weekend with rewards, I might be able to pick up my first icon, and although I've just managed to get a bit more out of him, it'll likely be Lewa to get the chop. Looking at my options, base Bergkamp and mid Litmanen both look good for this sort of false 9 role I've created - but then the stats on base Barnes look incredibly well suited to it if I slap a chemistry style on him to boost his shooting. I always get base Barnes, and it's a bit boring to get him again, but he's always excellent for me, and it only just occurred to me but base Barnes actually played in the very first football game I went to, which no other Liverpool icon did - so did Bergkamp and Wright, as it happens, but I wasn't fucking there to see them. Fuck it, it's Barnes. Can't wait.
  17. Don't do this. The usual pattern with these special cards is that they increase on the back of good performances, and then settle or even drop after the upgrade happens - and that's even if it happens. Either way, the market gets flooded with a card that nobody actually wants to use for their team, and people will be frantically undercutting each other just to get rid. Not to mention that there will be another identical card hitting the market at the same time. The time to invest would have been immediately after his good performance, and the time to sell would be now while he's hyped. I'm speaking from experience, I got burned on some Danny Ings headliner cards either last season or the season before, I forget which.
  18. The point would be to use untradeables, but even so, it is bad. I found myself eyeing up Umtiti earlier, it looks like a good card, but chucking 80k away this early to be tied into a specific league isn't a good idea.
  19. They are a little obtuse. Basically, hit 5 wins and then quit out of any remaining games if you can't get to 8 wins.
  20. So I've qualified for weekend league again, and I've got my 7 wins for rivals. I think I'm out for a few days, the game itself is just very frustrating to play right now. It's looking like the patch on PC hasn't helped any, which probably explains why it hasn't dropped anywhere else yet, hopefully they get something out by the weekend to at least shake it up a bit. I still don't have my red picks from the weekend just gone either, so after a positive start for this year, I'm already getting fed up of it. On the plus side, I picked up OTW Thomas Delaney as a potential investment and tried him in my team, and I've been pleasantly surprised considering his normal card is 700 coins. He's a bit clunky on the ball, but he's a rock defensively. If you need a La Liga CDM on a budget, you could do a lot worse, and if he gets an upgrade or 2, he could be an absolute monster.
  21. My fire and rehire policy has backfired, Llorente I sold for 127,000 coins, and having never really dropped in value over the weekend, is now selling at 20k more than that. Militao is selling for less than what I sold him for, but that seems to have less to do with the ebb and flow from the weekend league, and more to do with his price correcting itself to it's long term point given he's a low rated card and more of them will be hitting the market every day. Where I have seen a win though is the Navas TOTW card I bought last week at 33,750 and is now selling at about 62k. I won't be selling as he's very much in my team (and my heart), but I think going forward my spare coins will be going into useable TOTW cards. I bought David yesterday morning at 23k, and I'll use him as a super sub until his price rises to a point where I'm happy to get rid. He's at 25k and rising now, I'm hoping by the weekend he'll hit at least 30k, at which point I'll be looking to sell and pick up another forward from the new TOTW in his place. I would have picked up Foden at around 90k too (already at 106k), but I rather foolishly bought another 3 Alabas on top of the one I'm using at 30k a piece - currently at 33k, so a slight profit already to be made, I might wait until the weekend before selling out of that one and reinvesting in a mid level TOTW. If anyone else is looking at TOTW players, late Saturday/early Sunday appears to be the low point on them before they start rising again.
  22. I will be, not only is it the right thing to do, but I'm pretty certain I wouldn't be able to enjoy it anyway knowing it was built on slave labour. I do wish the players would take a stand against it, though, that's the only way anyone will take any notice.
  23. No, just got rid of the rewards for now until they fix them being tradeable. They'll give them out at a later date. I was on a bit of a losing streak on 7 wins, so with 3 games left I set the 4321 counter cheese tactic up, just in case. I went 2-0 down in about 20 minutes, so I switched it up. Ended up winning 3-2 in extra time, with poster boy of sweat Muriel scoring the winner from the bench. I then won the last 2 fixtures with relative ease, finishing on 10 wins. I feel like I've sold my soul, but I'm going to stick with this set up until the first patch at least. In terms of rewards, my TOTW pack was dogshit, and the best I got from my jumbo rare pack was Kroos (also dogshit). Hopefully my red picks will make up for it, once they fix them.
  24. They've messed up the red player picks, they were tradeable for a short while. Rewards currently aren't showing them.
  25. I have, I'm aiming for 8. I just played another one now, lost 4-3 AET, the winner scored by the loan Pele he brought on
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