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  1. This is growing on me a bit. I got a chance to drive a much faster car and it felt great. Then it was back to my price of shit and it felt shit. Don't see my buying it though. Happy to wait 6-9 months until it's on GP/EA Play
  2. Here we go. Iran to go mental.
  3. I'm fully expecting Iran to lose their shit soon. Fight!
  4. It seems traction control is off by default (which is what i usually run in racing games anyway) but I decided to turn it on and it feels much better. It's off be default on every car though. So you need to change them one by one.
  5. Ukraine or Scotland should have taken up that spot.
  6. Colt Canyon reviewed well and Bladed Fury is meant to be ok. Good month!
  7. England must have had about 90% possession. And have had....one chance?
  8. The drifting in this is shit. Really shit. You lose far too much speed. I was expecting it to feel like Hot Pursuit or Burnout but it doesn't. Maybe it's the starting car I'm using (Lambo) but I'm not having fun. Will give it a few more hours though. The cool kid driver bullshit can fuck off. It's terrible and it's always been terrible. But right now I'm glad I didn't pre-order.
  9. Unless they start selling it in shops and get more advertising then it will never be a big deal. It's a niche product aimed at a specific market. I think valve is fine with that. Everyone I know who is into games including my younger nephew and his pals had no idea what it was when i told them I have one. All they said was "sounds cool".
  10. "And the Quarterback is Toast!" He was great in Die Hard. RIP. https://news.sky.com/story/die-hard-and-top-gun-star-clarence-gilyard-dies-tributes-paid-to-actor-and-film-professor-with-extraordinary-talents-12757853
  11. Im reading you can pick two driving models. Fuck sake criterion. Just give us burnout/Hot Persuit/Most Wanted Handling. That was perfect.
  12. He didint. One of the angles there totally confirmed he didn't.
  13. How was that goal allowed to stand? I don't get it.
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