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  1. Ry

    Oculus Quest

    What size is the download?
  2. Technically I earn more than my current hourly rate when doing rewards! I click one button and it's all done automatically. So basically a second each day. I might spend about 30-45 mins tops getting the daily and weekly rewards each month. I have made roughly £25 this month so far. It's brilliant. I have game pass topped already for 3 years and have an abundance on upcoming massive games hitting day one. Then if I fancy a game not on gamepass I just spend some reward points. I got rid of my PS5 with the plan to buy another one when God of War comes out but I'm quickly realising "what's the point? I have limited time as it is and I'm saving thousands. Paying £60-70 just seems stupid"
  3. Ry

    Battlefield 2042

    Big gameplay and features video. They have certainly sorted out a ton of stuff. Much much better than the beta. Although, I'm against this specialist crap. No doubt I will be using old school fan made portal games.
  4. Watched it last night. So much footage and stuff I had not seen. It was a tough watch. Absolute scumbag idiots are lucky they were not gunned down. The police showed great restraint. If they had got in to the main speakers house it would have been a bloodbath as the cops and secret service were ready to unload.
  5. Trying to finish ah Far Cry 6. Going to just focus on main missions. There's so much that can sidetrack you. Played Visage. Stunning looking. But noped the fuck out after 20 mins. Too scary for me.
  6. Halo campaign trailrer Game pass additions Bunch of new BC games Bunch of frame boosted games.
  7. Ry


    Kurtwood is brilliant. Weller seemed like a twat on set. I stick by my view that Clarence Boddicker is one of the top 5 movie villains ever. Kurtwood just seems to be having a blast and his acting in the film is sublime. Really wish I saw him in bigger films.
  8. Ry


    About 5 episodes into Maid. Really enjoying it. The lead actress Is great and very likeable.
  9. Ry


    I watched the RoboCop episode. The actual editing and jokes are fucking dreadful but I still find myself enjoying them because of the subject and learning some new facts. Peter Weller seems to have been a pain in the arse on set.
  10. Yeah the flashback was the best part of the film. Was well shot with some great tracking shots and atmosphere that harkened back to the original.
  11. Just watched it. Couldn't agree more. I talked about it in the rate the movie thread. It's so bad.
  12. Halloween Kills - em?/5 Is this a comedy? If so it's a solid 3/5. Got a handful of laughs from me If it's meant to be taken as a serious horror/slasher film then it's a 1/5. The tone is a mess. Not seen anything like it in decades. Is it a spoof? If its trying to emulate 70s and 80s slasher films then they missed every beat and were clueless. Every single thing about it is atrocious Only decent thing was John Carpenters score. Laughably bad.
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