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  1. Full Throttle, Day of The Tentacle and all the Telltale games are easy points. I have wiped through all the easy achievements so just going to play normally for the month and hope to get about 5k minimum. I might need to start Mafia Remake as that has been sitting on my shelf for months as im waiting for a 60fps upgrade that will never happen.
  2. I have the same issue.
  3. I have finished the castle and now at the part in the house...
  4. Ry

    The Boxing Thread

    Fucking... Yassssss. Although that twat anaylising the fight fight who had BJS 4 rounds up....after 6. Get fucked. Food to see a horrible human getting leathered. Who's gonna shake Canelo? Ryan Garcia? Dream fight. It I don't see it. Would love to see a GGG fight where Genady isnt robbed.
  5. Sound of Metal - 4/5 Absolutely brilliant. Amazing performances (especially from Riz Ahmed and I really loved the old Vietnam Vet) doesn't treat the audience like idiots and is just a delight. And sad. I was teary eyed on a few occasions. I loved the ending. Really loved the ending. They could have went a different (easy route) but it wouldn't have the same impact.
  6. Is his wife and baby on the plane with him?
  7. Ry

    The Boxing Thread

    Yeah Canelo should destroy him. Saunders is just a terrible person and hope he gets taught a lesson. I'm having a long binge session so should still be up at that time, if not I will avoid the news and pals on what's app and watch the rerun tomorrow afternoon (when I wake up) Going to put a few bets on. I think Canelo should finish him within 8 although my head is also saying Canelo on points. Will probably do group betting and put Canelo by KO/TKO in rounds 5-8
  8. Ry

    The Boxing Thread

    Anybody staying up for the fight? I'm really looking forward to it. Got my supplies ready (lots of drink) Any predictions.
  9. 2 hours in. This will need to turn awful to not be one of my favourite RE games. Prob be my GOTY also.
  10. I played as man shep the first time round. Probably play as the woman but I have a soft spot for man shep and his wooden voice delivery.
  11. Has anybody played RE-Verse yet? Is it totally shit?
  12. Remember to redeem the free 6000 points on rewards!
  13. The opening to this is quite scary to be honest. Resi 7 was terrifying at times though. Didnt capcom look to Resi 4 for inspiration for this? thats a game thats not scary in the slightest and is regarded as the best. The series has not been scary since 3 to be fair (with the exception being parts of 7). I think the game goes for tension and panicky moments now.
  14. I tested this last night and I don't notice an issue with aiming. Although you don't make any massive swings like in a dedicated shooter. You are always zoomed in and going for slow precise shots.
  15. New names added to the roster... Sugar Ray Leonard Riddick Bowe Larry Holmes Tommy Morrison Michael Hunter Sebastian Fundora Lawrence Okolie Mark Johnson Kevin Kelley Katie Taylor Delfine Persoon Lucian Bute Murodjon Akmadaliev Israil Madrimov Bektemir Melkuziev Sharkhram Giyasov Dimitry Bivol Julio Cesar Chavez SR Hector Camacho SR Hector Camacho JR Jake LaMotta Wladimir Klitschko Vitali Klitschko Muhammad Ali This is shaping up really nicely.
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