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  1. That first video review is unintentionally hilarious.
  2. I don't give a shit about suicide squad but Im still excited for it because Rocksteady. The batman games could have had an animated pile of shit for every character and the dialogue of fart noises and it would still be amazing.
  3. What do you think is the best setup for a beginner using wheel for first time? Traction control and ABS on to start with? Stick with automatic to get a feel for the wheel for a few hours? (Oh my playseat Challenge arrived today! Box is huge! Oh and the seller of the wheel has went silent which worries me she was quick answering any questions before I bought but when I ask for tracking info she goes silent. She said she would be sending by Hermes and my last 3 items I have ordered have disappeared with those bastard's)
  4. I don't care about skins. Especially in games where I can't see my characters. They change nothing about the core experience. Utterly pointless to me.
  5. Ry

    F1 2020

    It's downloaded. You can download most games in PSnow it seems.
  6. Ry

    F1 2020

    I'm just interested in the core racing and not the build a team stuff. I will stick with 2019.
  7. I did the same a few months back. Loved it and it looked gorgeous on X. Probably one of my favourite games this gen. Was nice to play a game that doesn't have a million systems in place and a lot of unneeded shite.
  8. Has it ever been mentioned if base PS4 games that will be backwards compatible will actually be the Pro versions on PS5? I'm expecting some major fuckup to happen at launch that people will go crazy about. This could be one.
  9. Ry

    F1 2020

    Looking to play a F1 game again after a year hiatus to play on my new racing setup. Is there any picking this up right now if I have access to 2019 via PS Now?
  10. After ordering my racing setup (first ever wheel!) I will finally be able to play with you guys. Will need to get grinding single player and get some cars It's going to be weird having to learn manual gears lol. In my 30 odd years playing racing games I have always been automatic. And I don't drive in real life (not allowed l, sight issue) so I don't have experience. Probably be a couple weeks until I can play though. Doesn't arrive until Tuesday and I won't be at home the Monday after
  11. I have spent enough, don't tempt me!
  12. I ordered the challenge. Seems its my best option due to house size.
  13. Picked up the T150 with T3PA pedals for £150 second hand. Seems a decent deal as the pedals seem to go for £80-100 on their own. Just need to find some foldable stand now. I think the playseat will be too small for me.
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