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  1. As much as I love all these books.... American Psycho film is better than the book. There's moments in that book that were never going to be committed to film. Fight Club is superior to the book in every conceivable way. Helps when you have Fincher directing. Trainspotting again I think is much better in film form. Jurassic Park. Film honestly pisses all over the book. I could name countless others but that's enough. Someday I hope to see Blood Meridian brought to film but I think it may be unfilmable. Would take an auteur to translate it. The only directors I think could make it work are perhaps The Coen Brothers or David Fincher
  2. Legend and a massive part of my childhood. Thank you.
  3. He went from eating a tin of tuna a day and being skeletal in The Machinist to bulking up big time for Begins. His body must have been in shock for long periods.
  4. It will end up being a PG shit show.
  5. Ry

    Xbox Game Pass

    Certain games I just won't play at 30fps now. I have had Mafia remake on my shelf for months in the off chance it might get an FPS boost.
  6. Grosse Point Blank - 4.5/5 Still brilliant 23 years later. Sharply written, great performances, darkly funny, sweet, with a brilliant soundtrack. Also has one of the greatest one on one fight scenes committed to film.
  7. Kate - 2/5 Shite by the numbers action film that I have seen many times before I'm sure. Predictable, forgetable and dull for long moments. Some competent action scenes can't make up for a complete lack of creativity. Could have come from the cutting room floor of an early 2000s action game script and storyboarding session.
  8. Where is it available to watch? I have seen no advertising or anyone talking about it apart from this thread
  9. Scared the shit out of me too. I need to rewatch it!
  10. Ry

    The Boxing Thread

    I had seen training footage of holyfield before the fight and I was absolutely raging that the fight was allowed to go ahead. I'm just glad the ref stopped it so early. I understand he needs the money but fuck that promotion.
  11. Ry


    The video above has Bill Duke confirming what JVCD say years ago. I'm willing to believe anything Bill Duke says. And Mctiernan is supposed to be a cunt.
  12. Ry


    He was fired because he passed out due to dehydration.
  13. Survival quest is bright and sunny. Watch the YouTube link I posted under the poster.
  14. Terminator Genisys - 1.5/5 I'm a massive terminator fan but this is only the second time I have watched this. I will give it some credit in saying the opening part with the T-1000 is great. But the rest is a mess and it makes no sense in the timeline whatsoever. Thank fuck Dark Fate makes it non Canon and obsolete.
  15. I want a remake of Cat People. I don't know why though. It's shit but I have a soft spot for its sexy weirdness. Also Last Action Hero. That film was misunderstood at the time and has aged wonderfully. Would like to see a remake with someone like Chris Hemsworth and it ripping the piss out of Marvel and other modern action film tropes.
  16. Ry

    Xbox Game Pass

    Current game is on game pass. The console version.... Fuck... It's an absolute mess to control using a pad. I tried and tried but it's an absolute shambles. Has to be seen to be believed.
  17. So basically 2 new exclusives that are at least 2 years away? I really expected more exclusives to be announced.
  18. Obscure, but going to throw this out there. (1989) https://youtu.be/3vOgPI-eNDg
  19. Which time period is it set in? Any ideas?
  20. Oh yeah, but he still dies. There is never any agreement to keep him in the matrix. He was sent in to stop Smith and died doing so.
  21. Did they? No they didn't. I have never seen that mentioned anywhere in all these years! In the trailer you can see the machines working on his dead body from the end of 3 though. Is Jonathan Groff from Mindhunter going to be the new Smith? I have a feeling his line at the end signifies something.
  22. I'm excited to see it but a lot of that was uninspiring as fuck and lacked the "coolness" from the original films action scenes. It's only a trailer though. I'm curious how they are going to explain it all. If they go for a cop out of "oh you were never out the matrix originally" then they can fuck off.
  23. I didn't know its on HBO Max. Going to be pirated to fuck on release.
  24. Don't Breath 2 - 1.5/5 The first film was a gripping, scary at times thriller with very dark undertones and a few twists. This was just an absolute shit show.
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