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  1. I thought that would be the case but if you have a save mid game and was done online then you can't load it offline.
  2. Does it make any difference if we play offline? I can't connect either
  3. My game order is due on 5th feb. Yet they saaid they were packing it for delivery. No updates. So fuck knows when it will arrive. Im actually regretting buying it to be honest. I keep getting buyers remorse.
  4. Yeah, this is what i use. Takes about 2 minutes to get everything.
  5. What delivery date did you guys get?
  6. Yeah I'm constantly reloading saves as things just go wrong and I'm determined to do the level as smooth as possible. Maybe I will just kill everyone. And drop the difficulty.
  7. Finally beat Paris in Hitman 1. Took me fucking ages and I was tempted to give up. Now doing Marrakesh and doing even worse. Have to be honest, I'm not having much fun. Just hope it clicks as I have 2 and 3 to play as well.
  8. Predestination 4/5 - Even better on a repeat watch although it still hurts my brain when i think about the time travel elements. Promising Young Woman 4/5 - Really enjoyed it, Carey mulligan was superb. 40 Year Old Virgin 4/5 - Just a comedy classic. Love it.
  9. Good to see SoR so high. It's the best side scrolling beat em up ever. I love the genre and don't think anything comes close.
  10. Dandara is great. Deserved more praise to be honest and was doing the whole celeste movement thing before celeste. Nothing for me this month as played them all. (rarely is there a game I have not played on GwG)
  11. Played through the training missions in hitman 1 (as far as I got back in the day) and can't notice any type of upgrade compared to when I played it on XB1X. Looks dated to be fair. And way behind the screens and videos I have seen for the third game. I'm guessing the actual levels will look nicer though as the training levels are made out of plywood.
  12. Ah, it's VPN fuckery. PS4 for less than 40 - https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/resident-evil-village-ps4-ps5-pre-order-ps4057-at-playstation-network-psn-brazil-3652962 Xbox version for £35 or £41 for the deluxe version- https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/resident-evil-village-xbox-one-series-xs-ps3528-or-deluxe-edition-ps4198-pre-order-via-vpn-at-xbox-store-brazil-3652952 I will be hanging off, it will probably be cheaper on Eneba closer the time.
  13. I seen a preorder somewhere for £39. Will need to find it.
  14. £75 Sold it to a friend of a friend who was desperate and actually offered £700. And I shouldn't have bought it at the time anyway as it left me overdrawn. I did finish Spiderman though which was great.
  15. Didn't work for me. I'm guessing all have been redeemed.
  16. Suddenly all the Hitman One campaign is available. Weird I'm guessing there was an issue on their server side. Looking forward to cracking through it.
  17. 1080p stream isn't showing this in the best light. Will look amazing no doubt when playing.
  18. I love Resident Evil and played through all the mainline entries and love them all. Oh... Except 4. For some reason I never did finish it back in the day on gamecube, even though I remember thinking it was amazing. I'm a monster.
  19. People here seem lovely and cool to me. Folks over there take themselves and their hobby far too seriously.
  20. It's resetera. There's a lot wrong with them. Bunch of fannies for a start.
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