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  1. Windjammers 2 better have people playing online. I hope it's as good as the first and they have not fucked it up. Could be a GOTY contender for me.
  2. I started playing that Aground that's on games with gold this month. Before I knew it I had been playing for 5 hours without even realising. Not had that with a game in years.
  3. King Richard -4/5 Will Smith stars as Serena and Venue s Williams dad. Great performance by Smith and the rest of the cast and just a great film for a Sunday evening. Also, Jon Berenthal is in fucking EVERYTHING
  4. It's early access. I don't think they should release games as early as they have done with this. The developer said recently it's no where near finished and they have a major multi year plan going forward.
  5. Is it the Xbox app on actual PC? Or does it appear on the android Xbox app as well?
  6. I'm thinking of trying to save up as much as possible so I can buy the inevitable mid gen refresh of the Series X. Should hopefully have at least 400000 by then. Currently sitting on 41000. Although not using the points to buy games will be tough. For example I will have more than enough to buy Dying Light 2 on release.
  7. Watched this last night. Had very low expectations as everyone says its shite. I thought it was ok, i wasnt bored at any point like others have said. Certainly had a lot of interesting aspects and some cool action scenes but also some fucking baffling ones as well. And the inconsistencies with the groups powers had me shouting at the TV.
  8. I remember the Jag pad just melting into my hands. It felt really comfortable to hold for me. Maybe my memory is fucked. I thought the PS1 controller was fine at the time but ever other Playstation controller since i think is just ergonomically shite. Including the new one. Sticks need to be offset for me.
  9. Ry

    The Gunk

    Yeah I really liked it, found it relaxing. Just an enjoyable 4-5 hours. Love it when I can get sucked into a game and there's not a million options, upgrade crap and massive HUD. Nice and simple. At first I thought the fact there is no map might be a hindrance but the levels are very well designed. I should never have doubted the Devs of Steamworld Dig 1 and 2. I bloody love those games.
  10. Finished The Gunk in an afternoon. Really enjoyed it. Looks stunning at times and was quite relaxing. Not usually my type of game but was surprised how much it sucked me in (no pun intended:)
  11. Is this a PC browser thing? I don't have anything regarding playing PC games on either the android Xbox app or on the gamepass app.
  12. Ghostbusters: Afterlife - 3/5. Good family fun.
  13. Moonrise Kingdom -4/5. Another quirky cracker from Wes Anderson. The Shack -1/5. Fucking horrendous religious bullshit. Insulting.
  14. The 500 point reward. I got an achievement in Surgeon Simulator 2, play the tutorial when the game boots up. Takes 5 mins.
  15. Do we have a date for the next gen upgrade yet? Excited to give this a go finally.
  16. Yeah, it's just annoying and fucking constant, like having an annoying child constantly talking pish. Wish there was a dialogue option saying "just shut the fuck up you prick"
  17. Do Peter and Rocket bitch the entire game? Is the bickering in general the entire length? Really struggling through this because of it.
  18. I use an algorithm that does all my searches and daily quizzes for me. One click. Done. Do it in the morning as I log on for work. The rest come from just playing games on game pass. Then you get the bonuses for doing trivial shit all the time. I have earned currently I have 34000 points from November to now. Will probably end with 45000 - 50000 by the end of January. That's all fine by me.
  19. I spend maybe an hour a month doing them and average around 14000. Some months I get over 20000. It pays me better than my job.
  20. I'm looking to extend my sub as it expires July 2023 (thought it was later) What's the cheapest way as an existing subscriber? Buying a ton of one week codes for like 70p from eneba?
  21. Only just managed it on the last attempt. Streak is still going. I usually use RADIO as my starting word.
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